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If you paid a low price like $20 to $60 for the lamp it may not be an original replacement and may have failed.
But another thing it could be is to check the lamp cooling fan(s) where you might have to take some of the TV apart to do it.
If they have lots of caked on dust it would kill a lamp due
to inefficient cooling.

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Panasonic lamp timer reset procedure

1. Press the power button to turn the unit on.
2. There are 3 choices for this step, depending on the housing part number:

A. TY-LA1000, TY-LA1500 or TY-LA2005 While pressing the VOL- button on the projection display, hold down the PIP or SPLIT button on the remote control at the same time for more than 5 seconds.

B. TY-LA1001 or TY-LA2006 While pressing the VOL- button on the projection display, hold down the number 0 button on the remote control at the same time for more than 5 seconds.

C. TY-LA2004 While pressing the VOL- button on the projection display, hold down the MUTE button on the remote control at the same time for more than 5 seconds.

3A. When the reset procedure is complete the the following screen will appear: LAMP TIME WAS RESET TO 0 (this screen may be different from the actual screen)


3B. The POWER and LAMP LED's on the front of the unit will flash for 5 seconds. (TY-LA2006)

When the lamp time reset is finished, the LAMP indicator goes out. It may be necessary to attempt the procedure several times.

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Page 58 of the user manual says that after cleaning the filter when the power is turned on, you will be given the opportunity to reply "Yes" to the question "Did you clean the filter". I suggest you go through the motions of cleaning the filter again, removing the necessary parts. Then replace the parts, turn the power on, and watch carefully for the message "Did you clean the filter".

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Your tv is not worth fixing im afraid.

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bad power supply or lamp is bad

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yeah, should stay red when unit is turned off, indicating there's power but it's doing nothing.

Per user manual:
Solid red - power off (standby mode)
blinking red - power off (now cooling)
blinking green - power on (preparing to light lamp)
solid green - power on

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Try unplugging for 10 minutes.

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About the only way you could have done that is by entering the Tech menu--that is why I will not offer that information for people here as it makes matters worse---get a Panasonic tech to undo the damage.

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Go to "Service Mode Map" by pressing the "Volume down" button key on the front panel and "TV/Video" button key on the remote control at the same time and hold it for more than 5 seconds. You can now reset/change the value of lamp operation time.


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See my tip at for the proper reset procedure.

Thanks for using FixYa and for the great rating.


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your lamp has gone out. replacement can be ordered online for about $175.
easy to install, plug and play.

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Hi sbr7352,
Best that you have to test the ballast board for faulty parts, the problem is, this need to checked with an experienced technician because lots of parts in that board involved like the driver transistor, resistors, capacitors and of course the ballast itself. Easiest way is to swap a new new bulb like what the shop do, they have an spare bulb to test the board if functioning because there is a sensor once didn't detect the bulb connected to the ballast board it will be disable by the processor. If you want to fix it yourself then you have to buy a new bulb or if you can find a spare one much better. Also, bad solder joints must be consider because it will do the same fault like what you've encountered right now.
Hope I helped you.
Have a nice day!
Thanks for using Fixya.

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Have you checked the thermal Fuse that is located right above Lamp? These sets had problems
with Thermal Fuse. Is all of the Fans working ? Lamp Fan?
Ballast board is what powers Lamp on. You need to also check 2 thermistors,they are known to be bad.
R2901 (180K-800K)
R2911 (40K-130K)

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hello, is the light on the tv flashing red if so make sure the lamp is fitted securely and also the lamp cover as well this down to the safety switches hope it helps


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Thermal protector P1701 #LSJA0411 is likely bad.


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Many projectors use a lamp hour timer for predicting bulb life so they can give you fair warning of impending failure. Since a bulb may be removed and reinstalled because it is still working or another used lamp installed, the timer is not automatically reset to zero when the lamp is replaced. I surmise your set is complaining because the timer was not reset or the time verified when you changed the bulb.

To fix the problem, buy or borrow a remote control; a universal remote control with a menu button may work. (If you borrow a universal remote from a friend, be sure to record the code for your friend's TV first so you can set it back before returning it.)

You could probably get back into the timer reset menu by removing the new lamp and reinstalling it. Caution: follow the directions on page 68 of the user's manual or the sheet that came with the bulb - let the set cool for an hour first, unplug, and wear gloves when handling the bulb since skin oil can cause discoloration and possibly an explosion when the bulb gets hot. You can download the user's manual from Panasonic's support page for this set.

If you can edit the timer hours instead of just resetting, you may want to set it for the number of hours the new bulb has been used.

It is likely that you can get into the lamp timer menu if the set is in service mode, but the user's manual doesn't tell how to get there (I don't have that info either - it's in the service manual, which may be available online from a third party for a price). Usually it is something like holding a volume or channel button on the front of the TV while turning it on with the remote control. After that you need the code to switch to the timer menu. If you have problems getting into the timer menu, ask your dealer's service department or try calling the Panasonic help line listed on the bottom of page 68: 1-888-VIEW PTV(843-9788).

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Ballast booard is what turns Lamp on ,But if Lamp Fan is Defective it too will shut TV off.

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I can help you reset the lamp timer for your Panasonic PT-52LCX66 Projection HDTV.

Follow the steps in my Fixya Tip for the complete lamp timer reset procedure.

I hope that helps.

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DLP? replace Lamp
Mats Electronics 1-800-628-1118

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