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Continuous start up loop

If that's so, use your operating system disc. Just use the REPAIR option, not the Install a fresh copy of the operating system. You don't have to worry because it will not remove your files saved in your harddisk. It will stay intact if you choose Repair. It will just repair the missing/corrupted file in your system.
2/7/2014 3:38:39 PM • Gateway 504GR PC... • Answered on Feb 07, 2014

Enter password unlock system

Getting locked out of your Gateway computer can be frustrating, especially when you have school or work deadlines. You can get locked out of your Gateway computer in cases where a password-protected screensaver became corrupt, or if the you have set the default screensaver to use a screensaver that does not exist. Gateway computers come with Microsoft Windows XP and 2000, including the professional versions of both. Knowing how to unlock your a Gateway computer can save you time and irritation. Press the "Ctrl," "Alt" and "Delete" keys on your keyboard simultaneously to unlock your Gateway computer. Type the last logged-on user's login information and click "OK" if you see a locked computer message along with "Only domain/username or an administrator can unlock this computer." Press the "Ctrl," "Alt" and "Delete" keys once again when you see the Unlock Computer window disappear. Log on as usual. Method 2 Shut down the locked Gateway computer by using the Microsoft Windows Resource Kit Shutdown tool. This tool shuts down and restarts a Windows 2000- or NT 4.0-based Gateway computer. Note the dialog box that comes up called System Shutdown. Wait for the shutdown timer to run out and see the Welcome to Windows box displayed on the screen. Press "Ctrl," "Alt" and "Delete," which unlocks the computer. Log onto your Gateway computer normally. Method 3: Backup, Modify and Restore the Registry Click "Start" and "Run," then type in the command below in the field box exactly as printed: %SystemRoot%\system32\restore\rstrui.exe Click "Create a Restore Point," then click "Next" on the Welcome to System Restore page that appears. Type any name for the restore point, then click "Create" on the Create a Restore Point page. Click "Close" after creating the restore point. Perform this procedure before you make changes to the registry, just in case you make an error; otherwise, incorrect registry changes could create serious problems with your computer. Click "Yes" if you receive a prompt to turn on System Restore at this point. Clear the "Turn Off System Restore" check box by clicking on it, then click "OK," and repeat. Click "Start," then type "regedt32.exe" (without the quotes) in search field box to modify the registry and unlock the computer. Press the "Enter" key on your keyboard. Locate the scrnsave.exe value under the registry key below: HKEY_USERS\.Default\Control Panel\Desktop Click "String" on the Edit menu, type "logon.scr" (without the quotes), then click "OK." Look for the ScreenSaverIsSecure value, then click "String" on the Edit menu, type "0," then click "OK." Quit the Registry Editor Click "Start" and "Run," then type the command below exactly as printed to restore the registry, then click "OK": %SystemRoot%\System32\Restore\Rstrui.exe Click "Restore My Computer to an Earlier Time" on the Welcome to System Restore page, then click "Next." Note your computer may already be selected to restore to an earlier time--in this case, just click "Next." Click the system checkpoint on the Select a Restore Point page. Click "Guided Help (Registry Backup)," then click "Next" on the "On This List Select the Restore Point" area. Click "OK" if you see a System Restore message listing all the configuration changes it will make. Click "Next" when you come to the Confirm Restore Point Selection page. System Restore will now restore the Windows XP configuration you had at an earlier time, and then it will restart your Gateway computer. Log onto your computer as usual, and then click "OK" when you see the System Restore Confirmation page. or Restart your computer repeatedly tapping the f8 key to enter safe mode while the screen is black once in safe mode where the only things working will be your keyboard and mouse allowing you to attempt to repair your computer Windows Advanced Options Menu Please select an option: Safe Mode Safe Mode with Networking Safe Mode with Command Prompt Enable Boot Logging Enable VGA mode Last Known Good Configuration (your most recent settings that worked) Directory Services Restore Mode (Windows domain controllers only) Debugging Mode Start Windows Normally Reboot Return to OS Choices Menu Use the up and down arrow keys to move the highlight to your choice select safe mode with command prompt Click start run type cmd press Enter black screen should open DOS mode this will vary depending on your operating system type in net user username For eg. If you want to change administrator password , type net user Administrator It will prompt you to enter the new password. Enter the new password and the password is changed http://wiki.ljackson.us/Control_Userpasswords2 if this fails you will need to Select safe mode with networking to download you could download all of these or just one save them to a usb drive for later use if one fails to remove the password Windows Password Recovery Basic http://majorgeeks.com/CmosPwd_d239.html A CMOS BIOS password recovery tool Editors note: This tool should only be used by experienced computer users. Please see the enclosed read me if you would like to run it from Windows. Failure to follow instructions (from Windows) will cause your anti-virus to flag this as a virus. http://majorgeeks.com/Dr._Freeware_System_Utilities_d6416.html Dr.Freeware System Utilities which includes data recovery software, data backup, password reset tools for Windows helps you to maintain your system. Dr.Freeware is freeware, you can download and use it for free. http://download.cnet.com/lazesoft-recover-my-password/3000-18501_4-10973339.html Lazesoft Recover My Password Home Edition is a very easy to use Windows password recovery freeware http://download.cnet.com/password-cracker/3000-2092_4-10226556.html password cracker free
5/3/2013 10:54:49 PM • Gateway 504GR PC... • Answered on May 03, 2013

Gateway 504gr bios update failed

You maybe using the wrong version, it's already updated, or simply can not be upgraded.Unless there is a TRUE need to flash, and usually there is not, I would stay away from. So many people try and fail, only to wipe the CMOS, leaving the system useless. Here is some sound advice on the subject.http://www.techrepublic.com/blog/10things/10-common-mistakes-you-should-avoid-when-flashing-your-bios/357
10/2/2012 4:58:49 AM • Gateway 504GR PC... • Answered on Oct 02, 2012

My Gateway 504 GR won't

Hello there,
The image below indicates the minimum and recommended system requirements of WSOP most probably you will be able to play the game. The problem might be your Adobe Flash Player or your Internet Explorer version. If your Windows Xp Home is genuine you might consider updating or download a Mozilla Firefox.
The links for Adobe and Firefox are located below the image.

Flash Player
Mozilla Browser
From what I know Windows XP by default have an Internet Explorer v.6.0 that is why you need to update your Windows. by the way you have to download Flash player if you have Internet Explorer v.7. if this does not work try the step below
1. Download the Mozilla Firefox browser and install setup 5.0.1exe. 2. Download Flash Player it will automatically update your Flash.

Hopefully this information helps.
Thank you for using FixYa.

8/4/2011 12:29:43 PM • Gateway 504GR PC... • Answered on Aug 04, 2011

Need to know how to

r u tried f11 after restarting the system...... it works
5/11/2011 5:13:00 AM • Gateway 504GR PC... • Answered on May 11, 2011

My son tryed to install new DIMM in our computer.

Get him to remove and reinstall it sometimes the ram modules don't seat properly and give an error beep or don't let the computer boot .Also get him to check that it is the correct type and speed of ram for the computer he is installing it in .some mother boards are particular and need the exact type of ram .

I hope this helps
Andrew A
4/1/2011 4:56:41 AM • Gateway 504GR PC... • Answered on Apr 01, 2011

I turn on the Gateway and the words Gateway come

You have a problem with the operating system. It has crashed. You will need to reinstall the operating system in your computer. Before you do that you need to back up your file in your hard drive.To do that you need a 2nd computer get a hard-drive closure external take out the hard drive of your gateway. and plug it in to the external closure and plug it in the computer and explorer and move the files you need to the other computer. After that put the hard drive back into the gate

Your computer came with a recovery disc. Use that to reinstall your computer and software. That will help your problem. Update your computer to make sure it doesn't fail again.
3/10/2011 9:10:57 PM • Gateway 504GR PC... • Answered on Mar 10, 2011

Gateway 504GR starts running then the monitor read

mine does the same thing, the first time it did it, i removed the dial-up modem that it came with, and it booted up just fine with no problems. now, after a year ago of this happening it decides to do it again this morning, so i'm kind of clueless now, considering that there's no modem in it, so i have no idea what could be causing the problem
12/13/2010 4:56:43 PM • Gateway 504GR PC... • Answered on Dec 13, 2010

My cooling fan has become noisy. What do I do?

It can be fixed easily. You can opt to repair or replace it. Start with referring to the online service documents to help you locate the components and some videos.

First remove the side panel and locate the noisy fan.

If the fan on the processor is the problem, take care when removing and replacing it. Incorrect replacement may damage the board and CPU.

For all other fans, try blowing air from a vacuum cleaner with blower or a standalone blower.

If this don't fix it, use a philips screw driver to remove the fan. Disconnect the power source and proceed.

Note whether the fan removes air or sucks in. It depends on the fans direction. Remember this or take a photo.

Remove the fan cables from the mother board but remember to take a picture of wires in case you forget which goes where. Or you can just point the fan away from motherboard if the wires are long enough. CAUTION: Do not touch or remove unnecessary components. You may find it difficult to replace.

Look for a sticker on the fan (some have it on the back) and remove it, put a drop of oil in that hole and let it seep. This should be enough.

If the fan does not have a hole, use WD40 and spray it lightly underneath so it penetrates the bearing. Use a tissue paper to wipe excess. Replace the fan.
11/27/2010 7:31:01 AM • Gateway 504GR PC... • Answered on Nov 27, 2010

I have a gateway 504gr that does not have the

try their userguide manual. if you don't have the gateway 504gr userguide click here
11/2/2010 6:02:23 PM • Gateway 504GR PC... • Answered on Nov 02, 2010

Power fan dosent move when

If the fan in the power supply does not move when the computer boots up, then I suggest you replace the switch mode power supply.
It is possible to replace the fan in the power supply but if you do not know what to do, I suggest you get a new switch mode power supply because this is a mains supply device and any mistakes will be lethal.
10/30/2010 12:55:29 AM • Gateway 504GR PC... • Answered on Oct 30, 2010

Tower turns on but nothing appears on monitor

You need to follow the easy steps and get rid of it

1. Make sure your display (moniter, CRT, LCD, screen, whatever you prefer to call it) is plugged into a wall outlet or power strip and powered on. Also ensure that it is securely plugged into the back or bottom of your display. Many displays do not have removable power cords, making them more prone to shorts and other damage. Check your cable to make sure it isn't damaged.
2. Make sure the power strip or wall outlet that your display is plugged into are functioning by plugging another electrical device, such as a lamp, into it and switching it on.
3. Check the connection between your computer and your display. Make sure that it is completely plugged into both as well as fastened with the attached screws.
5. To double-check any possible cable problems, if at all possible, swap out the screen's power cord and the cable connecting your computer to your display.
6. Swapping out your display is also a good way of narrowing down the problem. If you get the same result with a different display, then you can be near positive the problem is something in your computer. If switching displays fixes it, then the culprit is a faulty display.
7. Try turning your display on and off. Does the power indicator light change? Green means On, amber means Standby, and no light means no power. If your display starts out green when it is turned on, then goes to amber, that usually means that it is not receiving any signal from your computer and therefore assumes it is not needed. The problem is most likely not with the monitor but in the computer.

Read more: http://www.brighthub.com/computing/hardware/articles/12648.aspx#ixzz0s9UQmWub

Please rate me if this solution works for you

Thanks......Have a great time

6/28/2010 12:58:23 PM • Gateway 504GR PC... • Answered on Jun 28, 2010

My 504 got a virus and HD crashed. Should I just

Its not usual for a virus to cause the heads to crash. Its worth trying the drive in another PC especially if you need to get at the data. If you instal a new HD you will need all the original software disks to be able to set up the machine. That is unless you have a usable backup from something like acronis. If you think there is a virus on the HD then it may also be on your restore points and any backup you have ..these will need cleaning..restore points by deleting them, any backup will require you to use something like malwarebytes, spybot etc...
This machine is quite old now you may want to think about replacing it....rather than fit an new hdd.
3/11/2010 5:05:30 PM • Gateway 504GR PC... • Answered on Mar 11, 2010

I have a Gateway 504 GR and my brother got a few

I assume you have copied the downloaded files to the Gateway computer.
When you click on the various downloaded files it unzips and creates a folder for each unzipped file and then the expanded the files are placed into this folder.
To install the various drivers, open each folder (one at a time) and run the SETUP file or INSTALL file that is in this folder.
12/21/2009 6:08:03 AM • Gateway 504GR PC... • Answered on Dec 21, 2009

My cpu overheats

clean the cpu cooler slots and replace the thermal compound on the cpu ....make sure you clean off the old thermal compound .....only a thin layer of new thermal C will do all most see through ... hope this helps my friend
10/25/2009 3:08:53 AM • Gateway 504GR PC... • Answered on Oct 25, 2009

Complete restore to factory settings

why its not reading those disks is because the system is still there. To put it back to factory you will have to reformat the hard drive and reinstall the win operating system it came with. Any updates to the Win xp you have wont allow going back to begining as if it were a factory fresh/ or factory referb.
7/9/2009 4:42:36 AM • Gateway 504GR PC... • Answered on Jul 09, 2009

Gateway will not turn on.

Sounds like the power supply. Here is the part number that you can shop for online.
Bestec ATX-300-12EB3 power supply. Rev. S2

I found them on Yahoo shopping for as low as $47.39.

Hope this helps.

2/27/2009 10:41:04 PM • Gateway 504GR PC... • Answered on Feb 27, 2009

Noisy-part 2

look at the rear of the pc. the motherboard will be on the side all the connectors are off centered. so if all the connections are on the left, open the right side. if the fingerscrews are off.... slide the side toward the rear of the PC and it will let go. There are little tabs holding it in place.
1/7/2009 8:21:09 PM • Gateway 504GR PC... • Answered on Jan 07, 2009
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