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I think you have a broken USB keyboard or USB port. Simply plugging in the keyboard should be enough to make it work. First try the keyboard in a different USB port. Test the caps lock to see if the LED goes on and off. Also try a different keyboard and also test it in a different computer.

HEWLETT-PACKARD... | Answered on Jan 31, 2019

Try Googling (hp)(G2)(manual) without parens.

HEWLETT-PACKARD... | Answered on Oct 01, 2018

1) Reset your computer.
2) Unplug the cable from the computer to the monitor and check to see if its damaged, if OK plug it back in.
3) On windows computer, click windows key / windows system / control panel / device manager / display adapters (click on icon) / Update driver

HEWLETT-PACKARD... | Answered on May 01, 2018

what computers.?? 1000's of models over 30 years. made
F10 is BIOS screens, so if that works, BIOS. and any screen
then the PC is not booting.
try booting to CD? *(a free linux live cd?) as a test.
if that works
run HDD tests. next
ill stop here, if you can get this far, we go to next step
F11 HDD reload the OS, if PC is 2006 or newer from HP.

HEWLETT-PACKARD... | Answered on Feb 01, 2018

Try again with the model number

HEWLETT-PACKARD... | Answered on Jan 30, 2018

what is a device? did you mean PC, a collections of devices and chips:? a PC Is not a DEVICE it is a system.(or machine)
why in the world not buy a new battery first? if charging fails.

mine sometimes go bad even 1 year old, when I abuse it. and
I fully expect that, if you read the battery makers pages, youd learn how that happens' (cycling the snarf out of it)
if i remove the word DEVICE and add LAPTOP OR PC

IF the Pc does not run with the battery (main big) out !
the power pack is bad. the PC will run forever on AC power, a fact, !!! I do so all the time,
or even the wrong AC pack used, (mixed up with other pc:)
get a new pack, get one matching your systems, needs (watts)
the laptops can come with 5 processor options and 4 graphic chip options, the worse mix is 100watts, HP will tell you that match.
but only if YOU tell your full service tag data....
that magic, nnnnnnnABA# number tells the HP pro what is inside this laptop and what power park is right
or just buy the 19v, 100watt pack.

here is real HP, fixya is NOT.
they can match you up as can the hp PARTS SURFER,


HEWLETT-PACKARD... | Answered on Jan 24, 2018

sure, get the Correct HP driver for this exact pc but, but but...
The windows sounds are dead. (do that yet>, CP + sound test)
CP = control panel
try to know , most HP made,
dv6345us, can have 3 sound chips as an option day 1 new!what you have is clearly stated in the service tag that you did NOT
post, the number ending in ABA# is THAT number.
the chip and PC and the unstated OS all must match

windows what? you never said so i cant match that either.
VISTA????????? vista 32 bit or 64????????
but the other way is what, sure, guess.
read the drivers at HP and try all there.
for sound chips (aka audio)

This HP computer is 11 years old. now. (2007)
HP dropped most support on it this old, (SOP)

one sound chip is Conexant AC -Link Audio
lets say you said (service tag) RV214UA#ABA
and you said VISTA> what works there.
the secret is deep, lacking full spec, from HP.
finding Conexant drivers is not easy, lots of hits all virus sites now.
lets first look .
does device manager show it as bad.
CP+DM see sound there. is it red, yellow or Unknown marked.
go to CP again control panel
click sound is the Conexant still there.
the window for sound has a speaker is it selected?
select speaker then properties lower right.
then pick enhancements
hit checkmark, disable all sound effects
click tab levels, turn up volume.
can you do all that, i bet not, its got bad drivers for this chip
VISTA btw is dead so asking MS to update driver is dream of dreams, hopeless, now and for sure forward.
you dont have the HP install disks so that source too is missing.,
leaving you , VISTA and MS and HP and conexant in the lurch.

if microsoft was not dead and your internet was alive (is it)
the remove the driver, and reload, it under device manager.
it then magically PnP reloads from MS but not if the MS driver servers are off line as they sure are. (1/2 or all) (ms secret this is)
Hard this is,::::, 1ST OFF, is HP ended support,
2nd VISTA support has ended at MS. (double dead)
3rd factor (bad) IS Conexant maker of chip and their Driver. IS DEAD. TRIPLE DEAD.
synaptics Bought out Conexant in 2017, and shows no support NOW. FOR THAT.

the Snaptics web site lists nothing on the words driver or conexant. zero support, but do call them,,,?
SO that ends that foray.

leaving all those malwares sites offering this driver, only. ? many we can find it this magical way. the FAMOUS DRIVER PACKS site. (all safe ask)

the one place on earth with no malware is here.
this is the vista set 32bit only 64 is on other page
there are 15 drivers for Conexant. there. get them try them.
end story


HEWLETT-PACKARD... | Answered on Jan 05, 2018

There should be a button on your keyboard labeled "PrtScn". It stand for "Print Screen". This will copy an image of your screen. Simply open Microsoft Paint or a similar software and select paste. Your screen shot should appear in your chosen software.

HEWLETT-PACKARD... | Answered on Jan 02, 2018

NO PC stated (model name and full number)
NO OS stated, is this XP? must we beg you to get hard key facts like this>?
what are you attempting, ?
the Finger print reader has many features, which one are you attempting?

yes, it can work but only works on matching PC and matching OS.
the HP pages there warn you,.it only works on the OS sold with PC. (eg vista or w7) HP web site on your PC is clear, ever look there?
my HP 8540w , works perfectly with W7 but not w10 !
i can not use the reader nor the security package, ever.
But w10 is happy there , FP reader stuff removed.

HP will not revise these drivers and apps for W10 ever.
see my point? In my example case.
there are 2 parts, the FP reader, driver.
and the security package ( vastly huge and complex !)

i say why use it at all?
do you have secrets on your PC? (you 007 agent?) 008?
or your soon to be published book ? (huge value)
or engineering work/ cad/cam, etc.
or valuable art, (or music composer)
or you are CEO or FCO with sensitive data? (accountant?)
if no, then avoid that.
The reader is safe but not the security HP applications:
look in the registry at all that complexity, and risk for that.

you can use the reader to
block BIOS boots. dead.
block the windows, login page.
or block specific apps, or all 3.
is say don't do it, at all.

But all that works on mine 100% on w7 only.
it does work but is still risky.
other apps do not like it , etc.

HEWLETT-PACKARD... | Answered on Dec 19, 2017

so you are asking for a 3rd party, really?

no OS stated, wow, must we guess that?
windows what?

BIOS test, or inside windows, if inside what way did you do that? tell how?
running the extended memory diagnostics test.

the mem test fails.
there are many ways for that to fail.
but if the BIOS memory test fails, gee say so.
say BIOS. if in windows, and it's corrputed why in the world run mem test in any corrupted OS? as XP surely is.

BIOS RAM TEST: (tossed the big coin there, lands BIOS)
then the ram is failing
caused by.
1; Bad ram. take them all out and test them 1 by 1.
2: wrong ram, used, very common on old PCs
3: the power supples to the ram are weak.
4: there are modules on the mobo that can be shorted causes effect #3 above, strip the PC down to just nill and test. cd out, hdd out, all extry ram out. modem card out, wifi card out, all moduels out but CPU and 1 stick of ram.
pass mem test now?, if not, the mobo is dead.

one needs one known good ram stick to prove this.
see why? many are not for sure used or from old systems.
may makers of ram do not make ram for old computers now.
making repairs hard.

the RAM needs to match 1 of 6 CPU
the fast one is
Intel Core i7-620M Processor
it must be 620m compatible and for speed.

Upgradeable to 8192MB with 4096MB SODIMMs in slots 1 and 2
to use full size windows 64bit must be used.
buy 1gb stick and test with that, first.
cheap stick fast test.
(i have no idea at all what processor is there)
so.... i go worst case for you.

a cheap test memory (if your pc lacks 2 sticks)
is here or at amazon for $5



HEWLETT-PACKARD... | Answered on Sep 18, 2017

the wireless signal can be strange, do both computers display the same signal strength ? Are they both connected at the same speed ? Small variations can make a big difference

HEWLETT-PACKARD... | Answered on Sep 05, 2017

old DV5-2125 (circa 2010 carbon dated, IIRC)
its bad? the port. or. do tests. tests solve problems.
try it on 2 TV's yet, be smart.
is this windows 7 (or dead XP./vista) or w10, i cant guess that.
did you use a real HP driver, from HP and not virus sites? (endless)
HDMI is just in front of eSata port. do not mix those. (working in dark)
try new cable.?
load the real drivers seen here?
only these work. shipped windows 7, is it still W7 or w8 or w10
last year did you upgrade to W10, gee, be like question1.

this pc had intel or amd drivers, new. only the correct one works.
learn too that underlaying drivers can fail killing this too.
hint load them all , and do not mess with FLASHING BIOS !!
this PC is like 2 PCs, totally different, getting the correct driver
is not easy,. HP can guide you, but you picked fixha, why here>


here is real HP, ask them how to match drivers.
sometime even the full service tag must be told to them to get a match up, (For sure Intel, AMD , classed mobo variances.)


HEWLETT-PACKARD... | Answered on Aug 21, 2017

NO OS STATED, elite M9040n what?
by you, so how can we show you the matching sound chip driver. we cant.
why not go to HP real
and see what drivers they support for your exact PC
no service tag shows by you.
the model and p/n , matter. not just model.
(no headphones plugged in the USB ports , right)?
(no sound cars in the PCI slots inside , right?)

one model series can have 3 sound chips used, in a production run, (years)
that is what the p/n field tells HP helpers what you have.
the chip i think was, (on mobo)
Audio CODEC: Realtek ALC888S
the pc came with VISTA i think. (hp told me)
32bit is sp37325.exe
64bit is sp37324.exe

knowing that we can find it at hp fTP server.
if you know the driver you need, by file name
you can find it here, too. at HP.


above is for legacy pc.. if the support page is missing


HEWLETT-PACKARD... | Answered on Aug 09, 2017

hope does not matter only facts and realities. matter
first off the model number is wrong.
its DV6z-nnnnnnn like -1000 or ?
and MATTERS BIG TIME, next time use the real model or all anwers for sure, OS reloads, is IMPOSSIBLE.
you never told what OS is on it now, nor what it was day 1, new.
if not the same then the F11 key is useless
the -1000 had VISTA or W7 day new, as an option.
if the F10.F11 key is dead, then the restore partitions are gone or corrupted,
that means what, buy the CD from HP,
The MS disk will fail to load all drivers and all HP apps
so they you go.


the HP disks are here

the two 3rd party disks are here


see all 6 choices here, it names all ways from sunday
all ways not HP will fail in some way,
The things that fail, will be, drivers, and HP apps.
some drivers sure can be found and installed when missing
from HP
or the chip maker them selfs.

HEWLETT-PACKARD... | Answered on Jul 05, 2017

what PC, the pc has service tag and a model number there.
like DV5-1234us, (crude example)
what did it come with what OS?, some HP PCs had 3 choices .
from w2000 to VISTA. (OS=op sys)
is this a new to you,old PC to you found dead, or you had it running say
for years now dead from XP virus and then decide to do the right thing and upgrade it.???? history MATTERS.

w7 successful you said why does your post contradict that.
id say id did not,

Installed how, ? (the only 3ways)
1: using the F11 key< HP restore. magic hot key reload?
2: using the correct install disk from HP? media kit. (if above fails)
3: using Microsoft disk? (it will fail, ask why) do not do this.

if you use MS disks
many HP drivers will be missing
and all HP apps and other important features will be missing.
the top fail here is the HP laptop key board top panel is dead.
the one with volumn up and wifi on/off, will be dead.

W7 fails to load.
1: the HDD is bad.... if bad the F11 key restore is dead too.
2: you failed to boot it 3 times after, it loads.
FYI if you install w7 there are over 350 updates, that can take days to load, after, do not say yes, to updates as you install or it will fail.
W7 is a pain to load, I have home made disks that slip stream the 350 updates, so its vastly more easy,
love to know who's, w7 install disc's you have.
to test an old dead dog pc, found on the road dead.
try running a LIVE LINUX or WINDOWS PE disk CD.first
see if the puter even runs ok, before investing in say a new HDD
or new OS, for $225 (hdd 100, os 125?) but no PC stated so...????

there are 1000s of HP puters made from 1984 to now.
we cant yet, guess what you have,
post the service tag,

this is a service tag , if you and gone to real HP site.
this is there 1st question, for the same reasons.
tag1-vbixhpxyxlue1rzej45vambs-1-0.jpg here is the REAL HP , help,
the REAL DEAL that. no spam, or other bs.


HEWLETT-PACKARD... | Answered on Jun 26, 2017

remove and reseat your ram, video card

HEWLETT-PACKARD... | Answered on Jun 04, 2017

I would recommend that you go to almico.com and download a program called speedfan. It is free and it tells you the temperatures of things in the computer. The noise you hear could be the cpu overheating.

HEWLETT-PACKARD... | Answered on May 17, 2017

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