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IDL705 dishwasher showing error code

Indesit IDL700 first two green lights flashing and cycle stops with dirty water left in the machine. CAUSE - blocked or jammed drain pump. SOLUTION - First remove all the filters inside the machine, syphon or sponge up all the water in the sump and check for any obstruction over the fine grill at the very bottom. (we had a pistachio shell covering the hole!). If this doesn't cue it you will need to gain access to the pump. First, turn off the power. Gently lift the machine onto it's side (be ready for some water to spill out!). Remove the bottom plate (6 screws) and disconnect the sump float switch. Remove the single screw retaining the pump to the bottom of the machine and rotate to remove. You should be able to see the rotor blades. With your finger check to see if the pump rotates freely. To dismantle the pump, remove the 3 screws and separate the two halves. Our pump was jammed with an apple stalk!. Reassemble and connect any cables. Apparently this is a known problem with these machines and can be prevented by assembling the filter system correctly and pre-rinsing plates etc. before placing in the dishwasher.
9/7/2021 4:50:40 PM • Indesit 24 in.... • Answered on Sep 07, 2021

Idl 705

i have similar problem machine starts then stops while bleeping the second and third lights then flash nothing more happens have checked water intake which is ok no blockages any more ideas would help thanks
9/22/2015 2:54:00 AM • Indesit 24 in.... • Answered on Sep 22, 2015

Washing tablet not desolving, dishes still dirty, have opened machine when been on 5 ninutes and only cold water pouring in, what is the problem please?

test your hot water over your sink and see how long it takes to get hot. if it takes 30 to 40 seconds just run your hot water until it gets hot then run dishwasher. or if water not hot enough yo can turn up your water heater temp. also check your heat element
5/2/2014 9:43:58 AM • Indesit 24 in.... • Answered on May 02, 2014

GE Dishwasher stopped working after power surge

If you can confirm that the dishwasher is getting power, then there is a very good chance the control board is bad.
3/9/2014 3:33:59 AM • Indesit 24 in.... • Answered on Mar 09, 2014

Indesit idl705 new pcb module

check your recirc pump , it was siezed on mine , take it off the motor and it will be all wobbly ,
11/18/2011 9:54:23 PM • Indesit 24 in.... • Answered on Nov 18, 2011

My machine appears to start by emptying then

Above is a service and repair manual, use to troubleshoot your machine, above that are two DIY troubleshooting sites, above that is your user manual, for all your codes etc.
Please try this FIX below, it often works regardless of cause... Ok so your dishwasher won't do anything... it justs sits there and "Hums" you can't make it respond to any controls, and the ONLY way to Stop it. is to unplug the unit, replugging back in it simply "Hums" again and will do nothing.
Now this happens because, the STOP Button, is pressed and the "Door Opened", during the Wash Cycle. This should NOT be done. You shouldNEVER TURN IT OFF MID-CYCLE. you should instead, Simply, pull on the handle, to Open the door, the system will take care of everything, after, you close it,and pick up where it left off. The turning OFF, makes the machine "Think" that a New Cycle, is going to be done, before the old one is finished, and resets itself to do it all again. But it still has water, that's not meant to be there so it must dump it out.
Now, the FIX. Take the Dishwasher, out, and tip over on it's side, tip to about a 45' angle. Water will come out from underneath, this is from a small "Overflow" reservoir. this reservoir has an "Anti-Flood" switch. The removing of this water will "Reset" this Switch, and allow the dishwasher to work again.
So what happens, is this, when the STOP button is pressed Mid-Cycle, the machine must "Dump" whatever water is still in the machine, into the "Overflow Reservoir". This water then causes the Anti-flood switch to jam, and this stops the machine, until it is reset,by the above method.
9/5/2011 10:20:43 AM • Indesit 24 in.... • Answered on Sep 05, 2011

IDL750 - Fuse trips when


The first step is understanding if the problem is the socket or the appliance. Find an extension long enough to reach a different socket. Move the appliance to reach the power cord, and connect the dishwasher to a different power socket.

If the dishwasher does not trip the circuit breaker using a different power socket, then the problem is the power socket.

If the appliance still trips the circuit breaker, then there is an internal short.

The power cord is the first part to inspect. A test can be done using a multimeter like this:Multimeter.

With power cord not connected, with appliance off, and the multimeter set on impedance (Ohms), touch the prongs of the power plug and read impedance. Impedance must be infinity. If there is low impedance, then the power cord is shorted.

Since the problem happens immediately when you start the washer, there are few more parts that can be responsible. After testing power cord the main control unit must be tested. This is an electronic board enclosed in a plastic box. The control unit is part of the door assembly. When there is a short that is tripping the circuit breaker it is usually possible to spot burnt areas at the control board contacts or components.

If the circuit breaker trips shortly after starting dishwasher (one second or two), then the inlet valve located at the back of the appliance must also be tested.

Start checking if the problem is the power cord or the wall-socket. If problem is the appliance check warranty status by calling the number listed on the owners manual.


6/8/2011 2:15:50 PM • Indesit 24 in.... • Answered on Jun 08, 2011

Water wont drain

if pump is working then theres a blockage in the pipework or drain...........
3/27/2011 5:16:08 PM • Indesit 24 in.... • Answered on Mar 27, 2011

The dishwasher blades do not spin and the water is

Remove the spray heads and clean the nozzles...they are possibly clogged with dirt and excessive diswashing soap.
1/1/2011 10:18:51 AM • Indesit 24 in.... • Answered on Jan 01, 2011

IDL700 wont start Kept getting error message to

Sorry to read about your problem, I hope this helps you out.

the blockage, maybe inside the pump of the unit, or at the check valve.

I suggest you contact a service company..

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12/28/2010 3:24:32 PM • Indesit 24 in.... • Answered on Dec 28, 2010

Dirty Dishes after dishwasher has finished

You may be getting sand in from the supply lines. Fill a clear glass container from the sink a few times and look at the bottom for sand particles. You may be getting sand from a pool filter? Remove the filter from the faucet head (it should unscrew) and look for sand particles in it. You may not be getting them in the kitchen sink if the dishwater inlets are below the sink as the particles may be sinking to the bottom of the pipes. You may need to put a filter in the dishwasher inlet. Try filling the dishwasher by hand with bottled water once and then see if the sand is still there. If so, it probably comes in through the water supply.
12/17/2010 1:15:43 AM • Indesit 24 in.... • Answered on Dec 17, 2010
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