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Menus scroll by themselves

Couple of options. 1) Try another mouse--does it do same? If not, now put your first mouse back--does it still scroll? 2) Sign out of your account and sign back in. 3) Mouse settings - turn auto scroll off, reboot, turn auto scroll back on.
11/25/2018 3:19:59 PM • Dell Axim X30... • Answered on Nov 25, 2018

I have a dell axim pda that I hadn't used for awhile. I charged it and saw green light, but when disconnected charger the light went out and still can't turn on. Purchased new battery and sa

LCD cable is loose inside, need to be opened up and reseated or replaced, or replace main board, if under warranty call DELL support to request onsite tech to repair.
10/30/2017 12:03:04 PM • Dell Axim X30... • Answered on Oct 30, 2017

Dead pixel line?

Hi, The problem with pocket PC is that you can't do something to test and find if the problem comes from the display or the graphic processor. If the device is not too old, you can try to repair it. In case that the device is more than 10 years, buy a new one. Sorry.
5/30/2017 5:38:41 PM • Dell Axim X30... • Answered on May 30, 2017

Where is the backup battery

On the motherboard, at the bottom near the charging port. You will have to remove the motherboard completely to access it. Here is a good tutorial with pictures and all the information you need.
7/21/2012 12:43:59 AM • Dell Axim X30... • Answered on Jul 21, 2012

Cant connect to internet using my dell axim x30 helppppppp


just answered this for someone else, if you have any other problems get a hold of me on twitter @clarkb16
7/2/2012 6:49:10 AM • Dell Axim X30... • Answered on Jul 02, 2012

Dell Axim X30 internal backup battery

I like PDAs a lot, and my own is no exeption. What I don't like however, is when they stop working due to being neglected over longer periods of time. My trusty ol' X30 have unfortunately seen declining use ever since I stopped working and went back to school, and sometime last fall/winter I managed (don't ask me how) to unplug the power cable from the cradle. So there it stood, with no power, til about last week when I tried to power it up again.

After I ran through the initial setup in Windows Mobile 6, I was greeted with a red dialog telling me that the backup battery was critically low and needed to be charged. So, I left it charging overnight hoping that would fix it up. No dice. The battery showed up as "Abnormal" in the power settings dialog, and running the diagnostic program from Dell's support pages showed that it had battery had 0% charge.

Consulting Google, I quickly gathered that this was a somewhat known problem on the Axim x3* series, and the only way to solve it was to replace the battery. I tried to find any detailed guides on the process, but exept for some scattered message board posts there was't much usefull info. I therefore decided to document what I did, in case somebody else runs across this exact same problem.

Dissection time:
Disclamer for morons: Follow this at your own risk. **** can happen, so don't screw around if you don't know what you are doing. If you are that kind of person that leaves electronic devices in more pieces than they originally came, just send it back to Dell and they'll fix it for you (it's probably cheaper than getting a new).

What you need:
  • Replacement battery: Varta V20HR
  • Small Philips screwdriver (I used size #00)
  • Strong tape or conducting glue to attach the wires to the battery (I used duct tape)
  • Small knife to open the plastic cover on the old battery

Step one is to open the device. First remove the main battery, any SD-card you might have in the slot and the stylus. Turn the device so the screen faces DOWN, and with something pointy (I used my nails) remove the rubber feet located in each corner. You should now see 4 screws as pictured to the right (bigger picture), so get a small screwdriver and unscrew those.

Next you got to separate the back plate from the rest of the unit. Just start in a corner and bend it outwards til it clicks out and continue this around the unit. It might be very stiff if it's the first time you remove it, so it can be smart to use a flat screwdriver to help with the bending. When it's all loose, just take it off.

axim_2.jpgYou should now see something like the picture on the left (bigger version). Remove the three screws highlighted. Keep in mind that the topmost screw also holds the antenna in place (if you have the WiFi/Bluetooth version), so remove the screw, then push the antenna outwards to remove it (you need to do this on order to flip the mainboard later).

The three arrows at the bottom of the picture show the cables that needs to be unplugged to get access to the battery (Note: The arrows point the way you need to drag the cable to get it loose, not at the cable itself). The leftmost one (arrow pointing left) is to the speaker and is easy removable by pulling it towards yourself. The bottom (arrow pointing down) can be more tricky, there are two brownish hinges on each side of the white connector that needs to be pushed outwards. Once they are loose pulling the cable out should be easy. Third one (arrow pointing right) is the battery connector itself, just drag it the same way as the arrow and it should come loose.

Now from the left side of the motherboard simply pull bit to the left (to get the audio jack/selection wheel out of their grooves on the frame) and the fold the whole board over to the other side, giving you access to the underside. Here you should see the battery itself (in a green plastic cover, taped to the frame), and you can easily remove it.

axim_3.jpg Now take the knife and cut open the green battery cover. If you want to reuse it (and I suggest you do) be very carefull how you cut it open (I split it in the middle, and bent the old battery out). As you should be able to see now the actual battery is point welded to the contacts, so just removing the contact plates is out of the question. I suggest that you just separate the wires from the contacts (just pull them off) and then reattach them on your new battery. You are free to tackle this as you see fit (I used duct tape), but keep in mind that you SHOULD NOT use a soldering iron directly on any kind of battery, especially not as small as these (the heat will destroy them). Also be sure to get the polarity right, red wire goes to (+), black goes to (-).

When the wires are properly fitted put the new battery back in the green cover (or something else that insulates it from the mainboard) and reseat it where it used to sit on the frame. It can be smart to use some extra tape or glue to attach it if the glue on the frame itself is getting weak. Now simply reattach the cables and screw everything together, and your PDA should be as good as new. I slapped mine in the cradle right away, and after about 30 minutes the "low backup battery" warning disappeared, and the status changed to "normal" in the power settings. bigsmile.gif Matt Brown"Southall Technologies & Advertisement" 912 376-0472 web: "southalljrcta.com" [email protected]
2/24/2012 11:09:35 PM • Dell Axim X30... • Answered on Feb 24, 2012

When I try to down

  1. Hi, Thanks for posting your Question. what happened after trying to download the Free Active sync 3.7 software..

await you reply ..
8/18/2011 8:19:19 AM • Dell Axim X30... • Answered on Aug 18, 2011

When charging my axim X30 on the cradle, the

It sounds to me that your "original" battery, the one that causes the blinking when charging is completly drained dead, causing it to show an error by blinking the light.
I have one of these PDA's and have never had that problem, I also have a larger battery as well, and it works great. I suggest recycling the other battery, and possibly purchasing another larger one for back up,
Good luck!
7/31/2011 4:39:18 PM • Dell Axim X30... • Answered on Jul 31, 2011

The Dell Axim X 30

Try taking it to the nearest maintenance
5/14/2011 1:17:30 PM • Dell Axim X30... • Answered on May 14, 2011

Wanting to clear out old apps and install new ones


All WM devices has OS stored in ROM, when you need to restore it to original state, you can hard reset the device. You do not get a copy of OS on the cd. It's not that easy to wipe out the ROM, if that happened more than likely it is a serious hardware problem. And as you already found out, you can download OS ROM upgrade from Dell. It will come with utility to flash device's ROM. The upgrade contains all of OS files. The latest version for your x30 is A06:-

http://support.dell.com/support/downloads/download.aspx?c=us&l=en&s=gen&releaseid=R101483&SystemID=PDA_AXIM_X30&servicetag=&os=PPCA&osl=en&deviceid=6672&devlib=0&typecnt=0&vercnt=3&catid=-1&impid=-1&formatcnt=1&libid=7&fileid=131500 Download and install the utility

http://supportapj.dell.com/support/downloads/driverslist.aspx?c=in&l=en&s=gen&catid=13&dateid=-1&formatid=-1&hidlang=en&hidos=PPCA&impid=-1&os=PPCA&osl=EN&scanConsent=False&scanSupported=True&servicetag=1ZB3X41&SystemID=PDA_AXIM_X30&TabIndex=&typeid=-1 Follow the steps below: Plug the AC adapter directly into the Axim and check the power LED located in the power button.toggle power on the Axim, perform the following steps: Press the power button to turn the Axim off. Press the power button again to turn the Axim back on.Inspect the connector on the Axim for any bent or broken pins.Inspect the connector on the sync cable or cradle for any bent or broken pins. Inspect the cable itself for any nicks, tears, or other damageTurn on the Axim. Use the stylus to press the reset button until it clicks. See Figure 1, Figure 2, or Figure 3 for the location of the reset button on the Axim models. Disable Or Remove All Firewall Applications On the Computer Uninstall ActiveSync Click Start, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.Double-click Add / Remove Programs. Locate Microsoft ActiveSync in the program list. Click Remove,Reboot the system. Install ActiveSyncInsert the Axim Installation CD into the CD or DVD drive. Follow the prompts to install Microsoft ActiveSync. Now reseat the Axim, perform the following steps: Remove the handheld from the cradle or sync cable.Put the handheld back in the cradle or reattach the handheld to the sync cable.Attach the AC adapter to the handheld or the cradle.Turn on the handheld by pressing the power button,now Verify That the Axim Is Seen In Device Manager.Remove the Axim from the cradle or sync cable.Double-click the ActiveSync icon on the Windows toolbar to load ActiveSync.Click File and then click Mobile Device. Click to highlight the partnership you want to delete.Click File and then click Delete Partnership.Click the Yes button.

However go into the device manager in windows and remove the usb universal host controller entries under the usb controller. And then shut down the system wait for 2 mins and then turn on the system. Please make sure no usb device is connected to the system it will reinstall the driver automatically and then you can connect the axim.Please get back to us if you have further query else please accept the suggestion.Thank you for contacting fixya.com

5/13/2011 11:15:33 AM • Dell Axim X30... • Answered on May 13, 2011

UThe "sync cable connector" pins

I am not sure what the question is here, it seems to be more of a statement. Please clarify. Thanks
3/24/2011 12:34:42 AM • Dell Axim X30... • Answered on Mar 24, 2011

Get internet on my dells

What do you want to know my dear?
3/20/2011 10:31:41 AM • Dell Axim X30... • Answered on Mar 20, 2011

How do you install downloaded

Downloaded programs can be installed onto the Dell Axim X30 using Microsoft ActiveSync. Microsoft ActiveSync can be installed onto your computer using the Dell Companion CD which came with your Axim X30.
Once Microsoft ActiveSync is set up on your computer, if the program you downloaded came in an installer file, then double-clicking on the file will start the installation wizard and the software will be automatically transferred to the Axim.
If the program you downloaded did not come as an installer file, then double-clicking it will bring up an error message. In that case, use ActiveSync Explore to copy the program file to the Program Files folder on your Axim.
3/6/2011 3:34:55 AM • Dell Axim X30... • Answered on Mar 06, 2011

Where can i buy a dell axim x30 charger?

Sears, Amazon, Buy.com
2/28/2011 8:46:24 AM • Dell Axim X30... • Answered on Feb 28, 2011

I need a replacement screen

$23 with free shipping:

2/21/2011 12:20:47 AM • Dell Axim X30... • Answered on Feb 21, 2011
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