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assuming you are connecting wirelessly; you may have to check that the router is allocating ip addresses automatically to your pc's. connect one of your pc's to the router via the RJ45 network cable that was supplied and not wirelessly and type in your internet browser, this will take you into the routers setup menu. Look for a menu refering to 'DHCP' and make sure that this is enabled, then look for the channel number that the router is using (normally 6 or 11) and make a note as if you are still experiencing signal loss, you can get back into the router and change to any channel between these numbers incase you are getting appliances interfering with the signal, save and exit from the router menu. disconnect the cable then go to control panel, network connections and right click on the connection you are using whether it is wired or wireles and click on properties. Look for the line TCP/IP and again click on the line and select properties, then make sure automatically obtain ip address is selected, ok and close window. Restart the pc's and you should have a connection.

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Setup steps:

  1. Locate the reset hole on the router. The button will be on the back or side of the router.
    See images below:


  1. Leave the router powered on.
  2. Use a paperclip (or similar) to press and hold in the reset button for 10 seconds.
  3. Remove the paperclip.
  4. Wait approximately one minute for the router to restart.

The settings for the router have now been reset back to their default.

If you need more help come back.Post / thumbs / testimonial are welcome!

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Since this has happened to you in the past, my first suggestion would be to purchase another router.. I would recommend moving to a Linksys Brand (made by Cisco), since I believe it is a much better grade consumer router...

But, you might try resetting it back to its original configuration by pressing the 'reset' button for more than 30 seconds, then plugging it back into the LAN..

Another thing you could try is to install updated Firmware for the router... Firmware is usually available from the manufacture's site...

That being said, I will say that I have had issues with Belkin's in the past, and no longer suggest them to my customers.

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Hi try this and let me know if this helps .
  1. Connect your computer to the router with a cable
  2. Turn off wifi if its a laptop
  3. Open router setup page by typing
  4. Leave the password blank and click submit
  5. On the left under Wireless click Channel and SSID
  6. Change the wireless channel to the one you need.
  7. Click apply changes or save.
  8. Close the router setup
  9. Disconnect the cable between router and computer
  10. Turn the Wifi ON
  11. Check the connection.
hope this helps Regards Rakesh Warrier http://facebook.com/quietmouse89

Belkin... • Answered on Feb 20, 2015

use a hard wired computer or a computer which is going online with the same router. if working wired and able to go online wired then make sure on router the Ethernet light is on (number 1,2,3,4 anyone ) open IE and type on address bar (just number -no www or http://) you will find a GUI of router left side under wireless select security username and password - just hit submit you will find options like security type it could be wpa/wpa2 or wep , if you have there as wpa/wpa2 and box no 4 are starts (*) then at the very bottom uncheck the obscure PSK and you will be able to read the password .If security type is wep the just note the key 1 which will be your password
# password is case sensitive #

Belkin... • Answered on Jan 19, 2014

Step 1 : Connect modem - Router - Computer ( Wired )
Step 2 : Open router setup by typing on the address bar of internet explorer
Step 3 : On the left side under internet WAN click Connection Type
Step 4 : leave the Password Blank and click submit
Step 5 : Choose the connection type as dynamic and click next
Step 6 : Leave the Host name blank and click apply
Step 7 : On the left Under Internet WAN Click MAC Address
Step 8 : Click Clone and Click Apply changes
Step 9 : If the Internet status on the top right is connected
Step 10 : Then check if you have internet
Step 11 : if not Then unplug the Power Cable from the Modem And the Router
Step 12 : Plug the power Cord to the Modem
Step 13 : Wait till all the lights are on
Step 14 : Plug the power to the belkin
Step 15 : Check the color of the light in the belkin
Step 16 :If green then Check if you have internet
If not working then call belkin

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Problem is in your configuration.

you need to setup again your router.

Connect the computer to one of the four gray ports on the back of the router.
Open a web browser on the computer.
In the address bar of the web browser, type and press Enter on your keyboard.
Click Login in the upper right-hand corner of the page. The router does not ship with a password, so just click Submit.


Belkin... • Answered on Oct 31, 2010

open your router setup page and disable WPS and Firewall.
Also check the channel and SSID

Good Luck

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this is normally for wep or wap. the ipod requires you to use this technology. if your belkin is not setup for wap, please set it up. then remember your pass phrase which you will need for your ipod to connect.

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Find your DNS setting and add them into them into your router settings. First directly plug from your modem into your computer. Click on the connection icon and hit properties. Find your dns setting. It will be under DNS 4. Take that number and input into your router settings. Reconnect your router. To talk to your router go into internet explorer and it should be http// in the address bar, if this is not the correct code go to search in the start menu and type ipconfig and you can find the correct number in the dos window. When you get to your router page through internet explorer ( or whatever browser you use) up go to DNS settings in the menu on the left hand side. (It might require you to login using your router password). Uncheck the box that says obtain DNS automatically and input the DNS settings from your server's modem that you have from the first step into the space provided. Put it in twice if there is two spaces for it. Click apply and now you are finished. Peace out. This will resolve all dns problems and finally you can watch a full video or download a whole file:)

Belkin... • Answered on Jun 06, 2010

press the reset button the back panel of your router for 5 secs while keeping it powered ON.
The router would set back to factory settings and password wiped off

Belkin... • Answered on Apr 10, 2010

Ring up the service provider. I have a belkin server and I had the same problem.
You should have a phone number with your server in the box it came in. If not go onto http://en-us-support.belkin.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/508
This should give you a local free number and from there they will give you free support on how to connect.

Hope I helped Dr Reed

Belkin... • Answered on Apr 07, 2010

Check your setup against this install guide.First things first. Make sure that you have the same username and password set up on the machines you want to use as your print server and the machine(s) you are going to print from, the or the "Client".. This is required so that you can communicate with the other machine(s), "Clients".. Once you have the machines’ usernames and passwords set, you can turn to the machine with the printer attached to it. (which we will call the print server). From this machine (The one we have called the print server), we will need to set up the default printer on it. So install the software & drivers for the printer. Test that you can do a "Test Print" . Then we will need to go to Printers and Faxes in the control panel. You need to right click on the printer that you want to share, and choose properties. When you get to the properties page for the printer, click on the tab that says "Sharing". That will enable the client PC to "See" & be able type in the printer’s name. Usually the software will put the "Printers" name in. It will be grayed out until you click the radio button to share it. Now, when you are ready, go to the "Client" computer you want to print from, wirelessly. When you set up your printer, go to install the printer, and you install a "Networked Printer" you then you "Tell" the installer where the "Printer" "is on the network". So when asked for location you then you can "Browse" for the printer, or type and your IP address OR host name,and Printer name too.. Mine is OR heaven, so I typed, OR the Name of the machine. So say: As in my case, or heavenBrotherD. Anyway, this will then go away, and connect to the "Printer" and do some houskeeping & finish, from then on, you will be able to print. try a test print the same as you did on the "Print Server". If you wish to print from say, Word, do it, by simply choosing the correct printer from the print menu that comes up whaen you try to print. Ensure you right click on the Printer Icon on Client and choose "Default Printer" too. You can also right click on documents and images files, and select "Print".
Also ensure that the print server is set to on, in Services too, on BOTH machines.

Belkin... • Answered on Mar 06, 2010

Type into your web browser. Your default user name and password to get into your router home page should be admin. Once on the homepage you can find wireless settings and reset your password.

Belkin... • Answered on Feb 04, 2010

You can secure your wireless network wit WEP or WAP code.
For that Connect your router to computer with ethernet cable then you can access it with following default link.

For belkin router

If you are not able to access it with above ip then check your computers ip address gateway ip is your router ip try with it.
Then it ask for user name and password.
Type user as "admin" and password as "admin" or "password" or blank.
Then you can see configuration page of router.
Click on wireless settings then enable WEP Security then add WEP code .It is your password to connect wi fi.Then save settings and restart router.
Then you can connect your wi fi network with that code.
Thanks for using FixYa.

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Well, can you imagine a cable company lying? I can. However, it is also possible that when you moved, you started using a wire that is not in as good shape as it might be.
Will any of these routers log?
What is it that makes you think that your connection is dropping?
If you had a Linux box, you could make some monitoring tools, and you might consider making a bat file for windows that ping something on your cable company's network in a loop (traceroute to and ping the first thing that is not on your net), and see if it drops packets when you get a drop.
Were you on the same cable company before you moved?
These things are hard to diagnose, even when someone who is knowledgable lives there. From afar, they are impossible to debug.
Say you are accessing something on the Playstation Network. From me to the playstation network is 15 hops and a reboot of any of those routers is going to cause a reset of anyone behind that router.
Now, if you can get access to a program called "mtr" either on Linux or on older than Vista you can simultaneously test many levels of connection between you and the other end. So you can run pings of many of the routers between your end and the end you are talking to - and if you lose a packet from a bunch of them at once, that is a failure. Typically there will be a point where in front of this router things worked and behind it everything failed. If that is one of your old school routers on your net then the cable company is telling you true and if it is past the cable company they are telling you true as well, but if it is on their net, then you have a complaint with them.
Hope this helps.

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Reset the router and reconnect your Ipod. This should do the magic.


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Is your router connected to your Broadband modem (cable or DSL) into its broadband port? The router must be first connected wired to set it up for wireless access. Use your browser to access and log in with login info from the manual. Once you get in, set the Network Name (SSID) then the wireless security. I prefer WPA-PSK[TKIP] for its simplicity. You will need the passcode you set here to log in with your wireless computers.

Belkin... • Answered on Nov 11, 2009

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