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wiring diagram with the wires for the power cord outlined as to where they go.

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try unplugging it and plug it back in

Btw, I’m available to help over the phone in case u need at

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eBay has plenty of garage remotes just search for your brand.

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Most roller doors have a switch inside the control box for adding new remotes.

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Flashing lamp typically indicates safety sensors are misaligned. The up/down arrows on the unit will flash codes that are more descriptive. Download your owners manual from;

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Sorry, I can't do that.
All you need to do is ensure your door can get a good signal from your router. Ensure theyare paired and the door software will do the rest.

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Garage door remotes are at the mercy of any interference that other devices emit. If you have a florescent or LED light bulb anywhere around the garage or in the opener, change it out for a regular bulb.

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Observe the green receiver sensor while the door travels. If it blinks, then likely the optical sensor is causing the door to return to open and flash for 5 seconds.This could be caused by poor sensor alignment or a loose track or loose sensor mount or poor wire splice if not a single length.

You can check receiver sensor alignment by slowly moving your hand, open palm, towards the center of the receiver blocking the transmitter emitter mounted to the opposite track.

Check in two axis, front-back and top-bottom. If aligned properly, the green lamp will turn off as your hand reaches near equadistance to center of the receiver regardless of direction.

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Let the professionals at home depot show you what to do.

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Unlikely salt damage - most likely the concrete was an inferior mix or was badly laid or both and there has been some water ingress with resulting frost damage.

It can be successfully patched but the trouble with patching concrete is the repair has to have a feather edge and concrete doesn't feather edge well and a cement feather edge doesn't age well at all.

To overcome this fairly common problem there are a variety of dry and ready mixed compounds designed for concrete repair that are variously reinforced with resins and/or fibres. They are convenient but quite pricey.

I prefer to use the old fashioned method and overcome the problem of the feather edge by chiseling out more of the original concrete to make a stepped edge at least an inch deep and to make the cavity a fairly even depth of at least an inch deep leaving only good secure concrete behind.

Once the cavity is prepared and free of dust, using a good quality pva adhesive, brush it well into the repair area including the stepped edge and mop out any surplus. Mix enough concrete for the patch using a suitably sized aggregate of 1/2 - 3/4 inch and add a little pva to the mix according to the instructions and fill the cavity, tamp well down, screed off level with the surrounding area and trowel the surface to a similar finish to the original.
Further brushing or trowelling might be needed later.

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There are cement based compounds on the market that will allow you to just go over top of your tile floor. Make sure your tile floor is not loose anywhere, clean the floor well and use a patching compound over the existing tiles (this will fill in the grout lines and any uneven areas of the tile). It may take a couple of coats, maybe even 3 to get the floor smooth and level. You should be able to install your vinyl right on top of this and not have the added height of the plywood. If you insist on the plywood you could use a good quality construction adhesive with drilling and installing screws.

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Unknown if the following link found using will help fix it. You may need to pay for repair or replacement.

There are also internet links to a method involving a hair dryer, but that doesn't seem to be what your problem indicates.

Sorry to hear of your difficulty.

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If there isn't a SRT or Learn button, the garage door opener may only have dip switches to link the remote to the opener. In that case, your keypad won't work.

I wish that I had better news for you. Please add a comment with the model number of the opener for further assistance. It's possible that you have a model with the controls that aren't on the back of the opener. I can try to find more information on the unit with the model number.

Cindy Wells

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The ropes supplied with Marantec openers are designed to disintegrate after a year or two so that you will need to call to have your unit serviced. You can replace the trolley or replace the rope, but it will require pulling the opener down off of the ceiling of your garage.

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Exterior rendering is the process of applying an external wall covering to the exterior of a house in order to provide added protection to the bricks it's built from.

The external wall covering protects bricks from the effects of weathering and erosion which can, over time, cause both cosmetic and structural damage.

However, the covering alone is not sufficient as this too is susceptible to damage over time from weather and other environmental factors. Therefore, once the wall covering has been applied, it's usually then painted or a wall coating in order to stop it from cracking and prevent damp from seeping through it and into the home. It also requires regular maintenance and re-painting in order to repair any damage that may occur to the paint or wall coatings.

The whole process of exterior rendering is usually carried out by coating specialists like Apex Coating Services.


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