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Touchscreen/Writing Area problem - Tungsten E2

keep recalibrating touch screen in different spots till you find one that works
7/3/2013 6:05:31 PM • Palm Tungsten E2... • Answered on Jul 03, 2013

Won't load documents to go therefore I can't transfer documents

Older palm products and vista aren't compatible. You either needs to transfer info via bluetooth or upgrade your palm if you wish to continue using vista.
5/13/2013 2:39:17 PM • Palm Tungsten E2... • Answered on May 13, 2013

My tungsten e2 will not


I've experienced various problems with my E2.

What I would suggest is to disconnect and reconnect the wires from the battery to reset the E2.

Tools required:

1. TORX T5 screwdriver (gotten from web search or included in some battery orders)
2. Small flat tipped screw driver (i.e. for repair of eyeglasses)

1. Turn over the Palm PDA on the backside and place on a flat surface.
2, Use the TORX screw driver and remove the 4 screws at the corners.
3. Use the small flat tipped screw driver and separate the bottom half of the case from the body. Be careful not to probe too deep into the cavity. Work slowly around the edges and slowly rock the two parts apart.
The two pieces are connected by a pair of wires.
4. Once apart, the battery is located on the back side of the case with the wires connected to the mother board via a small plug.
5. Use the small flat screw driver to separate the connector and the two parts should now be free. Hold it in place.
6. Plug the wire onto the mother board, the plug is keyed and will only go in one way. Push to snap in place.
7. Replace the back cover by aligning the four screw holes and carefully snap into place.
8. Replace the 4 screws using the TORX screw driver but do not over tighten.

Hope this helps.

Hope this helps.
1/1/2011 5:42:57 PM • Palm Tungsten E2... • Answered on Jan 01, 2011

Screen display failure

Display IC may be not working......changing or repairing can fix your problem.......
10/18/2010 4:58:42 AM • Palm Tungsten E2... • Answered on Oct 18, 2010

I did a hard reset

Disconnect Treo from charger, if connected.Remove the battery cover and then the battery.Press and hold the UP arrow button on the 5 way navigational key of the device.

While holding the UP arrow button, reinsert the battery.When the second screen named "Access Powered" appears, release the UP button.Then, the next screen will ask you to set the date and time. That finishes the process of Warm Reset.

9/29/2010 9:29:45 PM • Palm Tungsten E2... • Answered on Sep 29, 2010

How do I do a hard reset for the Palm Tungsten E2

Press and hold the Power button, and, whilst keeping it pressed, briefly press the reset pin with the stylus pen (a paper clip would also do the job). When the 'Palm Powered' logo comes up, release the Power button. A warning message asking for confirmation will appear. Confirm by pressing the D-pad's Up button.
By the way, if you happen to miss your device's user guide, feel free to download it from this location.
Hope you are able to sort your problems out.
Regards, Carlos
5/27/2010 3:11:48 AM • Palm Tungsten E2... • Answered on May 27, 2010

Hello my name is Greta Allen, I have a problem

press the reset button on the back of the device
5/25/2010 7:12:10 PM • Palm Tungsten E2... • Answered on May 25, 2010

My Palm Tungsten E2 has an odd problem. While in

take out the battery and put it back in
5/7/2010 12:13:16 AM • Palm Tungsten E2... • Answered on May 07, 2010

When i tap on screen to input data i have to tap

Maybe the keyboard is sticky and maybe got wet I suggest going to the store for this kind of problem
4/8/2010 7:02:25 PM • Palm Tungsten E2... • Answered on Apr 08, 2010

Trying to hot sync with

Is this 6.2.2 for Windows 7? If not, then it may have problems. The drivers are written for a specific version.
1/19/2010 11:29:25 PM • Palm Tungsten E2... • Answered on Jan 19, 2010

Palm e2 will not emerge from digitizer mode.


I experienced that (too) many times.

The solution was to remove the back cover and disconnect and reconnect the battery.

Here's a YouTube video which will show you how to completely disassemble your E2. The first steps will show you how to disconnect your battery:


Hope this helps.
1/12/2010 10:20:04 PM • Palm Tungsten E2... • Answered on Jan 12, 2010


Hold the power button until it shuts off. Holding the power button down for a long time constitutes a "hard shutdown" and most of todays gadgets do shut down by actions such as this.

If not, then wait until it dies then recharge it. If you don't want to wait, carefully take out the batteries then put them back in. After you turn it on again it should be fine.
12/29/2009 1:37:44 PM • Palm Tungsten E2... • Answered on Dec 29, 2009

I damaged the screen of my Palmone Tungesten E2


I would suggest purchasing a broken Tungsten E2 from Ebay and replacing the screen yourself. Or purchase a screen from:


Here's how to remove the display. You need a torx screwdriver.

Using the Torx driver, remove the 4 Torx screws from the back of the case.

Using the case tool, pop the two halves of the case apart.

Disconnect the battery from the mainboard. Set the back of the case aside.

Pull the black plastic top plate (the part with the on/off switch) towards you and lift it free. Be careful not to lose the on/off button.

You will see a gold-colored flat flex cable on the bottom part of the board. *GENTLY* pull up on the right hand side of this cable. This will disconnect the mainboard from the display.

Replace with the new display and reverse the instructions.

But, if you are not comfortable with this suggestion, here 's Palm's link:


Have you synced your E2 with your desktop ??

Hope this helps.
12/17/2009 11:55:50 PM • Palm Tungsten E2... • Answered on Dec 17, 2009

My Tungsten E2 is not charging.

I had symptoms with my Tungsten E2 where the charging icon would show up when the charger was connected, however, it didn't seem to charge, because when it was removed from the charger hours later, it would still show the same percentage of charge (as read by touching the battery icon while in the favorites screen).
Tried resetting the unit, reconnecting multiple times, different charge cables, and it was always the same.
I thought it might be time for a new battery, so to check it out, I got my T-5 Torx driver, removed the four case screws, and carefully pried open the case from the top (the bottom has hooks that have to be disengaged by sliding the case half downwards after they're separated from the top)
Measured the battery and it seemed to be okay, and after unplugging the battery connector and reconnecting it, it worked normally again. Charged quickly back up to 100%, and the battery is fine.
It looks like something may get out of sync with the battery charge circuit, and by simply unplugging the battery to allow it to reset, it restored operation, no replacement battery needed.
11/7/2009 1:31:36 AM • Palm Tungsten E2... • Answered on Nov 07, 2009

Calibration gets stuck in a loop


Do a soft or hard reset (pin in back of PDA; pin in back of PDA and front silver button simultaneously).

If not, what worked for me is to take the PDA apart, if you are comfortable. There are 4 screws in the back. Remove them. With a knife, flathead screwdriver or other flat object, pry open the back. A few plastic pieces may fall out, tho. Note where they connect. Disconnect and then reconnect the power adapter. Put the plastic pieces and the back of the PDA together. The back should snap in place. Insert the 4 screws. Should work OK, again. Use this method if the adapter is not charging very well and the soft / hard reset doesn't work. I've had to perform this many times. Good luck.
10/28/2009 6:42:06 PM • Palm Tungsten E2... • Answered on Oct 28, 2009

Appropriate software for tungsten e2 palmOne

If you said you have the software (desktop), your doing it backwards. Run the desktop software by going to my pc and running the disc. The software will then ask you to plug in your E2 so it can register it. It will then synch and your in business. Had E2 for a very long time. Can tell you things that guy can do that would surprize you. Have everything but unit now.
10/26/2009 1:49:49 AM • Palm Tungsten E2... • Answered on Oct 26, 2009

My Palm Tungsten E will niot hot synch with my new

When you plug it in does it recognize the device?? Also you need to make sure you download the most recent software and that it is compatible with Vista..
10/10/2009 8:04:15 PM • Palm Tungsten E2... • Answered on Oct 10, 2009
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