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there is an adaptor that you can buy
it is plugged into the power socket for the house , connected to the ether net connection
you have a second plug in connection that plugs into any other power point and that runs a ethernet cable to the pc or modem
I have such a system running from the shed computer to the house computer and modem distance of 100 yards
it is called a TP-Link and is available fro Jaycar or like electronic shops
it works by using the house wiring to transmit the data signal along with the house power

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It is always advisable to use the power cord that comes with the device. Ebay is the best place to find replacement products.

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I have had three of these do the same thing. It is not the router causing the issue. It Is the power supply. I replaced mine with one from MPJA. It is a 4 Amp supply and I had to change the connector but total cost is $6.95 plus shipping on the power supply and $2.00 for the connector. Specifically inside the power supply is a 1000 uf cap that is bad and leaking. When the wifi and the DSL are both started the current is too high and the voltage drops causing the reset. Replacing the power supply fixed all three modems.

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Is this an ATT U-verse and you have TV on a different box? if so you will need to contact them. If you had to have the router replaced they forgot to re setup the system as the two devices work off each other somehow.

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For what application?

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check with 2wire website for a newer firmware version. if you are able to update to a newer version and still have problems, then your router is on its way out.

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if you try to change the router and getting same problem, i think you need to isolate it first without the router because this is not the issue, by the way did you ask your ISP to run a line test? what is the result? have you try to change the modem? my first suspect is the modem.

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If you want to reset the router meaning bring the router back to its default settings and also clearing the password, you need to press and hold the reset button on the router its a small hole there and you need a pen or paper clip to reset it for 15 seconds while power is ON and after that router is already reset back to default.

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Admin ADMIN .

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It's hard to tell exactly what you have but it sounds like you have DSL on the 2wire. If everything is hard wired you can use the LAN Ethernet ports on the Belkin as a switch. You should to assign a static IP on the Belkin for management purposes and shut off its DHCP server. The static IP should be something in the range assigned by the 2wire but out of its DHCP range. Like You will not need the WAN port on the Belkin. After you reconfigure the Belkin connect the Ethernet port on the 2wire to it. Along with your PC and DVR. I think it has 4 LAN ports so that will leave one open. It would probably be easier to buy a switch at the store.

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You have to connect to your 2Wire box through a web browser (gateway.2wire.net) And once you're inside the configuration page of the 2Wire, you should see the "key code page" to enter your activation key code.

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There are other things you should do to secure your wireless router besides changing the SSID. Follow these steps to secure your wireless router : -
1. Connect the wireless router to your computer with a LAN cable.
2. Start your browser and enter the router's configuration URL
3. Enter the router setup login and password
4. Change the admin password
5. Go to the wireless settings and change the default SSID and turn off SSID broadcast.
6. Setup encryption key the strongest is WAP2
7. For further security measures - turn on MAC address filtering and enter the MAC address of the wireless cards on the computer/s you want to connect to this wireless router.
8. Record the settings you have made and keep it in a safe place and Save the settings.
9. Configure the wireless cards on the computer/s with the SSID and encryption settings of the router.
10. Remove the LAN cable between the router and the computer then the computers should be able to connect to the router.

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Your IP address is assigned (leased) to you from your internet service provider. With that being said, you could possibly call them and ask to release your old IP address and have them assign a new one. If you happen to have a static IP address assigned from your ISP you can call them as well and ask to have your IP address changed too. It would be up to them to change it though.

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just right into your web browser and it will come up with access to your router's control panel

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Reset yout router.In the back you will see a small hole and with a paper clip press it for 10 seconds with the device on and log in to the router web page for set a new pw.

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try this it worked for me. If you use Chrome go to tools, options, under the hood and un-check Predict network actions to improve page load performance, I have no idea why this worked I just know that I have not lost my service since I did this. I stumble around a lot and was always getting the message no broadband service or something of that nature. One time chrome suggested that I try this (no idea why chrome suggested this) so I unchecked the box and now I no longer have the problem of loosing my connection. I was loosing my connection a lot 10-20 times an hour.
Good Luck

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for wireless signal 1st thing to consider is the EMI's (eletro-magnetic interference) anything that is near that modem that produces static electricity, radio frequency and magnetic energy (eg. cordless phone, speaker, anything electronic...) isolate the modem at-least 6 feet away from this said EMI's.
2nd you may check on the the wirelss settings on your modem's GUI(interface) see the link:http://support.2wire.com/index.php?page=view&article=60
wireless channel and power settings and the only once you should change... channel such as 1,6,7 are sometimes used by other device (wireless phone, neighbor's router) power settings: as you place it on a higher number it gives longer distance but gets thinner space(area)
consider the red signals as you place the power higher the signal gets longer but thiner.
lastly wireless doesnt penetrate walls/ glasses it only bounce back and forth to it... so less wall or interference the better chance of going directly to the access point...
if you really havea big house try consider buying wireless booster/repeater...

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This is a problem with the connection not the Roku. Also things that can effect this is now many Movies you have in your Netflix Instant Que. Deleted some of the Instant Que movies and reboot the Roku. See if this will FixYa up.

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Hooking up to a 2wire is easy, on the back of the 2wire in the WEP number, (ten digit number). Turn on the Roku and on the settings menu look for the network setting, find your home network and put in the 10 digit WEP number and connect.

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