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Suggests a problem with the Video Cable, screen Inverter, or LCD screen.

However the diagnosis starts with the graphics chipset. It has to be ruled out as the problem before going on. Otherwise you would be foolishly replacing parts, (Video Cable, screen Inverter, LCD screen), when it would do no good.

1) Laptop OFF, monitor OFF, connect a VGA monitor to the VGA port, on the left side of the laptop.

This is an example of a VGA Cable, and VGA connector (port),


Scroll down a little for the VGA Cable example.

You can use a CRT type of VGA monitor, (Looks like a small TV), or a flat LCD screen monitor if it has a VGA cable.

Turn the monitor on. If a CRT type allow it to warm up.
Turn the laptop on.
By factory default settings the display should show on the external VGA monitor.
If not;

There are at least 3 display options;
A) Internal monitor of laptop ONLY
B) Internal monitor of laptop AND external VGA monitor
C) External VGA monitor ONLY

Press, and hold the Fn key down, and at the same time tap once on the F5 key. (The F5 key is the Display Toggle-Over key)
Still no?
Hold the Fn key down again, and tap once more on the F5 key.

Display is good on external VGA monitor?
Then problem is Video Cable, or inside the Display Assembly.
(screen Inverter or LCD screen)

Display is bad on the external VGA monitor, means there is a problem with the graphics chipset.
Most of the time, it is the MOUNTING of the graphics chipset TO motherboard, and not a faulty graphics chipset.

Video Cable:
The Video Cable connects to the motherboard, in an area under the Middle Cover.
(Middle Cover. Acer for Switch Cover. The plastic strip under the LCD screen, and above the Keyboard. Has the Power On button, LED indicator lights, and speakers)

It then runs under the left Hinge, and up into the Display Assembly.
From there a small cable comes off of it, and connects to the screen Inverter. The main part of the Video Cable, then connects to the back of the LCD screen.

So we have - Motherboard connection, screen Inverter connection, and LCD screen connection.

Due to the normal opening, and closing of the laptop; one or all of those connections could be loose.
The Video Cable could be pinched, and pulled on.

It can also cause damage to the Video Cable.
Example of Video Cable,


The large white connector at the Bottom, with black insulation around it; plugs into the motherboard.
The small cable with the smaller white plug connector, connects to the screen Inverter.

The main part of the Video Cable goes up, and ends in a large white plug connector. The smaller cable that goes on up from it, plugs into the webcam.

Start by checking the motherboard side connection of the Video Cable.
1) Remove ALL power. Remove the AC adapter (Charger), and Battery.

2) Open the laptop.
Remove the Middle Cover.
The Middle Cover pops off. HOWEVER be aware that there are cable STILL attached.

Come to the right of the Power On's rectangular button. See the parting line of the Middle Cover to Bottom Cover?
I use a thick guitar pick to insert in that parting line, and ease the Middle Cover up a little.

You can also use a Spudger Tool. I do NOT recommend using a metal tool, such as a metal flat tipped screwdriver.
You can mar the plastic parts very easily, and also can cause damage.

IF, this is your only recourse, make SURE the tip of the screwdriver does NOT go in more than 1/8th Inch. That is a tiny bit more than 3mm.

Ease the Middle Cover up, then use your fingertips, and go along the edges of the Middle Cover. You want to pop the Middle Cover off, then roll it over on the Keyboard; with the cables still attached.

The Video Cable motherboard connector, is to the left of the left Speaker, and below the left Hinge.
Visual inspection alone will NOT do. You have to physically try to plug the Video Cable connector in.

Now ease the Battery back in, and reconnect the AC adapter. Plug AC adapter back into power. Turn the laptop on. Fix the problem?
No? Go on.

Remove ALL power again.
This time you are going to check the screen Inverter connection, and LCD screen connection.

The plastic frame in front of the LCD screen is the Display Bezel.
Acer calls it the LCD Bezel.
There are 4 Screw Covers to remove. One in each corner.
Top Left, Top Right, Bottom left, and Bottom Right.

These are made of synthetic rubber, or plastic. They have a type of rubber cement on them, that holds them on.
I take a computer pick, and remove them. You may find a similar tool if you do not have a computer pick.

Start at the bottom edge where the Screw Cover, meets the Display Bezel. Lift up.
If you use care when removing you may be able to reuse the Screw Covers. Don't stick anymore? Apply a tiny dab of rubber cement with a toothpick.
I L-I-G-H-T-L-Y stick them to the Display Bezel for safekeeping.

(They like to stick to the computer pick, your fingers, and it seems sometimes passing satellites)

Remove the 4 Philips head screws. (No.1 Philips screwdriver, or comparable Jeweler's screwdriver)
The Display Bezel has TABS that go around the perimeter, of the inside edges.
These snap into matching Latches on the Display Cover.

The Display Bezel is flexible. Made of space-age plastic.
To remove use your fingertips on the inside edge at the bottom. Flex the middle of the bottom up a little.
When it is high enough, slide s fingertip underneath, and go along the Display Bezel at the bottom. Go towards the Right, or Left.

The Tabs/Latches should start releasing. Snap, snap, snap. Almost sounds like you are breaking it.
Bottom popped loose go up the Left side, or Right side. Pop those Tabs/Latches loose.

Once the Display Bezel has popped loose pretty far, it should come off. I state SHOULD. I have has Display Bezels where I had to fight it all the way off. Every Tab/Latch had to be released.

See the small circuit board at the bottom? That is the screen Inverter. You can physically check the connection, just to see if it was loose.
While you are here though, you need to check LCD screen connection. After that, then make sure the screen Inverter connection is tight.

Reason is you are going to partially remove the LCD screen, to check it's connection; and this could disconnect the screen Inverter connection.
(Remember; all connections have to be Physically checked. If the screen Inverter connection was popped partially loose, when checking the LCD screen connection, you may not see it.
Check screen Inverter connection, AFTER checking LCD screen connection )

LCD screen connection is tight, after physically checking?
Screen Inverter connection is tight?
Lay the LCD screen assembly back in the Display Cover, and Display Cover is tilted back a little bit.
(Don't want LCD screen to fall forward)

All power reinstalled, turn the laptop on again, and see if these connections were the problem.
I have run into this many times, and so have users who have posted on here, through the years.

Still no?
You MUST rule out the Video Cable as the problem before going on.
Means the Video Cable has to be removed, and checked for continuity. Nothing fancy here. You just want to make sure electricity, is passing through every wire in the Video Cable.
Test is performed with a multimeter set to OHM's (1K), and every wire is checked.
No access to a multimeter? Then suggest taking the Video Cable down to the nearest small computer shop, and have them check it for continuity. Should only be a couple of bucks.

More in a Comment.

Acer Extensa... | Answered on Jan 25, 2013

change your processor

Acer Extensa... | Answered on Dec 14, 2012

Do you have a good internet connection? Have you tried using different websites with no problem? Have you tried using a different internet browser like mozilla or chrome?

This has something to do with your internet connection, internet browser or the website itself.

I suggest you install Radarsync if you want to optimize your computer's performance. Works best with windows XP, 7 and 8.

Acer Extensa... | Answered on Dec 08, 2012

Are you reffering to a website error 404? You have two possible reasons for that:

1. The website is down
2. You have a slow internet connection.

Here are the things that you can do.

1. speed up your computer's internet connectivity.
2. Check your internet speed.

If you want to optimize your computer's performance, I suggest that you install Radarsync.

I hope this helps.

Acer Extensa... | Answered on Dec 07, 2012

A 404 error is an HTTP status code that means that the page you were trying to reach on a website couldn't be found on their server.

Technically, an Error 404 is a client-side error, implying that the error is your mistake, either because you typed the URL in wrong or the page has been moved or removed from the website and you should have known.

Try to retry the web page by pressing F5

If you need any kind of technical assistance you can contact support cell at http://www.vtechsquad.com/

Acer Extensa... | Answered on Dec 06, 2012

Download one from microrippoff's site. Burn it to a DVD as an ISO and there is your OS disk.

Acer Extensa... | Answered on Sep 18, 2016

if you want to boot a computer from the usb you will have to go into the bios and set the boot media ( HD, CD, USB) so that the computer knows where to search for the os.

Acer Extensa... | Answered on Jul 19, 2015

There are more than one possibility for this scenario (settings, cable, lamp):

•The display is not set as the primary or active display (such as is the case when set to view in projector-only display mode). Many laptops have either a Function key (such as F4) or a hotkey expressly set aside for presentations (usually at the top right with two other hotkeys). Newer operating Windows systems allow for changing the display mode through holding a Windows key down while pressing the [P] key.

•The monitor data cable is damaged. Sometimes, this can be tested by changing the vertical angle of the display to see if the display shows. (In this case, replace the display data cable.)

•The lamp inside/behind/above/below the display could be going out. (In this case, replace the display lamp.)

The easiest way to test & to give a temporary workaround would be to hook an external monitor to the laptop & to turn on both devices to ascertain if the video output shows on it.

If all else fails, then take it to a technician because the system board could be bad.

Acer Extensa... | Answered on Feb 25, 2015

Check the hard drive might be defect or loose from the hard drive connector. If the hard drive is detected in BIOS probably the hard drive is out of order

Acer Extensa... | Answered on Jan 04, 2015

Right Click on the desktop then goto property then setting, then screen resolution in the lower corner of dialog box, just holt left key of mouse and drag according for resolution setting.

Acer Extensa... | Answered on Sep 30, 2014

In front of your dvd is a little pin hole place a diaper pin in it and push the case should open .On your computer you can also go to My Computer look under dvd right click on the icon ,when the drop down menu show click eject.

Acer Extensa... | Answered on Sep 22, 2014

Plug the VGA lead from the monitor into the laptop and power the screen up then the laptop. Select external screen on your laptop.

Acer Extensa... | Answered on Sep 18, 2014

if it is blocked using bios then goto bios setting during bootup and enable usb :)

Acer Extensa... | Answered on Aug 02, 2014

does the drive work in other systems.
what is the error is it windows error driver
or is it a error from the drive .
many drives are fake , manyyyyy drives
it will have a brand name on it an might be real. if no name its bogus.

Acer Extensa... | Answered on Jul 10, 2014



Acer Extensa... | Answered on May 17, 2014

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