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the stylus is that little pokey stick that comes with the Palm.  Use it to tap the X on the screen.  It is an alignment program for the touch-screen.
1/19/2017 9:55:59 PM • Palm Vx Handheld • Answered on Jan 19, 2017

I have an old palm pilot vx and I cant recalibrate

You can change the function of any of the buttons at the bottom to open a different application. Here's what I did. I never use the To Do button so I went to Pref and changed the To Do button from To Do to Welcome. Now if it needs to be recalibrated, I just press the To Do button and it opens the Welcome screen. I can still access To Do from the main menu if I want to use it.
4/1/2011 2:17:51 AM • Palm Vx Handheld • Answered on Apr 01, 2011

I was on my

You have already tried to reset the phone i believe all the data should have been deleted.Soft reset can save some data.Lets try our best since it is memory problem
I can't assure the full back up of data.

Connect the palm to the pc and in c:\Palm or c:\Program Files\Palm. The user name is based on your HotSync name. For example, if your HotSync name is peter paul, the user name will be paulp, so the path would be c:\Palm\paulp\Backup. Rename that Backup folder to Backup Old.

As long as your Hot Syncs have been successfully backing up your files (you can look in the Backup folder to verify that your files are there), everything will be restored after a hard reset. However, you don't want everything to be automatically restored; you want to restore the apps one by one to figure out which one is causing the problem. So you rename the Backup folder, which contains all the files that are automatically restored after Hot Sync. Now nothing is automatically restored, but you still have all the files safely tucked away.

To do a hard reset:
1. Hold down the power button on the front panel of the hand held.

2. While holding down the power button, use the reset tip tool (or similar object without a sharp tip), to gently press the reset button inside the hole on the back panel of your hand held.

3. Release the reset button.

4. When the logo screen appears on the screen, release the power button.

5. When the message appears on the hand held screen warning that you are about to erase all the data stored on your hand held, press the upper half of the scroll button on the front panel of the hand held to complete the hard reset and display the Digitizer screen.

If still the problem persist then the problem is with the Memory of the phone.You have to change the memory in service centre only.

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2/10/2011 7:58:59 AM • Palm Vx Handheld • Answered on Feb 10, 2011

How to change battery

I'd suggest that you send it into Palm and have them replace it for you, however, if you're determined to do it yourself, I have included a link below that might be of some assistance.


Disclaimer: you are on your own if you take this upon yourself to do so.

Click on this link or copy and paste the complete link into your browser.

If I could be of further assistance, let me know. If this helps or solves the issue, please rate it and give a testimonial for my response.

Thanks, Joe I’m happy to assist further over the phone at https://www.6ya.com/expert/joe_8b8c2cd6ce148309

11/21/2010 4:02:15 AM • Palm Vx Handheld • Answered on Nov 21, 2010

I have not used it

HI, have you tried charging it for at least 2 hours if the battery has gone totally flat then it wont switch on until has been charged for at least a couple of hours.

if it is charged and you have charged it up and its shows you its charging then try removing the battery for few minutes then put it back in and give it a try, if after doing this it still dont work then the problem could be the on/off button or it could have got damp or knocked about.

let me know what you have done so far and let me know if it shows you it is charging, if it dont then the chances are the battery has got bad cells and this is causing it not to hold a charge and if this is the case then your going to need to get a new battery.

let me know how you get on or if you need further assistance ok

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9/15/2010 6:18:56 PM • Palm Vx Handheld • Answered on Sep 15, 2010

Cannot digitize

After looking at MANY posts on the web, I resolved this issue by repairing a corruption in my outlook data. I thought I needed new hardware and there are those that will sell it to you but note this fix and try it first. Yes, your outlook data issue can mess up the palm data and system and create problems with the touchscreen and digitizer such that you can't use the stylus and/or cause an endless digitizer loop even after resets.

To repair your outlook data create a shortcut to your "scanpst.exe" on your desktop and run the repair from there. You need no new software - this file is in windows office already and can be found through a system search or web search if you don't know where it is.
6/8/2010 2:11:57 AM • Palm Vx Handheld • Answered on Jun 08, 2010

All palm information has vanished.

Your battery may have 'died' or not been recharged in the cradle. Make sure the light on the cradle is on (green) when the Palm is correctly seated. If not, follow the cable from the cradle to the serial port at the back of the computer. The other wire entering that connector comes from the power pack - check that the power pack is plugged in to the power supply and is switched on. If he green light still isn't illuminating then the power pack is suspect and may need replacing.
After it has been in the cradle with the green light on for a couple of hours, do a hotsync. This should restore some of the data. If you get this far, then you will need to follow the instructions in the manual to restore your programs. If the battery is dead then I think it is unlikely you will get another since Palm no longer services the Vx
5/12/2010 12:50:45 PM • Palm Vx Handheld • Answered on May 12, 2010

I have a Palm Pilot Vx and the software is

Dear Beamish,
First set your gadget to factory defaults.... This will cancel your personal settings... But you will be able to get the idea that whether the problem is of software or hardware nature.... If the problem is of software then this will solve the problem, otherwise you must get it serviced.....
Regarding PC software, It may happen if one or more files become corrupted.
Therefore, search the folder in which, software stores the data. If possible make sure that data is still their. Make copy of that folder.... then uninstall your software and gadget's driver.
Then restart the PC. After restarting again install your gadget's driver and software. Now again restart the PC. Now copy the content of folder (means folder which we backed up or made copy before uninstalling the software) to the newly install software's directory.... If the data is present on the PC. Then this will enable you to get your data back....
4/30/2010 3:46:10 AM • Palm Vx Handheld • Answered on Apr 30, 2010

Wat order do my ignition leads go in?

firing order is 1-2-7-8-4-5-6-3

and as said above point it to no 1 on cap, in a clockwise direction place the leads 1 2 7 8 4 5 6 3 etc..

1 3 5 7 drivers side, 2 4 6 8 passenger side.
3/27/2010 8:39:20 AM • Palm Vx Handheld • Answered on Mar 27, 2010

My palm Vx asks me to tap center of target but doesn't respond

If there is no response anywhere at any time then you probably have to replace the digitizer. Also if you have a plastic protector sheet take that off and try it.
3/23/2010 4:06:00 AM • Palm Vx Handheld • Answered on Mar 23, 2010

Air conditioner fan only works on max speed holden

depends wat commodore.engine bay under black plastic bottom of front windscrean...square box..
1/30/2010 12:20:39 PM • Palm Vx Handheld • Answered on Jan 30, 2010

I need the operation manual

1/5/2010 11:10:36 AM • Palm Vx Handheld • Answered on Jan 05, 2010

How do u remove vx commodore front bumper,have all

Normal 0 The best thing to do is to go to the free palm chat service they offer. I have used this and it worked good for me. Here is a link to the free chat service. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see a Palm Chat. From there click on the link that says Chat Now and follow the online prompts. Best wishes...I hope this will help you.

11/19/2009 7:53:50 PM • Palm Vx Handheld • Answered on Nov 19, 2009

When I go to Address menu, I get the display

ink not detected, head not initialize
10/29/2009 2:47:39 AM • Palm Vx Handheld • Answered on Oct 29, 2009

Hot Synch an existing PalmVx data to a replacement palmVx

The first thing you want to do is to do a Hard Reset on the used PDA that you bought as a replacement. To do that follow these steps:

1. Hold down the power button and then depress the small hole in the back with the tip of your stylus.

2. Continue to hold them both in until you see the Palm logo.

3. Let go of both of them and then follow the onscreen directions. You will want to answer yes and use the 5 way navigation button on the bottom of your pda and hit up so that is completes the reset. After that you will have to set up your touch screen and go through the tapping the target. After you have gone through all this then do a hotsync2.gif. It should clear up your problem. Best wishes.

9/29/2009 12:43:52 AM • Palm Vx Handheld • Answered on Sep 29, 2009

I need to reload the software on the Palm vx. How

you can do it through some software i recomend you find a more specialised place tofind out this kindo f thing

i think the topsony forum will be a lot more usefull becaue they mainly deal with reflasheing firmware on phones and this is ver similar to what they do all the time and its free by the way

9/19/2009 8:06:05 PM • Palm Vx Handheld • Answered on Sep 19, 2009
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