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Tray alternative boot device using hiren's or something like. And try to check your hard disk for errors. Usually it's hard disk problem

Compaq Computers... | Answered on Dec 17, 2017

verizon has discontinued it's webmail service and handed it over to aol. If you did not change it . Verizon closed your webmail.

Compaq Computers... | Answered on Dec 12, 2017

thats the silly hp loop back deal (and has the F11 key active)
omg its old . 2008 but HP supports it. even on w7 (facts)
good luck with VISTA Microsoft shut down all support on VISTA, you do know that and what that means, right?
cq50-104ca if the PC will not boot, it resets over and over (reboots)
it just means the OS is dead, nothing more.
that means the HDD is bad, in some cases:
  • HDD bad, test it?
  • do the recovery? do startup file fixes?
  • do full recovery.
  • Upgrade to w7 like you should have done back jan2017?
  • ever seem you service book yet, its free, see F11 now.
  • read F11, in the book for full recovery
  • if the HDD is bad (or was) F11 too will be missing, gone!
  • if F11 is gone, then only new install disks work, fresh.
  • or from ISO to USB mem stick installed. if HDD is ok.
now the book you cant find. and was there all along, at real HP
why ask fixya and not HP forum?
the book is here. open it,press Ctrl+F(find) and find F11 and thar
she be, HP magical F11. (seen 2006 to NOW)


Compaq Computers... | Answered on Dec 08, 2017

what do you want them to do, say what?
what model, Compaq.
what OS/ XP?
The USB jacks all work if you have a driver for the USB chips
loaded and the correct one to match YOU OS.
no OS stated..
as is usual here. and hopeless to ask lacking that key fact
what OS, what operating system?

this pC has service tag, with full model name and numbers
what it it? old laptop sure.
i googled your data above, I get zero hits.
so is wrong name.

is the PC missing, just messing with a motherboard,
tell the helper what lays before you , clearly and if confused photos can work. here.

Compaq Computers... | Answered on Nov 28, 2017

call on this number you can get the service center Support for HP products (United States only)

Be prepared to provide the following information: Serial Number (S/N), product name, model number, and a brief description of the issue. Support for:
s.gif Phone
s.gif Hours of operation
s.gif Additional information
s.gif HP and Compaq products for Home & Home Office use 800-HP invent
800-474-6836 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for most products U.S.: English and Spanish for most products. HP and Compaq products for business use 800-334-5144 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for most products U.S.: English

Interact online with HP:
Chat with an online support technician.*
E-mail: Support by e-mail.
Submit support case: For business customers with a valid warranty.

* Chat is not available for all products. HP TouchSmart PC products
HP HDX Notebook PC products
HP Envy Notebook PC products
HP Firebird Desktop PC products
866-408-5408 24 hours a day, 7 days a week U.S.: English and Spanish Customers using TTY 877-656-7058 6:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. PT
Mon. – Fri.
excluding holidays Sales consultation (United States only) Consultation for:
s.gif Phone
s.gif Hours of operation
s.gif Additional information
s.gif General sales inquiries: Ask about any HP product, service or solution. *800-752-0900 Hours vary by menu selection.
Please direct all support inquiries to HP's product support phone numbers listed above U.S. only, English only For some inquiries, you may be directed to a toll number. Buy for home and home office:
Buy HP and Compaq products direct from the HP Home & Home Office Store. 888-999-4747 7 days a week. Open hours may vary seasonally.

Closed New Year's Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day.
U.S. only, English only. Buy for business: Buy HP and Compaq products direct from the HP Small & Medium Business Store. 800-888-9909 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. ET Mon. - Fri.

Closed weekends and holidays U.S. only, English only. All other inquiries (non-sales related) In English only
s.gif Phone
s.gif Hours of operation
s.gif Additional information
s.gif General inquiries *800-752-0900 Hours vary by menu selection.
Please direct all support inquiries to hp's product support phone numbers listed above U.S. only, English only.

Compaq Computers... | Answered on Nov 27, 2017

NO PC stated, just Compaq.
NO OS stated. xp to w7, you did not say from ?what.
this error happens if MS thinks XP is pirated.
The w7 disk words on top tell the real story,
upgrade, but is it a real MS, retail disk.
all the words on the disk tell me what it really is. post a photo?
if the PC is still original. (say HP XP unchanged)
the OS you run is from HP not MS.
that is why MS told you to call HP.
The HP software disk are custom to your PC.
unique. (windows, drivers and key HP apps)

The COA sticker on the bottom (license to use HP windows)
is a HP only license , called OEM.
that is why MS told you to ask HP.

best is to reload the OS.

if the PC was not slammed by others.
means someone put wrong OS on it. or pirated.
or new HDD swapped, or erased hdd.
then the F11 key works.
Restore F11, XP and then upgrade to W7.
Upgrages btw love to fail, its in the CARDS.
vast reasons for it, #1 is XP infections
XP has over 700 exploits, and love to fail
and upgrades as SIDE show fail.

boot the PC by power on and instantly hammer the F11 key the runs the HP Recovery off the original
HP Hard disk partition of same name.

if that is missing F11 feature.
then you have 2 choices
1: get the HP install media from HP. call them.
2; or buy a retail MS windows 7 disk. $120

see below for #2 above
its best to keep restore media on any owned

PC so when the hard drive fails, you are ready.


here is the other way, from MS

most stores sell w7-32bit home.

here is one

also at newegg
and at amazon.
this is retail disk and runs on most PC made.
after using retail disk

better is to buy a used PC with w7 on it
so you get HP support and MS support.

Compaq Computers... | Answered on Oct 22, 2017

NO PC stated, 1984 to 2017, 10,000 models, stated.
NO OS stated, XP what? must we guess the OS?
no posted photos, of ugly screens presented by you.
why do that? leave out the #3 most important fact.s
michean, = machine, say "PC runs great, "
no PC stated, no OS stated but it runs great but colors not.

Compaq monitor TFT-5000 ccfl
very very old monitor. 4:3 square screen old.
15 inches sized (tiny)
18 years old in fact, in dog years that be 126 years old,(lol)

in all cases of all PCs made ever,
there can be many causes, no need to guess or for me to list them ALL.
but here is the MACRO view (from afar)

Did it fail plugged in to ANOTHER GOOD PC
no, didnt fail, then,...
1: The PC graphic chip is overheated. ever clean unstated
2: PC has CPU oveheating
3: PC has power supply problems, causing chip to malf.
4: PC video card bad, or if laptop GPU chip problems.
5: PC has corrupted or wrong or virus infected Video drivers.

anyone else with same problem would do tests or through it away, if bad, its has $0 zero dollar street value like this.
ever consider upgrading, to something 2010 or newer. ?
a REAL LED LCD screen. (11 years newer?????)
your screen has CCFL lamps that turn yellow old, and then go dead. yellow make white look yellow.

Compaq Computers... | Answered on Oct 17, 2017

Hit F2 or Delete during boot up and check the HDD configuration. If the drive is not shown it may be faulty.

Compaq Computers... | Answered on Oct 15, 2017

WOW ! NO OS STATE AT ALL, is this the virus magnet XP?or Vista.
Circa 2005 , 12 long years old.... no spring chicken this... not at all.
most are in the land fill or sent to 3rd world as punishment...LOL.
best place to send is N.Korea this PC.

V5000 , ok that is first what is it.
WIFI yes, the pain of wifi, I use it as backup only, and only on CELL phones at home. we run gigalan at home and huge media server,
runs rock solid.
but wifi is a complex topic,not something that leads its self to text box, at all.
Router fine means other PC and cells all connect and work.
so its a PC issues. only only THIS PC.
but WAIT , (that comment on newer)
my guess is the router is wisely set to WPA1 /2 encrpytion (ONLY)
and then you bop in with a old Laptop hat is only WEP only or set to that only.
wep is not secure, so we dont use that TODAY. ever.

my wild guess, 2005 with XP right,?
the 3 years now dead OS, that HP nor MS support. at all
and known virus magnet, and over 700 exploits, (many not fixed)
facts, that.
for my next trick I will attempt to find what cards for wlan is there.
you never said, so will assume it's HP part, day one part.
not modified, as all can be.. see photo below for 1 matchup.

as you saw that XP wireless agent cant see your routers
broad cast, so that means , my guess is the your settings are wrong. or wrong driver loaded. (or bad card below)

if the router is set to WPA only and your agent (client app) is set to WEP
it can't see the WPA router. and for sure never connect .

why not look in your router first, see how its setup ?t.
mine is set to wpa+ (1 or 2)
but I could set it to accept WEP+WPA/1/2/ but id never do that.
i run wpa only. for security max.
so set your client to what you have your router set to.
it is that simple if drivers good. and XP not infected as ALL ARE.

this is what came new on it. (varies by exact model pc no t stated)
it does wep. and wpa
BCM94311mcgp , knowing what is there , IS EVERYTHING.

Compaq Computers... | Answered on Oct 01, 2017

ask real HP this yet, only then can help.

we are not HP, but the below is. ask there. and make this more easy.


Compaq Computers... | Answered on Sep 23, 2017

Cannot be done since the cmos does not have a boot option from a usb device. Need a bootable cd in lieu.

Compaq Computers... | Answered on Sep 20, 2017

You need to change the user name and password from your grandson to new ones for you.

Compaq Computers... | Answered on Sep 20, 2017

all that to say the built in keyboard is dead.?

please tell what it does and does, not do...
lets stick to simple first. notepad wins SIMPLE hands down.!
try usb standard keyboard yet?
it must work .
this helps prove what's failing,
i take it a mouse works USB and then built in pad right?
if not the OS is corrupted.

or the run box.
you click start button, and then click run or search
and the keyboard is dead.
i think there is switch for turning on the screen keyboard (virtual )
that may be turned on, but you'd see that clear as day on the screen.
so in effect there are 3 keyboad.
the screen keyboard.
the main kbd
and a desktop usb keyboard.
which work and not, tell the reason, why.

if all were dead,then the OS is corrupted.

Compaq Computers... | Answered on Sep 18, 2017

old compaq. LAPTOP,, 14 years old now, Im amazed it even glows at all with CCFL lamps not dead, wow.. its like a musiem piece.
(sorry , grin) (back ground lamps CCFL)
NO OS stated by you , XP, ????? why must helpers beg?

and wifi , (difficult that)
it's not wifi, its just that you use wifi most the time ,SEE? right?
in fact we could remove the wifi module. and prove that.
disabling wifi is airplane mode, (todays jargon) but means the wifi transmitter is now OFF (airplane safe is THAT)

the blue screens tell a lot, and no posted photo of one by you.
BSODs we call those blue screens of *****
XP love to do that. (even with Bill Gates on stage) LOL
BSOD are hard. Im sure it says 2 words, HALT and DUMP !
here is a list of causes.... for sure 14year old relics (legacy junk)

  1. the main battery inside is bad or shorted, remove it run AC , does it, wow, it does, problem solved in minutes flat.
  2. the Inverter is shorted (CCFL card) and bom, BSOD
  3. bad RAM, BSOD XP fast , try 1 stick at a time.
  4. Bad HDD< can corrupte files and XP BSODS in a blink !
  5. any thing shorted, remove all usb devices yet?
  6. remove extra ram. , unplug CD drive?

all techs know rule 1,
is it hardware or software, (this is alway first after #1 above done)
to do that we open the CD tray, insert our free LIVE LINUX CD
and boot to linux
wow it runs for hours ok, proving what, HARDWARE IS BAD
if Linux fails its bad hardware (running period correct disk)
if linux runs i next do a full HDD test, using the great linux program there to do that.

or take that handy dandy, Compac (now HP) 3 disk install disks
set and load disk one, does that run? ok
even full restore. or does it show HDD errors.? oops HDD is bad.

the BSODs are really what.
it means the PC attempted to run and ******* instruction.
in simple terms, it means a program is corrupted.
or tried to do ******* things with memory.
that is why test test the PC with a boot CD to see if the PC is ok.

mr wifi real.
sure this can short, but if it is removed and it still BSODs
its not this card, its other cards, shorted. or not at all. cards.
we call this mini-PCI slot card.


Compaq Computers... | Answered on Sep 15, 2017

  • Digital Care Pvt Ltd - Compaq Laptop Service Center in Bhubaneshwar Plot No-121 Sahid Nagar Bhubaneshwar 751007 Orissa
    Phone: 674 - 2546068
  • Lalani Computech Ltd - Compaq Laptop Service Center in Bhubaneshwar 61, Janpath, Unit-III Bhubaneshwar 751001 Orissa
    Phone: 674 - 2534013
  • RT Outsourcing Services Ltd - Compaq Laptop Service Center in Bhubaneshwar SCO 128-129 First Floor 1.SCR Babuji Nagar, Jan Path, Bhubaneshwar 751009 Orissa
    Phone: 674 - 2531625

Compaq Computers... | Answered on Sep 11, 2017

This machine ran Windows 95 making it an older Compaq. The following link describes how on older Compaqs bios was entered. On some machines, there was no hot key for entrance and another method was used. But try the F10, i. e. function key F10 at boot.


Compaq Computers... | Answered on Sep 09, 2017

Try rebooting to see if that clears up the issue. Should. Does not mean it will not happen again if you repeat the operation that caused the BSOD. There is an issue with your OS and you might want to attempt a repair operation if possible

Compaq Computers... | Answered on Sep 03, 2017

old stuff. day.
why not ask HP they made it ,we dont make squat here
this is BS blog here.

here it is the real HP forum posted over 1million times here.
at least.


Compaq Computers... | Answered on Aug 14, 2017

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