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Cobra 29 LTD CB... • Answered on Jan 21, 2021

simple,just chech the input resistance and out put...they should have even small resistance always example .5ohms .3 ohms it counts...

Cobra 29 LTD CB... • Answered on Jan 21, 2020

1) violet 2) blue 3 ) shield 4) yellow 5) grnd Violet inside the mic is the power wire . Blue and yellow are the internal and external speakers. the other wires are to the antenna

Cobra 29 LTD CB... • Answered on Jun 10, 2019

You said that you can hear everybody and then you said all you can hear is static. Which is it?

If you can hear everybody and you have switched to a known good mike, then you either have a bad antenna or you have a bad final amplifier caused by a bad antenna or by having transmitted at sometime without an antenna at all.

Cobra 29 LTD CB... • Answered on Jul 09, 2018

Honestly you can purchase a nicer unit these days. Otherwise contact Cobra here: Support Cobra Electronics Corporation

Cobra 29 LTD CB... • Answered on Feb 01, 2018

Check speaker and plug external one in if you have it.

swap mic could be a broke wire or bad switch in handset.

check antenna and coax connections.

i know checks sound basic but they could save you a lot of headaches later

Cobra 29 LTD CB... • Answered on May 01, 2017

would need to know the mic wire code you going to use. but half moon cut out at top as you look at it is top left 1-4 next row left side 2-3. 1 is cable/ unshield (common). 2 is MOD 3 is TX 4is RX... 1 is wire with no cover 2 is with cover rapped round wire RX is received TX is transmit, hope this helps. newer mic have different code wires so check with meter, red green and blue and shield is on some of the new wiring.

Cobra 29 LTD CB... • Answered on Mar 02, 2017

Try a hand mic with the set, there may be a short within the radio.If not your problem is with the audio amp in the radio itself.Repair should be about $15.00.

Cobra 29 LTD CB... • Answered on Nov 21, 2016

not sure what the numbers are but you change out the detector diodes.

Cobra 29 LTD CB... • Answered on Nov 10, 2016

First, make sure that the CAL/SWR/RF switch is set to CAL. If you still can't move the needle, check the RF output. If the needle moves to the far right, you at least have output power, and something is wrong with the SWR circuitry. Does the needle move with incoming signals?? If the needle doesn't move, then you either have a damaged meter. If the needle moves on rec eived signals but not when you transmit and the switch is set to RF, then you most likely have a damaged transmitter output stage.

Cobra 29 LTD CB... • Answered on Oct 02, 2016

Look , I don't speak a forign language but I can get what you are saying . ford rangers from 1993 to 2003 should all have interchangeable parts ,Mine does.

Cobra 29 LTD CB... • Answered on Sep 13, 2016

The problem may be in the audio output chip mounted on the chassis, also! there is also a small capacitor located next to the audio chip that has known to be a problem, finally sub the speaker for another, often a source of trouble.

Cobra 29 LTD CB... • Answered on Aug 03, 2016

if the antenna warning indicator is lighting during transmission then the antenna is either located and.or installed improperly or a defect exists in the antenna mount or the feedline itself, including connectors.

Cobra 29 LTD CB... • Answered on May 08, 2016

If your asking about a Cobra radio then these links will have the pin-outs plus wiring color code for different mic's. I had to guess what you was asking for as your question was kinda vague. And a Cobra 29 is a 4 pin mike, not 5 pin. The 148 - 142 were 5 pin. I'll include it also. http://www.cbtricks.com/radios/cobra/148gtl/index.htm Cobra 29LTD ST 29WX ST

Cobra 29 LTD CB... • Answered on Mar 31, 2016

contact Connex ,see if they have one they can send to you . Maybe even a photocopy.

Cobra 29 LTD CB... • Answered on Jan 30, 2016

get it away from the ext . speaker. They are cheap enough ,buy another one and see if it still squeals. If it does then you may have to jump the mic with resistors ,turn down your mic gain, check for talk back on rear where your pa. and external speaker hooks to inside the radio. If you see a resister connecting them then you have talk back . Mainly its a Keep the mic away from the speaker deal that makes them squeal. Try other cobra mics with the same pin out and see if it still happens . easy fix just have to be patient .

Cobra 29 LTD CB... • Answered on Dec 15, 2015

The antenna needs to be tuned. The reason all of a sudden your SWR is a 4 when it used to be a 2 is, after a peak and tune, the radio is putting out more power, there for more RF energy is being reflected back into the radio. That is why the antenna has to be tuned.

It is important to tune your CB radio antenna to the proper length. The length must exactly match the wavelength of the frequency you transmit on. Or be really really close.

All Cb antenna's have a way to adjust the length of the antenna. If it's a mag mount, the metal whip can be slid in and out of a metal collar. Usually a set screw. If its a fiberglass whip, the way to tune it is on top. It either has a small metal rod with a set screw to adjust the length, or it threads in and out to adjust length.

Either type you have it will need to be adjusted for proper length. Here is how to tune the antenna to lowest SWR.

Some radios have a built in SWR meter. Some do not. If yours doesn't have an SWR meter, then you have to use an external SWR meter. Radio shack carries one, and you can find them cheap on ebay.

If you have a built in SWR meter or external, the procedure is the same:

1. Turn the radio to CH 20.(This is the center of the band.)
2. Switch the meter switch to CAL. (CAL stand for calibrate.
3. Key the radio. (Important. Do not talk while keying the radio.)
4. turn the CAL knob up until the meter hits the CAL mark.
5. Now while still keying the radio flip the meter switch to SWR.

Where the meter falls after that point is you SWR reading. If its above 3, that is real bad. 2 is not gonna kill your radio but its not the greatest. 1.5 and under is a good place to be, but the lower the better.

If your SWR is high, Here is how to find out if your antenna is too long or too short.

1. Turn to CH 1
2. Repeat SWR procedure. You must calibrate every time you do it.
3. Remember the SWR reading.
4. Turn to CH 40.
5. Again repeat SWR procedure.
6. Compare the reading between CH 1 and CH 40.

Now if the SWR is higher on channel 1 then channel 40 your antenna is too short. You must make it longer.

If the SWR is longer on channel 40 then on channel 1, then the antenna is too long, you need to make it shorter.

Make height adjustments about an eight inch at a time, and take reading each time.

once the SWR is significantly lower and the reading on channel 1 and 40 are about the same, you a about matched. At this point turn the radio to the center of the band, channel 20 and take an SWR reading.

You should now have a low SWR reading, 1.5 or under. If you are 1.5 or under, you are good to go.

If you cannot get the SWR to an appropriate level, there may be an antenna problem.

Cobra 29 LTD CB... • Answered on Nov 12, 2015

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