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Verify that you have the last firmware (A14) on the Dell Support web site. Then check the CSS status of the DVD (should be unlocked) with this utility


and finally verify that the DVDs are actually readable, and that the DVD reader works (try reading / burning a data CD-ROM or data DVD).

Check also that the video player software is set to the correct region and there are no errors in the Event Viewer (Hit Start, choose Run, type EVENTVWR.MSC and Enter). DVD events should be either under System or Applications.

LG GCC 4320B... • Answered on Jun 27, 2019

you need to go to system restore point when it was able to be used.

LG GCC 4320B... • Answered on Feb 27, 2011

Hi the drive you have is a CD burner, with DVD reading. This is called a Combo drive - combination of a CD burner and DVD reader. There are newer drives out there that cost around 20 usd, that will run and burn both DVD and CD's those are dvd burner drives. A good place to buy a new drive in the USA is newegg.com http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=2010100005%201036506653&name=DVD%20Burner So the problem your having is due to the drive not being a DVD burner, so of course you can not burn a dvd. You can only burn Cd's with this drive. let me know if you need further assistance.

LG GCC 4320B... • Answered on May 15, 2010

dells r very funny, most hardware won't work with dells. your better off getting a clone or a no name brand from small computer place so u can add and modifiy your computer as new products comeout. try newegg.com or fryeselectronic.com great prices and can build your own computer

LG GCC 4320B... • Answered on Feb 28, 2010

Check with the vendor/dealer who supplied the product. Also check and download drivers from hte vendor site.

Hope this gives you the information you need

LG GCC 4320B... • Answered on Dec 16, 2009

When you break into the computer (disconnected from power, please), the sockets on the back of the burner will only fit a couple of plugs (power and data) - just inspect it closely, don't force the data plug as it goes in only one way. Same for the power plug. Some burners have a little two conductor small plug that hooks up to some sound cards. In most cases you can leave this off if you don't have instructions with your burner. Good luck.

LG GCC 4320B... • Answered on Nov 25, 2009

ok take this step to connect the cd 0r dvd drive

To install an external DVD drive:
  1. When purchasing a new drive be sure to understand the many formats available: DVD, DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+/-R, DVD+/-RW are a few for example. More recent technologies include DVD-DL, HD DVD and Blu-Ray Disc. A decent DVD drive should be able to read and write both "+" and "-" technologies and also support recordable (R) and re-writable (RW) technology. Essentially look for a DVD+/-RW drive if you plan on recording DVD's, or just a plain DVD drive for reading DVD's (movies, games, etc). There are a variety of speeds from 2x-16x for a wide spectrum of users and needs; higher speeds will record faster.
  2. If you have a USB connection on your computer you can use an external drive. The advantage to an exterior drive is that you can use it on other computers as well.
  3. To install an external DVD, just follow the instructions provided with the drive.
To install an internal DVD drive:
  1. Look for a DVD with the letters RW on the box. This is so you can read disks and record them as well. Make sure the speed rating is 16X and that the DVD is dual layer so that it takes care of the latest technology.
  2. Read the instructions that come with the DVD. It may require you to load the provided CD software before installing the DVD player. Leave the disk in your CD ROM player for the rest of the procedure.
  3. Disconnect the power cord from the back of the computer (goes to the wall socket of your house.)
  4. Open the case of the computer.
  5. Locate the hard disk or CD drive. Most have two connections and can only be snapped in place one way. One connection is for data and one for power.
  6. Check to see if your computer mounts the DVD/CD ROM drives from the inside or if they are pushed through the front panel (you may have to remove the plastic panel on some models.)
  7. Carefully remove the plastic “knock-off?? cover on the outside of your computer. Make sure you do this only when you are ready to install the DVD drive.
  8. Slide the DVD drive into an empty compartment or bay. If it’s an older computer you can secure it with screws that come with the DVD drive. Many newer computers have spring clips to secure the drive in place.
  9. Connect the DVD drive to the data cable. The data cable is wide like a ribbon and is also called a ribbon cable and has a red stripe on one side. There are two or three connectors on the data cable. One is connected to the circuit board, one is connected to your CD drive or hard disk and one in the middle (optional third connector) is usually not connected to anything. Use the middle connector for the DVD drive. If your data cable only has two connectors replace it with the one that is generally included with the new drive.
  10. Hook the DVD to the power connector. This is a normal round looking cable. There are usually several power connectors in the computer.
  11. If you don’t have an available power connector, then you can buy a “Y?? connector to hook up to the existing power cable. Unhook the power connector and hook it to one side of the “Y?? and hook the DVD to the other side of the “Y??.
  12. Re-assemble the cover and plug the computer back in.
  13. When you run Windows up it should look for the drivers for the new DVD player and automatically locate and load them from the CD ROM that you left in the CD player from the first step.

ok bye...........................

LG GCC 4320B... • Answered on Nov 18, 2009

Haven't looked for a guide but it will not write DVD's

LG GCC 4320B... • Answered on Aug 03, 2009

it could be that your dvd drive is only able to read dvd discs not to burn them, if its a combo drive its very likely a cd burner that can read dvd discs.

if you send me the brand and model or the full name / details of the drive I could check on it.

LG GCC 4320B... • Answered on Jun 03, 2009

If it use to read try the following.
1. Reload the dvd driver. It is the set of instructions that lets the dvd drive work with your operating system. Sometimes you can google the name of your dvd drive and download the updated driver for your operating system.
ex. search for "Seagate Mx960A dvd driver download"
2. After you sucessfully download the new driver then reboot or restart your pc so it will reload the drivers.
Good luck

LG GCC 4320B... • Answered on May 20, 2009

When you say it won?t read are you trying to play commercial DVD movies or read DVD data disks? If you're trying to play movies then you need a couple of things the first being some type of player program. Real player works as does Windows media player but usually DVD drives come with a striped down version of PowerDVD or WinDVD. If you in fact have a player installed and when a DVD is inserted in your drive it doesn't play it may not be configured to automatically play DVDs. Try opening your player program and trying to manually play your DVD. Let us know if you have any success or if you need more assisted. If you do let us know what player program and operating system you have and any error messages that may appear.

LG GCC 4320B... • Answered on Apr 06, 2009

do you get any error code like


can you send me the code so that i can anlyse and help you

awaiting reply

LG GCC 4320B... • Answered on Feb 20, 2009

may be some dust in ur dvd drive man ...just try to clean u r lens  by a lens cleaner disk..which is ablable in market with a liquid...


best regards & best of luck..

even u can mail me at my mailing add- [email protected]

LG GCC 4320B... • Answered on Jun 14, 2008

you will need to connect your camcorder to the pc and depending on what software you use there should be an option to grab the video to a file i have only ever used one sort of software and that was years ago but i think windows movie maker will do what you require if you dont have any other software obviosly there should be an option in the camcorder to for this as well

LG GCC 4320B... • Answered on Jan 26, 2008

your recorder will normally give you 5 changes at different regions, and on the last region change that is the one that it stays on, although if you you have never changed the region go to> my computer>right click on your dvd drive>properties and on the hardware tab, your hard drive and dvd drive will show, highlight your dvd drive and click properties and click the dvd regions tab and look at the region to see wot its set at, if you still have 5 changes, it should be set at your region one, if there are no changes left you need to search and download a region free dvd programme to allow any region dvd to be played programme

LG GCC 4320B... • Answered on Aug 06, 2007

Hi Nasir, Unfortunately, resetting the DVR will not reset the password, If you forget the password please contact an authorized service center or the store where you purchased the system. They can repair it. Thanks Mark

LG GCC Computers... • Answered on Dec 14, 2014

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