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Error #1203

My printer is not letting me print is giving me error 1203, I replaced the black ink cartridge replaced the USB cable them it print one page and gave me back the error 1203.

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Normi, The 1203 error as you suspected deals with the ink cartridge. This is a common problem and Lexmark has a troubleshooting procedure posted on their web site. Here is the link for the web page. Hope this solves your problem and please don?t forget to rate this posting.

Posted on Jan 20, 2007


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Lexmark X4850 wireless set-up

Hi, I just purchased a Lexmark X4850 printer which has wireless capability and I am having trouble getting the computer to print. I have a AT&T wireless modem/router that can also have up to 4 computers plugged in directly to the modem/router. I set up the printer and plugged it into my desktop using a usb cord. It said it was fine & printed a test sheet ok. I then ran the installation disc to set the printer up for wireless operation so that my daughter could also use the printer using the wireless feature. But now I can't get the printer to print anything from my desktop? I called Lexmark tech support and was told I can't have it both ways. Either I use the printer only with my printer(using the usb cable), or remove the usb cable & get a wireless pci card for my desktop. I wanted to be able to use the printer for my desktop, as well as my daugter's laptop, which has wireless capability. Any suggestions?

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I have a Lexmark X4850, every time I print a job it prints a blank page first then the document. I have tried to tell it to print 1-1 or 1-3 but it continues to print that blank page first. any suggestions.

Posted on May 08, 2008


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X4270 all in one printer driver needed for a new Mac notebook

hi there, i have purchased a new MacBook laptop and notice that it does not have a printer driver for for my Lexmark X4270. I have also gone to the Lexmark Web Site and there is also no driver for mac on their site. Can you offer a solution please ? Many thanks from Mark

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You CAN you your X4270 with your mac, its just a bit of work.
You may need to download the gutenprint/gimp drivers and install them. Which you can find at this link:

Once these are installed, do the following:
Before attempting this, ensure that your X4270 is plugged into your Mac and powered on.
1: Open "System Preferences" under the Apple menu in the upper left corner.
2: Click on "Print & Fax"
3: Click the "+" to add a printer
4: "Lexmark 4200 Series" should show up under the default tad of add printer, select it by single clicking.
5: If you wish you can change the name and give a location below
6: Where it says "Print using:", select: "Select a driver to use" This will bring up a list of printers
7: Search or scroll until you find "Lexmark Z43-CUPS+GutenPrint", select this by single clicking.
8: Press the "Add" button at the bottom and you should be done, if may ask you to step through a few more things, but it will be trivial.

Please note that this is not a perfect solution. I seem to have to print one page at a time, which is a pain, but at least I didn't have to buy a new printer. This could be a problem with my printer only, or it might just be a setting that I haven't found yet, so look around see if you can find it.

Also, you will not be able to use the scanner on your mac as far as I can tell, and I don't remember if the copy/fax works.

Good luck!

Posted on Jul 13, 2009


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Hi, Remote Fax Error being displayed

I get a remote fax error message when sending faxs.

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NOTE this option may vary to printer try USING OPTIONS TO SET CHANGES

To resolve the problem, try the steps below. After each step, try to send a fax again.

1. As some fax machines are not capable of receiving color faxes, legal size faxes, or faxes at 200x200 dpi resolution, make sure you are sending an A4 or letter size (not legal size) page at standard resolution:
* Press the Black button for a black-and-white fax. Press the Quality button to check the selected resolution.
2. Make sure the All-In-One has enough memory free when you want to save the scanned documents into memory before sending the fax. Please refer to the following document: Click here to link to the relevant document.
Note: The scanned documents will only be saved in the memory before the whole fax is sent if the Scan Before Dial option is turned on. (This is the factory default.) Up to 50 black-and-white fax pages can be stored in memory at standard resolution when there are no pending faxes in the queue.
3. Turn off the Scan Before Dial option by pressing the following keys on the operator panel:
1. Press the Fax button, then press Options untill u see ADVANCED FAX mode.
2. Press Select.
3. Press Options nine times until SCAN BEFORE DIAL appears on the LCD display.
4. Change the setting from Yes to No using the + (right arrow) button.
5. Press Select.
Note: The Scan Before Dial option controls whether a document is scanned before a call is dialed. This parameter only applies to a mono fax that uses either 200x100 or 200x200 resolution. Higher resolution mono faxes and all color faxes are scanned after the call is dialed and the receiving machine's capabilities are known.
4. Lower the fax transmission speed 9600 bps, as some older fax machines are not capable of receiving a fax at a high speed. To do so:
1. Press the Fax button, then press Options untill u see ADVANCED FAX.
2. Press Select.
3. Press Options untill u see until MAX SEND SPEED appears on the LCD display.
4. Change it to 9600 BPS using the - (left arrow) button.
5. Press Select.
5. Turn off ECM (Error Correction Mode) by pressing the following keys on the operator panel:
1. Press the Fax button, then press untill u see to get to ADVANCED FAX.
2. Press Select.
3. Press untill u see ERROR CORRECTION appears on the LCD display.
4. Change the setting from On to Off using the + (right arrow) button.
5. Press Select.

Posted on Mar 15, 2008


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error 1200

Got this all in one for xmas. month later unable to remove error 1200. replaced ink worked for about a month or two, then error 1200 again cleaned ink heads remove nonexistance paper jams removed possible dust since unable to use do to error 1200. september replaced usb.still getting error 1200 self test/self clean/ worked for about a week now in oct error 1200 again. now what?

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Lexmark X4270 Error 1200 Fix - Click here for document link

1. Unplug printer from wall and remove power supply.

2. Unplug any phone lines or USB cords connected.

3. Remove printer attachments, paper trays and phone.

Figure 1 - Printer paper holder and completed print tray

4. Lift the front cover of the printer and remove the white rubber bar by pulling the blue lever on right towards you.

Figure 2 – Top view of printer showing the white rubber feed bar with purple attachment

5. Remove the screws underneath the front cover (6 screws), back of printer (2 screws), and bottom of printer (1). View the images below to find where to remove the screws.

Figure 3 - Top view of printer showing which screws to remove.

5. Cont…

Figure 5 - Bottom view of printer. Image on left is cover to screw. Gently remove ribbon cable to reveal the gold screw beneath

6. Flip the front cover open and gently lift the top of the printer cover. Keep front cover open.

7. Remove the ink cartridges out of their carriage.

Figure 6 - Displays ink cartridge carriage with ink cartridges removed.
Caution: Electrical hazard. Keep hand and metal pieces clear of board or any other electrical wires or parts.

NOTICE: The ink cartridges are all the way to one end. If the X4270 is plugged in, the cartridge carrier is stuck and doesn’t move. After further investigation a noticeable small black plastic lever is preventing the ink cartridges from moving. Photo below shows lever up and down (cartridges already moved in image below).

Figure 7 - Shows inside of X4270 and the lever that causes error #1200. Image on left displays lever up. Image on right displays lever down.

8. Push lever down clockwise so it is flush with plastic wall. Refer to image on right in Figure 6.

9. Lift the front cover open (if not already open) and plug in the X4270. Cartridges should move to center as if preparing for replacement.

10. Unplug the X4270 and remove power supply.

11. Remove bottom assembly carefully.

Figure 8 - Displays bottom assembly with lever and spring
Note: The cause of this problem is the spring slides out of place over time, probably because of ink shed on one end of its loop and loop attachment.

Figure 9 - Displays loop attachment

12. Place spring in loop attachment and use hot tip of heated tool to melt top of loop attachment to prevent further errors. Melt top of loop attachment similar of that to a mushroom top.

Figure 10 - Displays fix for jammed carriage.

13. Reattach the lever to the bottom assembly and slide back into place inside the X4270.

14. Plug in and check if operational.

15. Reassemble X4270 using steps 3-7.

Posted on Feb 27, 2010


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Dial Tone - Lexmark X4270

I'm setting up this new unit. First step is to wire to phone line and connect power supply. After doing this I lifted the phone to check for a dial tone. That part was fine, but on hanging up, it does not break phone connection and I soon get the "If you want to make a call, please hang up" message from the phone company. Only way to cut connection is to unplug phone wire from the phone jack. Can this unit be saved?

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The user manual for this device suggests a few things on faxing. 1) Use the On Hook Dial options. 2) Try using *9* on the number pad to disconnect.

Posted on Sep 29, 2006


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Lexmark 4200 Series printer/fax

My lexmark X4270 has stopped printing. I bought new carts. yesterday and installed them and it worked fine until this morning. Now, I'm getting error #1203 showing on the machine. I followed the instructions in the owner's manual, but to no avail. Please help, if at all possible.

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the printer wont print it reads error #1200

Posted on Jan 11, 2008


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erropr code #1200 Lexmark X4270

I instaled a new ink cartridge and came up with a error code #1200 see owners mannuel. The ink cartridges will not move to center when opening doors and cannto get at them to make sure that they are instaled correctly.

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Tried what blkghost suggested above but had to tweak his advice slightly.

Turn off power to the printer and unplug it from the back of the printer.

Insert the power cord back into the printer. You will hear some clicks and motors moving. Pull out the cord again when this happens.

Open the cartridge bay by pulling the face forward and lifting the bay door up. The cartridge carousel most likely will not come to the center.

trying physically pulling the carousel to the middle. (NOT BY THE RIBBON CABLE) If you can not pull it to the middle push it far right as possible. Listen for a click.

After pushing to the right and hearing a click you should then be able to pull the carousel towards the middle easily. Remove the ink cartridges and power up the printer again.

You will receive an error along the lines of black cartridge missing. Open the bay, insert the cartridges, close the bay.

YAY problem fixed.

Posted on Mar 20, 2008


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I need an owners manual

I need an owners manual

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how do you print faxes in the memory??

Posted on Sep 22, 2008


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how to download printer driver

Posted on Feb 05, 2008

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