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Samsung... | Answered on Sep 12, 2019

  1. Put your original Windows XP CD into the cd drive of your computer.
  2. Restart your computer and hopefully it will come up and say press any key to boot from the cd.
  3. So therefore you must press any key on your keyboard to start from the cd.
  4. If this does not come up you need to enter your bios and change the boot order or sequence.
  5. A blue screen will appear and you are on your way..
  6. You may need to press F8 to agree to the Windows Setup agreement.
  7. After that the setup options will appear (see screen shot below).
  8. Do not press ENTER as it will start installing Windows from scratch and you will loose all of your data on your hard drive.
  9. Press the letter R on your keyboard to enter the Recovery Console.
  10. When Recovery Console starts you will have to enter the number that corresponds with the installation you want to repair. For example if you have only one Windows installed on your computer then you would press the number one key. If you have two operating systems on your computer and you want to repair the second one then press 2.
  11. Enter your Administrator password for that windows installation. You must enter an admin password here and if you do not, you cannot continue.
  12. At the Recovery Console command prompt, type fixmbr.
  13. You will be asked to confirm that you want to do this by pressing the Y key for yes.
  14. Now your Master Boot record will be fixed.

Samsung... | Answered on May 30, 2019

there are many chances of HDD boot sector gone dam.
do some work to know whats wrong--
boot your computer using another HDD and make your old HDD as a slave disk; if the old HDD is serched as a slave thats mean your HDD is fine.

for any question ask me.
Thanks for your question 

Samsung... | Answered on May 27, 2019

Most ACTUAL hard drive failures are fall into one of three categories: ? Read/write head failure ? On-board electronics failure ? Damaged or worn disk platter. If your hard drive was working then you experienced a hard drive error your only real chance of ?repair? is to format the drive from scratch and run chkdisk (or similar program) on it to identify and block out any bad areas on the hard drive platters. In the case of a physically damaged board some people have had some success swapping an IDENTICLE board from another working hard drive. Since you ruin a drive (unless its dead as well) to fix another that is only something you do to recover data, not fix the drive. The bad news is no home user has the skills, tools or clean room environment to successfully replace the heads or platters in a hard drive, assuming you could buy them. Typically posts that give bad news are marked poorly and the only reason I?m posting this is to try to save you some aggravation and time so be kind 

Samsung... | Answered on May 24, 2019

Try here http://www.r-studio.com http://rapidshare.com/files/41325584/Recover.My.Files.rar

Samsung... | Answered on May 10, 2019

are you selling ur harddrive?

Samsung... | Answered on Jan 11, 2019

Post this link in your browser, and it will lead you to the Samsung Support website. There you will see a link that says "Driver Downloads"


Samsung... | Answered on Nov 26, 2018

Sadly the “click of *****” indicates that the read/write arm actuator has failed and the drive is no longer useable. If the arm has contacted the platter then it is unlikely any data will be recoverable. If not, a specialist recovery firm can retrieve data but this will be very expensive as it has to be done in a vacuum. A new drive will cost far less - hope you backed up your data!

Samsung... | Answered on Feb 03, 2018

Laptop or Desktop computer ?
When is the screen turning blue at start up or during normal running time ?

I will have to be very broad with a solution going on what information being provided.

BSOD Bluescreen of death can be caused by a number of things If the PSU power supply units fan is not working the PSU is faulty http://pcsupport.about.com/od/toolsofthetrade/f/powersupplytest.htm WARNING: Before you start troubleshooting remember that you are dealing with electricity that can KILL. http://www.kitchentablecomputers.com/static.php - rules Only work inside the computer case when the power has been switched off and disconnected. Never open the power source. Some of the below steps recommend removing physical parts within the computer. While in the computer it is highly recommend that you be aware of ESD and its potential hazards A bad or faulty motherboard data lead or its connection if its a flat 40 pin ide it will be the first to fail
make sure all leads have a dust free secure connections

A bad driver loose or faulty lead or not having enough ram or the RAM modules might be dirty. Might be getting hot Check you CPU make sure its securely seated and has thermal grease http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/Thermal-Compound-Roundup-February-2012/1490 Remove the memory modules from their slots. Take the opportunity to clean the slots on the motherboards and the memory module connectors. Use compressed air to blow dust away and clean contacts with a soft cloth. Do not use a metallic vacuum cleaner if it touches any component it may create a short and cause damage to the motherboard or other components. Then reseat the modules. You should hear an audible click when they are in place. Do not use too much force to reseat the memory module in to the slot this can cause damage to the module, slot or motherboard. You might not have enough RAM random access memory not having enough will cause your computer to run over its maximum limits and can cause the blue screen of death and hang and cause memory dumps

If you're not sure if a module is right for your system, use the Crucial Memory Advisor tool for a list of guaranteed compatible modules. first you will need to select the manufacturer from a drop down list then select your product line from a drop down list then select the model then click find it will take you directly to compatible ram also you will have an option to scan your system you should always ask the seller if they guarantee the compatability of the ram before making any purchase
if you dont want to install more ram uninstall some unnecessary programs

make sure your ram modules have a dust free secure seating and the CPU central processing unit has thermal paste
When Computer Capacitors Are Bad b> Capacitors look like small metallic canisters and they are found in many different computer components including computer monitors, computer motherboards, video cards, power supplies and a variety of other consumer products. A bad capacitor can cause a variety of computer problems, but if you can identify the faulty capacitor you may be able to replace it and save your computer.

Capacitors, sometimes also called condensers, are used to store energy in an electric field. In the context of computing, capacitors are used to block the direct current being circulated around the motherboard. A typical capacitor should last up to 15 years, but some computer manufacturers use substandard capacitors resulting in shorter lifetimes. Computer Problems b> When a capacitor has gone bad on a computer you may experience a large range of problems. The computer may have trouble booting up, or it may shut down without notice after running for only a short period of time. The most common problems associated with faulty capacitors are that they cause unexpected computer crashes and general reliability issues ranging from read/write issues to distorted screen images. b> Identifying a Bad Capacitor b> To identify a bad capacitor you will need to open your computer case and locate the capacitors on your motherboard. A bad capacitor may exhibit swelling at the top or the base of the capacitor or it may sit at an awkward angle with the motherboard, so compare the various capacitors in your computer in terms of and placement. Additionally, a bad capacitor may have a funny smell or it may have a brownish residue leaking from the top or the base. b> Prevention b> Manufacturers claim that capacitors may go bad because a computer is not receiving enough power from a power supply, because of an overclocked processor or because a computer is operating in an environment with too much heat or humidity. However, some capacitors prematurely fail due to faulty work on the part of the manufacturer. If you have a bad capacitor be sure to do research as to the lifespan of other products made by your manufacturer. Identifying bad capacitors http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngA4k32jLGc Capacitor replacement http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0Pn2tEjY04 How to check a capacitor http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4tnHA0phcc Replacing a leaking capacitor http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0Pn2tEjY04 If eventually you can get a screen Click start control panel administration tools computer management device manager scroll through all of your devices if you see a yellow question or exclamation mark ? ! or a red X you will need to update the drivers for this device right click select update driver/reinstall driver. If you computer came with a motherboard disk the drivers could be on it or you might have to download one. or it might be a virus right click in bottom toolbar select task manager applications to see what is running and processes to see what is ticking over. http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows/products/security-essentials/product-information malware protection http://100-downloads.com/download.php?p=615 windows xp microsoft security essentials http://100-downloads.com/download.php?p=614 windows 7 microsoft security essentials Click start control panel administration tools computer management device manager scroll to sound video and game controllers you might see a yellow question / exclamation? ! mark or a red X Right click to reinstall drivers If your computer came with a motherboard disk the drivers could be on it or you might download slimdrivers. Rather doing a driver hunt http://download.cnet.com/slimdrivers-free/3000-18513_4-75279940.html Windows XP/Vista/7/8 Note: it will find all of your outdated drivers This is a free driver solutions which will automatically search for and find the correct driver You will have to update every driver individually once you update you might be asked whether you want to restart or make a system restore point. Click no to both of these then continue updating each driver free then restart once all of the drivers have been updated. It might take some time being free also http://download.cnet.com/2000-20_4.html Just type in what you want or need be specific you might have to try a few times to get it right. Tick in either the all software or the windows software box. IE: Motherboard name sound drivers

Samsung... | Answered on Mar 19, 2013

  • The first step is to slide the phone open. It will then ask you to put in your password in order to unlock the phone. The last 4 digits of your phone number is your default password until you set a new one. Type this in and then press the middle button (where the arrows are). The phone should now be unlocked.
  • Samsung... | Answered on Jan 02, 2013

    The hardware that you are trying to access is damaged or failing.

    The device drivers for the hardware are faulty or incompatible.

    There is a connection problem such as a bad cable

    for internal hard drives

    Test all power and data leads that attach to your hard drive IDE,SATA

    the leads from your MOTHERBOARD TO THE HARD DRIVE make sure they have a

    secure dust free connections and are not faulty or just replace them they could be faulty if its a flat 40pin ide

    this will be the first to fail

    make sure all leads that are attached to your drives dvd\cd 3 1/2 inch floppy have secure connections and are not faulty

    or just replace them they could be faulty a computer needs power and data to travel through every working device and continue its cycle and have an end so any faulty leads will end up with a computer error

    for usb drives

    click start control panel administration tools computer management device manager scroll through all of your devices

    if you see a yellow question or exclamation mark ? ! or a red X you will need to update the drivers for this device right click select update driver/reinstall driver

    if you can see your usb device but its not working scroll to Ports(Com&Ltd) right click to update driver

    if you computer came with a motherboard disk the drivers could be on it

    hope this helps

    Samsung... | Answered on Sep 24, 2012

    if you are trying to install a dual operating system with 2 hard drives and if your hard drive are sata
    the largest will automatically become the primary
    if you need to make a partition on one hard drive

    partition magic would be the program for you and its 100%free

    when you download partition magic you will have the option to make rescue to disks to boot from make these disks then change your first boot device your to floppy drive this will give you options to partition then partition only the good sectors of your hard drive and install an operating system to the good partition

    Samsung... | Answered on Nov 07, 2011

    If you have a jeweles loupe', a steady hand, patience and an affinity for cursing....you might just be able to pull it off. I have done this repair in the past and it can be done.The first thing that needs to be done is the controller pcb board on the bottom has to come off. This is where the IDE interface lives so you don't need to mess with the main drive.

    There is another option if you want to try it, Get the model of the drive from the front sticker and search for a new pcb board on Ebay, the controller board can be purchased.

    Samsung... | Answered on Nov 02, 2011

    Hi Good day!!! follow this

    1. Decide which hard drive will be the startup (master) drive. If this drive was the startup drive previously, or if it's a new hard drive, then the master drive designation will already be set.

    2. To change the designation of a new drive to be a slave drive, skip to step 4.

    3. To change the designation of an existing drive to be a slave drive: Turn off the computer, unplug the power cord, remove the drive from its drive bay, and disconnect the drive from its power cord and ribbon cable.

    4. Check the hard drive documentation or the label on the drive itself for master/slave jumper settings.

    5. Find the jumpers on the circuit board of the drive. Jumpers are plastic plugs with metal sleeves that form a circuit between a pair of pins. Jumper locations are labeled on the board with a J followed by a number (such as J20).

    6. Use tweezers or very small pliers to remove or reposition the jumpers to the configuration shown in the documentation or on the disk label.

    7. Install (or reinstall) the hard drive in the computer. (See "How to Install a Second Hard Drive.")

    Don't forget to vote thanks!!!

    Samsung... | Answered on Sep 01, 2011

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