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I would like to introduce Windows Password Recovery 6.0 . it not only supports XP, 2000, and NT, I have personally tested it with Vista Home Premium and Ultimate. It works perfectly to reset any local user account to a blank password. I Wrote it to an old 128mb USB flash drive do this. Booting up and clearing a password takes a minute or two works like a charm.
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NEC MobilePro... • Answered on Jul 20, 2010

You need to download ActiveSync 3.8 to your XP or earlier computer. It won't run with Vista. You also need a serial port to connect your mobilepro to your computer with the data cord that comes with the mobilepro. You can then sync your computer with your mobilepro.

NEC MobilePro... • Answered on Jun 24, 2009

if your laptop has not got built in wireless then you will need to use the wireless card, but not having a cd drive means you will have to go to the belkin web site for the drivers using somebody elses pc and download to a usb dongle or your own if its hard wired to a modem or router and download it to your hard drive

NEC MobilePro... • Answered on Aug 20, 2008

Yes. You need to install the RDP client software which can be downloaded from Microsoft. Procedure to install the RDP client on a MobilePro 880: Note: Steps 1 and 2 need to completed if you have not installed the Service Pack One for MobilePro 780 and 880. 1. Perform a "Hard" reset on the MobilePro 880. 2. Install NEC Service Pack 1: http://support.neccomp.com/kbtools/faq/mobilepro/mp1.asp 3. Make sure the Device Name is set to something other than "Handheld PC". 1. Start-Setting-Control Panel-Communications 2. Change Device Name to a Unique Name that is not currently being used on your network. 4. Establish a Partnership with a Host using active sync. 5. Disconnect the MobilePro from the host. 6. Install "hpcrdp.exe" on your host. It can be down loaded from Microsoft: 1. Go to http://www.microsoft.com 2. Select "Search microsoft.com" under the Search tab. 3. Type "hpcrdp" in the search box and depress Enter. 4. Look for the search results titled "Terminal Server Download for Windows CE". 5. Double click on the article and follow the link and at bottom of the Terminal Server License agreement you will find the link to bring down the RDP client. 7. Establish an Active Sync connection between the host and MobilePro 880. 8. The RDP client software will be installed on the Mobile device. 9. Install a NE2000 NIC (or any NIC that you have the MIPS CE drivers for) into the Mobile Pro 880. 10. Set up network and attach to your existing network. 11. Set up a RDP session: 1. Start-Programs-TerminalServerClient-Client Connection Wizard 2. Enter Description connection. 3. Server Name or IP address. 4. Next 5. Enter user name, password and domain if you want to logon automatically. 6. Next 7. Finish If your terminal server is set up correctly you should be able to connect as a Client.

NEC MobilePro... • Answered on Sep 14, 2005

NEC Computers has developed a service pack to address several service issues with MobilePro 780 and 880 handheld personal computers. To assure proper operation, NEC Computers strongly recommends that you update your MobilePro 780 and 880 systems immediately by installing this service pack according to the installation instructions. * Download Service Pack One for MobilePro 780 and 880: ftp://ftp.necsam.com/pub/Catalog/3959/MobileProSP1.asp * View Installation Instructions: http://support.necsam.com/mobilesolutions/FAQs/display/default.htm?itemID=2001186#Installation * See Contents of Service Pack: http://support.necsam.com/mobilesolutions/FAQs/display/default.htm?itemID=2001186#Contents * Read Additional Frequently Asked Questions: http://support.necsam.com/mobilesolutions/FAQs/display/default.htm?itemID=2001186#FAQ Installation Instructions for Service Pack One for MobilePro 780 and 880 First download the service pack (MP78_UPDATE.CAB) to either your HOST or MobilePro system. It must be manually loaded onto your MobilePro by either using a dial up connection, PCMCIA Flash card, or from a connected PC before continuing with the installation. To install the MP78_UPDATE.CAB file, follow these steps: 1. Back up your MobilePro data and configuration using the Microsoft ActiveSync backup procedure. For details on using ActiveSync, see your MobilePro User's Guide. 2. Perform a Full (hard) reset on your MobilePro. Caution: Performing a Full reset erases all your data. Your MobilePro resets to the factory default settings. Please perform the backup first or you will lose data! 3. Copy the MP78_UPDATE.CAB file to you MobilePro desktop. 4. Install the service pack by double tapping the MP78_UPDATE ICON with your stylus. For proper installation, you MUST accept the default location - \Program Files, by clicking OK. 5. The following Message box will be displayed: Warning !!! 1. In order to ensure these patches are properly installed you must perform a Hard Reset prior to the installation. 2. You must back up all application and data files before performing a Hard Reset. The Hard Reset WILL ERASE all applications and data stored on this Mobile Device. 3. This file must be installed immediately after performing a Hard Reset on the Mobile Device (before any applications are reinstalled). 4. Press CANCEL to exit. Or Press CONTINUE to install this file. 6. Press Continue to install the service pack or Cancel to back up your data. 7. When the Setup Finish message box is displayed, Click Ok. This will remove all temporary files from your systems. 8. When the Setup Complete message box is displayed, click Ok. 9. Perform a Soft reset on your MobilePro. 10. Optionally, restore your MobilePro data using the ActiveSync restore procedure. 11. Once the service pack is installed, NECC recommends that you use the ActiveSync b

NEC MobilePro... • Answered on Sep 14, 2005

Microsoft provides a patch that will need to be applied to the Exchange Server. This patch can be found at ftp://ftp.microsoft.com/bussys/winnt/winnt-public/fixes/usa/nt40/hotfixes-postSP4/Rnr-fix/rnr-fixi.exe. The server will need to be rebooted. The end user should then be able to connect using the IMAP4 client.

NEC MobilePro... • Answered on Sep 14, 2005

Some MobilePro units have exhibited the following symptoms when using Compact Flash Cards or ATA PCMCIA Memory Cards: 1. Storage Card folder is not displayed when you insert a PCMCIA ATA card and/or a Compact Flash card. 2. Warning message "Unidentified PC Card Adapter". 3. Warning message "Storage Card Warning" displayed. To fix these issues: If you have a MobilePro 750C without a ROM upgrade, download the file MP75Pcm.exe from support.necsam.com. For a MobilePro 750C with upgraded ROM, use the file MP75RPcm.exe. After the files are extracted, follow the instructions in the Readme.txt file.

NEC MobilePro... • Answered on Sep 14, 2005

On MobilePro systems, which both batteries have fully discharged, the user must perform a hard reset after charging the batteries for approximately 10 hours to ensure proper operation. If the systems fails to power on the user must perform a "hard" reset to initialize the power management circuitry.

NEC MobilePro... • Answered on Sep 14, 2005

This error occurs because Windows CE first moves the file to the recycle bin before deleting it, and if there is insufficient space, the error message is displayed and the system appears to hang. To resolve this issue, use one or more of the following methods. * Empty the Recycle Bin Use the following steps to empty the Recycle Bin: 1. Depress the "Alt" key and tap the Recycle Bin. 2. Tap "Empty Recycle Bin" 3. Tap "Yes" when asked to confirm the file deletion. * Change the Properties for the Recycle Bin so that files are deleted instead of being moved to the Recycle Bin. Use the following steps to change the properties of the Recycle Bin. 1. Depress the "Alt" key and tap the Recycle Bin. 2. Tap "Properties". 3. Tap the check box for "Do not move file to the Recycle Bin, remove immediately on delete". * To make additional space available for the Recycle Bin. Use the following steps to change the properties of the Recycle Bin. 1. Depress the "Alt" key and tap the Recycle Bin. 2. Tap "Properties". 3. Tap the slider to the right.

NEC MobilePro... • Answered on Sep 14, 2005

This problem may occur if the user allows the batteries to discharge to a state where the MobilePro must shut itself down. This state may cause the system storage memory to become unstable requiring a "hard" reset after the system has been fully charged again. Failure to perform the hard reset may result in data loss at a later time. The user manual states that if you receive a message indicating that the batteries are low, immediately connect the AC adapter to the device. The solution is to perform a "hard" reset after fully charging the internal batteries, and then install the service packs, software updates and user software.

NEC MobilePro... • Answered on Sep 14, 2005

hold reset for about a minute or so.

NEC MobilePro... • Answered on Mar 22, 2012


You can download the flash player from adobe's website i.e. from this link---

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Alternatively you can download it from----

Adobe flash player 10

Daniel Scott

NEC Computers &... • Answered on Aug 31, 2020

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