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try to tight the RIbbon CAble inside for keypads, and tight the upper cable vs lower cable.
2) Adjust the REED swtich, test it, clean it, see the diagram, and tight very well the plug-
God bless you

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Thank you brother.
That causes can be
1) optical infrared speed sensor is obstructed.
2) drive motor brusher are bad.
3) speed sensor position is incorrect
4) speed sensor potentiometer adjustment is incorrect
5) speed sensor is faulty.
6) lower PCA is bad
7) lower PCA to upper PCA interconnect cable is bad
8) upper PCA is bad
Remedies: vacuum the drive motor pay attention to speed sensor .
b) motor brusher do not make suffciente contact repair
c) adjust the speed sensor see the scheme attached.
d) locate the speed sensor potentiomente on the lower PCA.set the potentiometer in mid-range
e)measure voltage D.C. for 5vdc, two fo the leads will toggle between 0vdc-5 you rote the speed sensor.
f) substitute a known good lower PCS for determine g) substitute a known good interconnect cable h) substitute a known good upper PCA for determine if is faulty.
God bless you
see the block diagram and my personal TIPS for motor in treadmills


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I have a ProLife treadmill with a breaker on it, the fuse may have blown it. You may try that, It would be next to the switch by the front of the the power cord. The front on the pic of this website, near the left bottom of cord or switch.

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It is the aluminum rollers they used in manufacturing. Precor will replace the rollers with steel and the belt for labor only (it was about $80 for me in Idaho) It has worked like a champ since.

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Der Sir;
The power switch is failure , you must Change the switch. You must be shure the some wires is Not loose, otherwise the wires will be touching the carcase causing the spark inside. Retight the wires or solder .You must inspect the main motor board and all the element around . If someone is burned or other wires is touching the carcasing producing the spaprk.
sincerely. God bless you.
ernesto cuadramanagua, nicaragua c.a.

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CHeck the fuses on the lower board. You may also want to unplug the eddy current magnet and speed sensor from the lower board and the heart rate sensor(if there is one) from the upper board to make sure they are not shorted out and not allowing the upper to light up.

Btw, I’m available to help over the phone in case u need at

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Hi Jim:
You directed this question at me, but unfortunately this isn't my expertise and I am unable to provide you with a real solution at this time.

Hopefully one of other experts will be able to provide you with a real solution.

Thank you for using FixYa.

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Call me 574 272-0509 I am a Precor teck

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In looking at the parts list for the Precor 9.20s on it looks the rear roller for the machine is currently available although it is not cheap. Doesn't look like has one.

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The belt is erratic ,This indicates problem with DC board or the motor. Manually push the belt in the direction in which it normally moves. If you have difficulty turning the belt, there may be an issue with the belt/deck friction. If the belt turns freely, there may be an issue with the DC board output.
Use a multimeter to test the black and red lead wires that connect the motor to the power supply. An external power cord connects the motor the power supply.
Most probably its a motor issue.Its got weak,because in most of the cases its seen.But in some cases the board is checked faulty.-------- Get the motor as well as board checked to confirm the fault.
This will help.Thanks.Helpmech.

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I'm inclined to think that a tooth could be broken on a gear or flywheel, if equipped. Of course, you would have to partially disassemble it to check or replace it. It could also be a bad rear roller, or bad spot in the belt, and any worn part associated with the rear roller. Take the unit apart to try and identify the bad component, and hopefully you will spot something obvious.
Here's a site that has some parts:
Good luck, and hope this helps.

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Error 54 - Target Pulses Lost During Operation... Description... This error is associated with the 5.17 EFX. This error indicates that at some time after the initial start up sequence was successfully completed, the gear motor was instructed to move and no response was seen from the motors revolution sensor. Possible Causes (1.) The F2 fuse is blown.... (2.) Damaged or Intermittent gear motor wiring.... (3.) Bad gear motor.... (4.) Damaged gear motor target... (5.) Bad lower PCA.... Possible Remedies.... (1.) Remove power from the 5.17. Remove the F2 fuse from the lower PCA. Measure the fuse with an ohmmeter. The fuse should measure 1 ohm or less. If the reading is significantly high, replace the fuse. If the F2 fuse was blown there may have been a reason that will cause the fuse to blow again such as; damaged gear motor wiring or a bad gear motor..... (2.) Carefully inspect the gear motor wiring for intermittent or damaged wiring or connections. Replace or repair the wiring or connections as appropriate..... (3.) With power removed from the 5.17, remove both wires from the gear motor. Measure the gear motor resistance with an ohmmeter, it should read approximately 9 ohms. If the reading is significantly low or significantly high, replace the gear motor..... (4.) Visually inspect the gear motor target, if it is ripped, torn or badly scratched, replace the target..... (5.) Measure the voltage at the gear motor during the start up sequence, it should measure approximately 12 V.D.C. The voltage would only be present between the time the sequence was initiated and an error was displayed.. If the voltage is significantly low or absent and the F2 fuse is good (see step 1), replace the lower PCA......
Hope this has helped you.... Thanks...

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Dear Cyndigriffin,
Regarding your belt query. visit to the given link and download manual. Chapter 6 will solve your problem. (also refer PDF page no. 15)
Visit to the given link and Select the options under exploded diagrams....... In this option another sub option will come. with the help of this diagram you may able to get it serviced.

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Is it shutting down intermittently or there is a specific pattern?Once it's shut down, is it taking some time to restart or you could restart immediately?

Let me know,so that we could proceed.

Hope i helped you.

Thanks for using ' Fixya ' and have a nice day!!

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link for a manual above. It will help.
I would suspect the Motor, and or motor drive circuitry. This is the most common "Fault" If the "Motor" isn't directly faulty, then Often the "Speed Controller" that controls the motor, has gone faulty. all speed controllers, are prone to this type of thing. I really wonder if this type of problem is indeed home fixable? It is my professional opinion, that you get it looked at by a Precor Agent, and ask for a free "Quote" befor proceeding with any repairs, this way you can make an informed decision as to repair or replace.

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If using an extension cord try plugging directly into wall. If not check the deck under the walking belt for worn surface (wood should not show) Purchase the silicone lube designed for your model and re lube the walking surface under the belt. The motor is overheating and pulling too many amps and the fix is to reduce friction. (You may notice the problem being more pronounced the heaver and larger feet the user has)

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Unfortunately your machine has suffered a "Glitch" and it really isn't anything you have done or that can be "Fixed" by any actions you can do. The unit will have to be repaired at the manufacturers,or agent. The EEprom will have to be reprogrammed or the main board replaced.Sorry.

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Lost communication between the upper and lower board You have 2 interconnect wires and mid point connector . You may have a loose connection at any of of the 4 connection point or a bad wires. Go to on left hand side you will see diagnostics and repair click on it scroll down until you Precor 556 look for you serial# and click to PDF and it should give you the necessary info to hunt your problem down

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Call Precor @ 1-800-347-4404 they should sell you directly

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The power leads Black/red will determine the direction that the motor will turn. If the leads have been switched to the wrong terminals at the lower PCA it will run backwards even if the black and red line up when the motor is plugged in. Check to see if the power cable on the lower board is in the right configuration. I've seen the terminals get switched when a new lower board is installed.

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