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My Sony Cybershot DSC V1 viewfinder screen very briefly shows the taken image and this then quickly fades to a foggy whiteout.

It is possible that the image sensor which is the CCD- charge coupled device is faulty and will need a replacement. However it is important that the OE part is required and so is best to take consensus with Sony spares and service.
4/20/2012 4:49:56 AM • Sony Cyber-Shot... • Answered on Apr 20, 2012

I have sony v1, unfortunately


Based on the information you've provided it seems that the CCD Image Sensor of the Camera is affected which displays the live view of the Camera and the image which get captured. If the Image Sensor is affected, the previous views of the images and the icons will get displayed as normally, but the live view and the captured images will be distorted or blacked out. You may try power resetting to check if the issue can be resolved.

Performing a manual power reset

Turn off the camera.

Remove the battery pack.

Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds.

Allow the camera to remain without power for 60 seconds.

Reinsert the battery pack.

Turn on the camera.

If the issue persists, service may be required.

Thanks for contacting FixYa.

2/24/2011 11:27:27 AM • Sony Cyber-Shot... • Answered on Feb 24, 2011

Lost manual dont remember how to operate the


Download the manual from :-


You need to have acrobat reader to view the manual.

Good Luck!!

8/7/2010 2:55:24 AM • Sony Cyber-Shot... • Answered on Aug 07, 2010

I want ccd number of dsc-v1 model digital cam

Hi Ahsan Mirza,
Part number of ccd imager for DSC-V1 is as follows:



4/2/2010 9:43:08 AM • Sony Cyber-Shot... • Answered on Apr 02, 2010

Memory Stick all of a sudden is not read

The first thing to try is to clean the gold contacts with a soft cloth, and try to see if the contacts inside the camera are clean, or clean them too if you can get to them (a q-tip will work, just don't leave any lint off it in the camera). Next step is to try another, known good, memory stick. If those steps don't work, your camera's internal circuity isn't detecting the memory card, and will require servicing. Get an estimate from a camera store first, sometimes the cost of repair is more than a good, used camera on Ebay. Hope this helps!
2/25/2010 7:52:56 PM • Sony Cyber-Shot... • Answered on Feb 25, 2010


Sony Duo memory? They are little liars, they don't stock them anymore as a way to force folks to upgrade to things they dont need.
But you can get them from most online shops such as Jessops, Ebay, Amazon, ect...
1/5/2010 3:46:40 PM • Sony Cyber-Shot... • Answered on Jan 05, 2010

Sony DSC V1 Screen Problem

If you are the original purchaser and still have the receipt, you may be able to have Sony repair it for you. There was a recall that covered original owners. Check on sonystyle.com
12/19/2009 7:44:56 PM • Sony Cyber-Shot... • Answered on Dec 19, 2009

I don't have a charger.

You need either the AC-LS5 power adapter which plugs into the back of the camera to charge the battery when it's in the camera, or better still a Sony BC-VC10. The latter item charges up to two batteries at once leaving the camera free for use.

There are third party chargers available but I've found out the hard way that they often either take forever to charge the battery or at worst damage the InfoLithium chip inside the battery. As genuine batteries are expensive and the genuine charger costs less than a single battery it's both a gamble and a false economy to use anything else.

I hope that you've found my posting to be of use and ask in return only that you take a moment to rate my answer.

I've provided links to the BC-VC10 below and further down to the cheaper AC-LS5. I'm not suggesting that you use these suppliers, just that you use the links to give you a starting point to shop around for yourself:-

Ebay BC-VC10

Amazon BC-VC10

Ebay AC-LS5

Amazon AC-LS5
10/29/2009 3:03:49 PM • Sony Cyber-Shot... • Answered on Oct 29, 2009

Sony dsc-v1 does not show picture on lcd panel.

This might not be a failed LCD at all.

Look at the back of your camera: you should see a button to the bottom right of the viewfinder to the left of the thumbwheel and just above the control pad. This button controls how much information is shown on the LCD and also turns it on and off to save battery power. The camera defaults to the last used setting before the power button was used to turn off the camera. If the LCD isn't actually broken then all you need do is to press the display button to turn on the LCD. Pressing it again cycles through all the options.

You can find out more about this on page 28 of the user manual provided for download on Sony's website.

I hope that you've found my answer to be of use and in return ask only that you return the favour by rating my answer.

10/27/2009 3:27:18 PM • Sony Cyber-Shot... • Answered on Oct 27, 2009

Flash player don't work?! please help.

Sorry, but your question is confusing: Flash Player is an Adobe product which allows online video streaming. Your DSC-V1 is just a camera and neither has nor needs Flash Player.

Perhaps you're confusing it with the camera flash used to provide light when taking photos? If the flash is set to "on" it should usually pop up and fire except when the camera is set to certain scene modes (see below). The other flash settings are "off" (no lightning flash icon) and "slow" (the letters SL appear next to the lightning icon). The only other icon which can appear next to it to the left are the scene modes. These only appear when the mode selector dial is set to "SCN" and there are six of them: beach mode (palm tree and beach icon); snow mode (snowman icon); portrait mode (a pair of heads and shoulders icon); landscape mode (mountains in a picture frame icon); twilight portrait mode (crescent moon and a head and torso icon); and twilight mode (crescent moon icon). Of these, only the last one prevents the flash from firing even if switched on.

You can learn more about these by clicking this link to the Sony website which has a downloadable .pdf manual. The scene modes and what they do is explained on pages 63 & 64.

I hope that you've found my answer to be of use and in return ask only that you return the favour by rating my answer. If your problem remains unresolved then please explain clearly what you'd like to know in a comment and I'll try again: I've been using a DSC-V1 regularly since 2004 so there's not much about it which I'm unfamiliar with.

10/27/2009 3:16:43 PM • Sony Cyber-Shot... • Answered on Oct 27, 2009

I got a sony cyber-shot model number dsc-v1 and

Buy one from your local camera store

Thanks for using FIXYA
10/27/2009 2:40:52 PM • Sony Cyber-Shot... • Answered on Oct 27, 2009

Battries run out of power,while camera is turned of.

The batteries on the DSC-V1 will be around five years old now so that's to be expected. You need to replace faulty batteries with genuine and new Sony InfoLithium NP-FC11. Many cheaper "compatibles" exist, but at best they don't last as long and will not give any battery charge indication (they lack the InfoLithium chip) and at worst they can damage the camera.

Unfortunately, genuine batteries are so expensive that you might decide it's time to upgrade, but as the DSC-V1 is such an excellent camera it's not a straightforward decision. Newer = more megapixels, but also = noisier images. 5MP is easily more than enough for prints up to A4 size even allowing for a bit of image cropping.
10/24/2009 10:57:43 AM • Sony Cyber-Shot... • Answered on Oct 24, 2009

Hi, when viewing my ldc screen to take a photo its

I have a good news for you. Probably the CCD imager is bad, it could be FREE repaired by SONY service center! Look for your local SONY serv.center.
9/23/2009 12:37:25 PM • Sony Cyber-Shot... • Answered on Sep 23, 2009

The preview photos are very small on the back


You can view the pictures on your PC by transferring it using the USB cable provided when you purchased the camera.

I believe most digital cameras are also plug and play so you don't need to download anything.

If you still have any questions, please feel free to comment back.
8/6/2009 7:53:57 AM • Sony Cyber-Shot... • Answered on Aug 06, 2009

Some images 'cool' some 'warm'

Hi there,

That issue is related to "white balance". Sounds like the camera is not measuring white balance correctly in order to determine the best setting for each shot, and is flipping between correct and incorrect settings, even in the same conditions!

I could go into detail here, but really it is much easier and perhaps better explained with images on many websites. Here is one example:


As for a solution, well obviously the camera is not working as it should, but you could also try setting white balance manually if your camera allows it. The above site tutorial will give you an idea of how to do that and what setting to use.
7/21/2009 1:07:51 AM • Sony Cyber-Shot... • Answered on Jul 21, 2009

DSV-V1 no power, doesn't react on battery or batterycharger

You may still have a battery fault, and the only way you'll find out is to buy or borrow an external charger such as the Sony BC-VC10. Buying a new battery won't solve it as they're supplied uncharged.

If you live in the UK and can post the battery to me I'll try to recharge it for you and will post it back afterwards.

BTW: Is your battery a genuine Sony InfoLITHIUM C, model number NP-FC11?
7/11/2009 8:34:34 AM • Sony Cyber-Shot... • Answered on Jul 11, 2009

Next step for the rebirthing of my DSC-V1 ??

Hi Pat,

There is a reset button which is recessed on the underside of the camera, next to the battery cover. You'll need something like an unbent paperclip to press the bottom and it resets the camera back to factory presets. This reset includes setting the the file numbering system back to zero so if it works you'll need to go into the menu and manually set your file and folder numbering to something which won't clash with earlier photos.

The only trouble is that the camera needs to be powered up for the reset to work, so you'll need to plug the charging lead into the camera to power it up.

If this fails, then your camera has sadly become a parts donor.

DSC-V1's in excellent condition regularly appear on auction websites but take care: many will have a CCD just waiting to fail so either ask if it's been replaced by Sony (making sure the seller can supply proof) or get a DSC-V3 which is very similar but does not have the risk of a faulty 5MP CCD. The DSC-V1 is still a better camera though as it handles better and has less image noise.
7/8/2009 2:19:18 PM • Sony Cyber-Shot... • Answered on Jul 08, 2009

My flash won't charge

Either the internal thyristor charging circuit has failed or the flash capacitor is unserviceable.

Neither fault is worth repairing. Buy a small auto-exposure flashgun and use it in the hotshoe; they're dirt cheap and there are plenty of used ones for free if you ask on FreeCycle.

You'll need to go into the DSC-V1 menus to enable the hot shoe on the top plate of the camera and you'll find that even the smallest and least specified flashgun will give better results, but try to get one with at least two aperture settings within the range f2.8 to f8. Anything outside that range is useless to you as that's the entire aperture range on the DSC-V1. You'll also need to ensure that when taking photos, the camera is set to the same aperture as the flashgun. To do this set the camera mode switch to "A" for aperture priority mode and use the thumbwheel to select the correct aperture, the camera will choose the appropriate shutter speed. You can also use "M" for manual mode in which you set both the aperture and choose the shutter speed. At night, choose 1/60 but the actual exposure will be measured in the thousandths of seconds in which the flash is illuminated.

If you're rich or lucky you'll get a Sony HVL-F32X flashgun; it dwarfs the camera and is very powerful but everything is fully automatic with no manual overrides. For this flashgun, the hotshoe menu setting must be "OFF".
7/2/2009 10:15:09 AM • Sony Cyber-Shot... • Answered on Jul 02, 2009

Easy way to use it.

Hopefully you've already learned the basics by trial and error now, but if you want to learn about the advanced functions which give you full creative control of this camera then you'll need to read the manual.

I found the manual to be clear, well-written and very easy to understand.

You can download it from the following location:-

7/2/2009 9:51:48 AM • Sony Cyber-Shot... • Answered on Jul 02, 2009
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