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Hi, first of all, I'd check if you have the problem with CD/DVDs burned (written on a CD/DVD writer) or you have it also with original CD/DVDs, which would be weird. Depending on your finding to the above point I'd do one thing or another, but to me does not look like a driver problem. I'd check with Toshiba support if there's a new firmware for your drive, this does improve the media the device can read and correct problems like the one you mention. To know the fimware version you're using, open device manager and go find your drive, right click on it and choose details tab. Normally the firmware revision is the number at the end of the instance. Good luck mate !

Toshiba... • Answered on Sep 12, 2007

Remove printer in settings. Reboot Device Reload Software and Drivers Run Setup and add the SSID and WPA password into the printer control panel. Video https://www.google.com/search?q=epson+et-3600+wifi+setup .

Toshiba... • Answered on May 05, 2021

https://www.passmark.com/products/diskcheckup/ run this first must not fail if fail ask what to do next, and tell if HDD is boot drive. you never told where drive sits, in WHAT

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both batteries are bad. for sure. again BOTH. and HDD too I bet. is DOA,dead. smart errors max = bad. you can reload VISTA 10000 times and it will be dead. or restore points to the end of time, all fail. to what end, zero zero progress, playing OS repair with bad hardware,

Toshiba... • Answered on Apr 28, 2021

This can be a setting in BIOS, if it was updated or turned on it is normal. Are there any other signs of trouble?

Toshiba... • Answered on Apr 08, 2021

The jumper must be shorted at the point of boot up, not before or after. Not easy to do.

Toshiba... • Answered on Apr 02, 2021

If it behaves abnormally in standard operation but works correctly in safe mode, it's not a BIOS problem. In safe mode, many features are intentionally disabled; the purpose is to keep a broken feature from interfering with troubleshooting or fixing the system. Unless you must run a particular program that does not work with Windows 10 even in compatibility mode, I strongly recommend upgrading to Windows 10, keeping the computer physically disconnected from the Internet, or converting to a Linux operating system. Windows 7 no longer gets security updates from Microsoft, and is vulnerable to all sorts of malware. Your problem may be just that. You can try a malware removal program, if you can find one that works on Windows 7 and still gets updated on the latest definitions. That may fix the issue.

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could be a few things. I'll suggest a few things before our computer Guru Larry turns up. Also, please edit in the full make and model of the computer and what operating system you are using. Can your computer deal with a 2 TerraByte drive? Did you Format the new hard drive using the computer?

Toshiba... • Answered on Mar 01, 2021

i have a Toshiba satellite M105-S322 and all i had to do is open the ram compartment and pull up the plastic sticker or whatever you want to call it between the motherboard and the ram. There is a jumper called "CMOS_CLR1" use a screwdriver to short out the pins and it clears the CMOS.

Toshiba... • Answered on Feb 09, 2021

Hi , Please follow the below steps -start menu -control panel -language -add a language -select language English -Open Button -Select the English region you want -Add Button

Toshiba... • Answered on Feb 07, 2021

U need cd key.check my previous solution

Toshiba... • Answered on Dec 30, 2020

check your hard drive. is it connected or not. mostly it is observed that boot able device is not connected with computer or laptop. please check it.

Toshiba... • Answered on Nov 27, 2020

Point your mouse cursor on it, drag ( hold left click) move it to the top of the screen.
or you can try click setting >> auto hide checkbox


Toshiba... • Answered on Nov 25, 2020

If your laptop has TPM you won't be able to do a reset without a service center. It's part of keeping laptops secure.

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https://m.blog.naver.com/PostView.nhn?blogId=mobile_app_top&logNo=220570562627&proxyReferer=https://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_p?hl=en&prev=search&sl=ko&u=http://m.blog.naver.com/mobile_app_top/220570562627&depth=1&rurl=translate.google.com&sp=nmt4&xid=25657,15700022,15700186,15700191,15700256,15700259&usg=ALkJrhgAAAAAXRePT_E1IEH3FJYm7TS9LAEefyLAgoL5 Visual Think December 16, 2013 23:09 Add neighbors Body Other Functions For the GH120A / GH-120A, Multi stopwatch / table clock / stopwatch / stopwatch timer, etc., Just have an alarm function, a small digital watch with a stopwatch function. This watch, I think there are so many users that I can often see at someone's house, and I think it will be difficult to find the manual later. sometimes, I do not think it's inconvenient for someone to read this manual. Below is the manual. 1. Button Description - MODE : Each time the button is pressed, the sequence changes as follows. ; Current time ? stopwatch ? alarm setting ? time / day / calendar setting ? current time - RESET : When the stopwatch function is activated ; STOPWATCH STOP - RESET STOPPER TO 00:00 ; When the stopwatch is started - On the screen, the first stop is displayed one second, and the second stopwatch is running internally. (It can be useful when measuring 1st and 2nd records when running 100m) At this time, press the START / STOP button and press the RESET button again to display the last second - START / STOP ; When the stopwatch function is activated - Start or stop the stopwatch function ; Time display function - Date display ; When setting alarm or time - Function to adjust set value (time / minute increase, date increase, etc.) - Back button ; Press once to activate the backlight for 3 seconds (keep lighting while pressing) - Back round switch ; When the switch is turned off, the alarm sound and the button sound are turned ON (ON character display state is ON) ; When the switch is raised, the alarm sound and the button sound are turned off (OFF character is OFF) 2. Feature Description - current time / date / day setting ; Press MODE button 3 times in time display mode ? If you press START button, ? Pressing the RESET button (minute blinking), pressing the START button increases the minute ? Pressing the RESET button (time flickering, pressing the START button increases the time, Change AM / PM after 12 hours ? Press RESET button (date blinking), START button ? Pressing the RESET button (blinking the month), START button ? Pressing the RESET button (blinking day), START button ? Press the MODE button to complete the setting. - Stopwatch (stopwatch) ; Changed to the stopwatch function with the MODE button pressed once (0:00:00) in the time display mode. ? Press the START / STOP button to turn the stopwatch on and off (However, if the RESET button is pressed during the stopwatch operation, the stopwatch stops, but internally, The second clock is still running, press the START / STOP button once, When the RESET button is pressed, the second stopwatch is stopped) - Alarm function ; Press the MODE button twice in the time display mode (the flashing hour part appears on the screen) ? Timed by START / STOP button ? Pressing the RESET button (blinks for a minute) ? Split by START / STOP button ? Press the MODE button to enter the time display mode (create a bell shape on the screen) ; Disable / set alarm function If the RESET button and the START / STOP button are touched simultaneously, the bell disappears and the alarm is canceled. (Press again the RESET button and START / STOP button again to display the bell shape and activate the alarm function) - SNOOZE ; When the alarm sounds, pressing the RESET button completely turns off the alarm, ; When you press the START / STOP button (bell blinks) ; After the alarm is turned off for a while, the alarm sounds every 4 to 5 minutes. ; To turn off the alarm completely, press the RESET button. - Hourly time signal notification ; It is a function that sounds once every hour, ; While in the time display mode, press the MODE button while holding down the RESET button. ; When pressed, ; If all the day of the week display is visible on the screen, the time notification function is ON, ; OFF state if no day of the week is displayed on the screen - Backlight function ; Press the round button on the back once to activate the gauge for about 3 seconds (press and hold to continue) - 12/24 time system change ; Press MODE button 3 times (second blinking) ? Press the RESET button twice (at the time) ? Press the START / STOP button once to alternately display AM / PM / 24 hour display with increasing time ? Press the MODE button after setting is completed. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------- This concludes the GH120A User Manual (manual) posting.

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Error Code 0xc0000185 regularly appears beside the report: The boot form data for your PC is missing or contains errors. Unhappily, if you unplug the USB devices from your Windows machine and reboot your operating system you will still keep getting this error code. Solutions of Error Code 0xc0000185:- 1: Reboot Your PC. 2: Repair the BCD with an Installation Media Disk. 3: Setup the Hard Drive. 4: Run CHKDSK. 5: System Restore. FULL Blog with Expert advice- Error Code 0xc0000185 Here is a way to fix any errors in Printer & Computer. Just follow the steps which are mention on the blog to fix the Error Code 0xc0000185 or Call us the number is given in Blog. wgnanor-undefined-undefined-0_4.jpg

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