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hi every body with the same probleme
i have a SIS962 LUA

if you wante to solve your probleme like me go to:::

the softwear is tested
it work correctly ans without a probleme
good luck

10/25/2012 12:57:05 AM • Gigabyte RADEON... • Answered on Oct 25, 2012

Help me I really need vga

Go thru below Link and download.


Hope this helps. If it does, please accept and rate the solution! Contact me with any more questions you may have. Thanks for using FixYa!

5/26/2011 6:06:37 AM • Gigabyte RADEON... • Answered on May 26, 2011


Download SiS Motherboard Driver
3/12/2011 12:26:09 PM • Gigabyte RADEON... • Answered on Mar 12, 2011

I need drivers for sis 962l motherboard

Ahh yess graphics cards can be trouble if you dont have the nessersery drivers and mostly you cant just buy cds for drives , well because its hard to really.Fortunetly for people who dont have the drivers there is an option.

1. Put your graphics card in your computer , start up your computer and log in - will probaly be slow due to resoulution and know card drivers.

2. YOU MUST HAVE INTERNET ACCSESS in order to get the drivers, so connect to the net and type in google: Omega Drivers.

3. Depending on what your card is e.g ATI Radeon OR NIVIDIA Geforce select it from the instructions as on screen when you come to the website.

3. Follow on screen insturctions as provied on website , then select your download mirror , and download , is simple.

4. Finaly , once you have downloaded your drivers install them as it will tell you follow on screen instructions then reboot your pc.

any questions or help on this refere to me at [email protected]

6/11/2009 5:41:10 PM • Gigabyte RADEON... • Answered on Jun 11, 2009

Help me..........

Hi,you need to go to the manufacturers website. SiS being silicon Industries.
If it,s a laptop computer, go the manufacturers website ( HP-Acer-Toshiba et,c )
and go to support or downloads.
there you will be prompted, to input make/model of your computer/graphics card.

many thanks for using fixya.

Mike @ compurepair.

11/19/2008 6:47:04 PM • Gigabyte RADEON... • Answered on Nov 19, 2008

Games are too fast

lol what games are u talking about proably the way they should be compared to your buddies onbord one u know
1/14/2008 9:54:01 PM • Gigabyte RADEON... • Answered on Jan 14, 2008

Need driver for win 8.1 D33006 gigabyte video card

Not finding your model number at the Gigabyte site. Please check and confirm it's Gigabyte and that you have the correct model. I would install the board. Windows will attempt to match a driver, and will tell you what chipset you have. You should be able to use a "generic" chipset driver.
6/3/2022 2:55:03 PM • Gigabyte Radeon... • Answered on Jun 03, 2022

After installing new ATI HD4670 video card I boot

Hello,I assume you have the driver for the new video card if not you can download it from ATI website.Try booting the computer in the safe mode and remove the driver of the old card, restart the computer and install the driver for your new video card.You can also put the old video card back and remove its driver then install the new video card and driver.Best of luck to you.NSwww.aaatvservice.com
11/4/2013 11:55:12 PM • Gigabyte Radeon... • Answered on Nov 04, 2013

Ati radeon hd 7770 problem

no PC told at all no OS told either. sure a DESKTOP sure. no monitor told nor cable used, VGA, DVI,hdmi, DP i can not see your near black screen at all. cold booted is the PC splash screen dead./? all bios screen dead and all BIOS works even with HDD missing. idle black is sleep mode, a USA law mandates that. iof we do not like sleep mode we disable it in power settings CP CP means control panel this must be your first PC ever? and all go to sleep ,go to walmart see them all in sleep mode now, yes, a USA law called Energy star laws. and all wake up on demand new , unmolested. wiggling the mouse or hammering the space bar ends sleep but not if (again) power settings has USB going to sleep too. why post lacking Pc makers name and OS.windows what gee vast persons on earth ugraded w7 top 10 and now this fails. due to , PC maker told you , no w10 support in this secret PC 4 decades of 100,000 models of PC I can no no guess blind./ Radeon hd 7770 card and 80watt card in fact, oops.????? is this real ATI/AMD card or any of the other 12 makers of cards. ??????????? no full card number told and guess what the watts matter. 250watts is smallest watt PSU, or more if PC is loaded out like mine with 2SSD and 4 SSD and 1DVD and 1 Blue ray and max ddr and more. Power is first after fit, and yours fits so power is next PSU watts and what the card needs let me see that. all hits on this card show it crosses the magic 75watt rule for PCi-2 power of 75watts, and card is 80watts and more dynamically so they maker of the card has a 6 pin 12vdc aux jack that can not be ignored or the card fails, so is that wired up? as it must? yup top rear of card 6 pin aux power in black , steathy that, hard to see at 1st glance but 80watt cards need it, that and even 300watts cards are sold. does your card have red fan. see what I mean buy 12 maker of cars all with AMD GPU. the cards all have tag called the SKU tag or full model told for GPU speed and vram sizes and more, lots more. https://search.brave.com/images?q=%20Radeon%20hd%207770%20card# I have boxes full of old GPU cards here, stored. some need 500watt more PSU to even begin any 3d mode. only the SKU matters, wiki SKU. and what PC this is and what PSU wattage and if said PSU has the 2 AUX CABLES WITH DUAL 6/8 Plugs, (PCI-12v) marked. if not we can do adapters easy. ask
6/4/2022 4:14:14 PM • Gigabyte... • Answered on Jun 04, 2022

My soundcard is not working while using 8vm533m-rz model gigabyte mother board in windows 7

so the PC mobo has and addin, PCI card sound"? 2004 PC mobo relic, now and 13yo to you. no card told. (fail)(buy only w7 allowed card if must) you did say CARD so means NOT ON-BOARD sound chip. relic P4 PC. mobo v1.0 mobo? this trash mobo uses EOL DOA, via chipsets, that do not allow w7 Integrated Realtek ALC662 audio CODEC chip this chip set is dead too, from maker realtek. if you knew that, and added a secret sound card. this mobo only does windows 200o to XP says so on page one at gigabytes this mobo. so w7 does not belong hear unless replacing every thing there that fails 1 by 1, , pain. ive done this vast times, for folks willing to. last xp driver is here for realtek https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/8VM533M-RZ-rev-10/support#support-dl-driver as a rule only this OEM maker PC can make there sound chips work (as a team of parts) not simple as many think, even has mixer chips and more, all custom to maker. yes cards work better, on this mobo the VIA chip and codec chip must work or sound will be dead. and is common this. lacking no vista driver up, ever/ this mobo has no SATA ports nor any PCI express card slots at all. and finding PCI (non express) cards that can run w7 can be hard. for sure now. yes possible, with careful searching specs of relic PCI cards. also the VIA chip dead makes The ethernet port dead too. and usb dead and IDE drives dead,vista up. never buy VIA chipped mobo. or pain is all there is. no drivers.
6/4/2022 2:16:57 PM • Gigabyte... • Answered on Jun 04, 2022

Gigabyte GM-M5050 not connecting to laptop.

it is only a USB mouse and works on any pC really. w7 needs no special driver for this mouse ever, it uses PnP, plug and play and the internet must be active and working for PnP to work is it? not told that. your failed computer is all messed up with w7 even infected monza is w7, 2012 made (year) the usb ports are first not mouse the device manager must show all USB ports have good drivers, and you test them using a USB stick of thumbdrive memory to be sure they do work, and if does good or use USB keyboard to test usb ports all if all that works then the mouse is tried. and internet connected and the mouse to when connected must show up in device manager. and actually function/
6/4/2022 1:34:15 PM • Gigabyte... • Answered on Jun 04, 2022

Hi i have a gigabyte

talk to gigabyte.com is the cooler not from gigabytes is that it? so is this below? i guess you meant Model# GZ-FW1CA-AJS go back to air or upgrade to far better cooling this is not. cheap cooling is no good. will not last. also above is know for bad corrosion inside, rule #2 buy cooling only from makers that see spare parts for it. or is doomed. the manual shows no parts list for sure water level so needs new water tank I guess, why not ask maker for support no PC store sells parts for this custom case.(turn key is seems) or defeat that switch and just look at level at step 1 , before turned on. (that is what I would do, but sure back to AIR
6/4/2022 12:43:46 PM • Gigabyte... • Answered on Jun 04, 2022

I need a Gigabyte G41 s2pv rev1.3 circuit diagram pdf

the mobo is fully covered at Gigabyte.com we are not them more have 10,000 manuals here. at all this https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/GA-G41MT-S2P-rev-13#ov its all there to read, 24/7 form 2010 to 2022 still. the audio may be dead on newer oS as audio chip maker went EOL Dead. w7 is max.
6/4/2022 11:59:43 AM • Gigabyte... • Answered on Jun 04, 2022

Changed out atx power supply because computer not powering up. Do I replace with same motherboard with same or buy new Windows 10 Box.

ok, a simple hardware question only. w10 could careless about PSU. (facts) mobo is micro atx size 24.4cm x 24.4cm not powering up has many causes, even simply stuck in sleep mode. (power on button held for 10seonds and released last is 1 cure. of about 20 causes (up to) GA-F2A78M-D3H (rev. 3.0)or rev. 4.0????? rev is on bottom left of mobo, normal tower case. no case told the PSU is called ATX and all work here 500 to 750watts 24 pin power is normal but CPU power uses 8 pin power plug PSU.marked ATX12v psu lacking 8 pin, can use 4 to 8 adpater. vast here work, in real ATX case not micro cases. https://www.newegg.com/p/pl?d=psu+atx&N=4131%20100007657%20600014006%20600479294&isdeptsrh=1&Order=1 from you manual . 12vatx-undefined-undefined-0.jpg dead PC are all fans dead.> that is dead PC. the monitor must be good and connected the the VGA jack if using GPU card then it must connect to the monitor the BIOS screen must work or the PC is dead or GPU card is dead. strip the PC down ,any thing in the PC shorted will make PC dead. if strip down tests fail the PSU may be bad is its fan dead too? both power connectors most be connected above or PC will be dead.
6/4/2022 11:51:20 AM • Gigabyte... • Answered on Jun 04, 2022

My gigabyte motherboard how to check warranty

gigabyte.com ask them only. the records are secret , them to you only based on serial number of the mobo. do not post serial numbers or risk losing your warranty. learn to go there, only.
6/4/2022 11:29:36 AM • Gigabyte... • Answered on Jun 04, 2022

I915p/i915G VGA driver free download

Visit the following link. https://downloadcenter.intel.com/product/50364 Select the required driver and download.
6/3/2022 3:25:21 PM • Gigabyte... • Answered on Jun 03, 2022
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