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If you ensure the printer is uninstalled, when you connect it to the computer after a restart a "new hardware found" message should appear and if Windows can't install it automatically the installation wizard should appear. If that happens the printer should install even if the wizard needs to go online to find a suitable driver. If that initial message doesn't appear it means the computer and the printer aren't communicating due to perhaps a faulty connecting lead or the printer itself.

Lexmark X1150... • Answered on Sep 30, 2017

Sounds unlikely but somteimes they sell defective new cartridges. Look for original packing, maybe still in your wastebasket, and verify expire date.

Lexmark X1150... • Answered on Sep 30, 2015

there maybe stuck little paper or something inside the device or maybe the cartidge is broken or the holder of the cartidge i think an expert should see it .. it must be seen and heared to solve it and try to clean it from inside

Lexmark X1150... • Answered on May 17, 2014

Hi, Sorry to hear you are experiencing that problem. The Lexmark x1150 is actually discontinued. So there is no driver for Windows 8. You can try downloading the Windows Vista driver. If that does not work then you should go to Add Printer on your computer and choose the USB connection. Then it will show you makes and models of printers. Choose Lexmark and then for model look for x1150. If that is not there then choose any one of the AIO models, your printer will work. Good luck!

Lexmark X1150... • Answered on Apr 08, 2014

The magenta cartridge isn't working correctly. This is why you're only getting the other colors (blue is cyan, green is cyan and yellow, and then yellow).

Try removing and reseating the magenta cartridge. If that doesn't work, use a new magenta cartridge (the cartridge itself may have been defective).

I wasn't able to view a manual for this machine, as it's been discontinued and Lexmark no longer offers the PDF on it. If you have a "clean print heads" option, use it. It may require more than one try. If you don't have that option, then all possibilities have been covered.

Hope that's helpful.

Lexmark X1150... • Answered on Mar 17, 2014

Head on over to Lexmark.com and look for the SUPPORT link in the menu. Enter the model number in the search bar and download according to your operating system. Once the download is complete double-click the file and run. You might have to reboot your computer once it has completed the install process.

Lexmark X1150... • Answered on Jan 03, 2014

http://support.lexmark.com/index?userlocale=EN_UK&locale=EN&page=content&segment=SUPPORT&productCode=LEXMARK_X3480DSG&id=SO2602here is the troubleshooting procedures from lexmark.If it doesn't help, then the problem might be either faulty cover sensor (which is just a simple switch that is pressed when the cover is closed), displaced sensor (it might have come off from the chassis) or that the extrusion (or pin) on the cover worn off / broken and not pressing the switch anymore.Sending your printer for a repair is probably not economically viable. You can attempt fixing it yourself, but you probably won't get the full functionality back, plus such a home fix would probably bypass printer's safety feature (it won't know anymore if the cover is open or closed, you will have to "tell" it to the printer).plus, the price for a new printer is probably around 50$, and the solution might take you an hour or two if you have no technical background. In case you opt for a new printer, recycle your old one responsibly or donate it to local tinkershop for parts.Disclaimer. Do not attempt the solution if you do not take full responsibility for whatever the result of you actions will be, either directly or indirectly, etc. etc. I take no responsibility for loss of life, sanity, pets, Apocalypse and so on.fix: *1Disconnect the power from the printer. Locate the cover sensor switch, it is probably near the back of the printer where the paper is loaded. If the sensor is in place, check if it is ok by pressing it with a non-conductive object, such as a plastic pin, if the sensor was knocked off, procede to *4.*2 Make sure you are clear of any moving parts of the printer and that carriage path is not obstructed by anything. Power on the printer. If the printer powers on normally and doesn't display the "cover open" message, sensor is ok, if it doesn't (you should try a couple of times, the sensor probably produces a "click" -sound when it is pressed), the sensor is faulty, proceed to *5.*3Power off the printer. Check if the "pin" or extrusion on the cover is damaged. If it is, you can either try to glue a piece of plastic to extend it, so that it engages the sensor firmly when the cover is closed, or you can cut a piece of plastic to reside on the sensor att all times (thus you will have to power down the printer, remove the piece and then power on the printer in order to get the carriage into central position to change the cartidges).*4 Locate the sensor, if you have clear access to it, press the sensor with a non-conductive object, you should hear a "click" sound. Make sure you are clear off the moving parts of the printer and the path of the carriage is not obstructed with anything. Power on the printer. If it powers on wihtout "cover open" message, the sensor is ok. Power off the printer. You can either try to put the sensor back in place (might be problematic as you have to poistion it correctly in order that the cover can press on it when it is clsoed) or you can try to put the sensor outside of the printer and operate it manually, by putting a piece of non-conductive amterial inot it when the cover is closed and removing the piece when you need to cahnge the cartridges. If the sensor is faulty, proceed to *5.*5. If you have soldering skills, you can replace the sensor with the same make and model, or you can replace it with another switch and put it ouside the printer to operate it manually, i.e. put it into "off" position when the cover is open end "on" when the cover is closed.If you have any questions, you can leave your message here with pictures.

Lexmark X1150... • Answered on Oct 24, 2013

you just have to install the drivers for Vista 32 or 64 bit, depends on your PC.

Lexmark X1150... • Answered on Oct 24, 2013

In this case what i would Request u to do is......... Goto Control Panel goto Printers folder......... There u will see the Lexmark Printer Icon........... Just right click on the Printer Icon and click on Properties......... Now click on Advanced and goto Print Processor......... Change it to Lexmark NTEMF 1.0008........ Click on Apply click Ok now try to Print.......... Prints Fine............Issue Resolved........ Same Problem........ Download the Lexmark ToolBar from: http://www.lexmark.com/lexmark/sequentialem/home/0,6959,204816596_1255995709_0_en,00.html Restart your computer once and now try to print using the Lexmark Tool Bar.......... It should work fine........ Good Luck..............

Lexmark X1150... • Answered on May 13, 2013

Might have got corrupted due to a conflict, Just get the mcafee program reinstalled that would fix the issue.

Lexmark X1150... • Answered on May 13, 2013

Please try these steps:
  1. Browse to Start -> Run... and type NET STOP SPOOLER (this will stop the print spooler service)
  2. Type NET START SPOOLER (this will restart the print spooler service)
Try to print again to verify that the problem is fixed.

Lexmark X1150... • Answered on Mar 08, 2013

You can download the Lexmark printer drivers from their support WEB site. Please click on this link and select your model printer to download :- http://support.lexmark.com/index?page=home&locale=EN&userlocale=EN_US&segment=DOWNLOAD

Lexmark X1150... • Answered on Dec 12, 2012

You may download the software from here.

Lexmark X1150... • Answered on Dec 05, 2012

->Make sure the printer is connected to your computer.->Run a print head alignment and cleaning. Misaligned or dirty print heads affect printing quality. Click on the Start menu icon in the computer task bar. Select Control Panel, then click Printers and Faxes. Click on your printer icon and then select "Printer," "Preferences" and "Maintenance." Select "Run print head alignment" and execute the alignment. Select "Clean print heads" to perform this operation.->Open the access panel door and look at the roller devices to see if a page has been jammed in between them. If so, pull on one end of the page to remove the jam. Try to print your page.If you need any technical help on printer then you can reach at http://www.vtechsquad.com/printer-support/

Lexmark X1150... • Answered on Nov 19, 2012

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