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I think you mean " LOPT" which stands for line output transformer. Be careful here, it's very high voltage as it's connected to the screen and it holds a charge for a long time, even if you don't turn the tv on, it has to be safely discharged by someone compitent, it won't kill you it just hurts

Sony FD... • Answered on Jun 27, 2014

A Quick test would be to point remote at your camera phone and press buttons to see if the infra red leds are working - if not replace batteries - or buy a replacement from CPC. Remote Controls Universal 23 Products Found

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LOT is [Line Output Transformer] which generates EHT and other voltages needed for the CRT. 286c4876-057c-4281-bc57-397dccd574d9.jpg Will look somewhat like this. Gopakumar Gopalan Google

Sony FD... • Answered on May 06, 2014

These blinks [flashes] are fault indication (Error Codes). From the number of blinks occur at one time switch ON, you can get an idea about the faulty circuit stage inside it. This will make repair easy. These are called blinking codes. Make sure about the exact number of blinking of the standby/power LED, by switching On & OFF the set, for at least two times. Count it carefully. If you wish to get some details, check the site linked here. It has details about blinking codes, and fault locating procedure, to many popular brand TVs and other devices. Viewing it in "Mosaic" or "Magazine" will make surf easy. http://electronicshelponline.blogspot.com/ Blinking codes details to many popular brand TVs are given. Surf the site with patience.

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mt sony trinitron power light is blinking from green to red twise and then pause for 3 seconds and then blinks again from green to red

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Your power supply board is dead, do you know basic electronics' and soldering? Most of the times, the power supply board just have dead leakages gases capacitors.These capacitors always bulges up on it top,or puff up on it top.Replaced these gases leakages capacitors will get your TV power stable,and work again.Or tries websites like Shopjimmy.com,Ebay.com to buy a whole refurbish power supply board for the replacement.

Hope this will help fix the problem....

Sony FD... • Answered on May 18, 2011

hi...your TV find it hard to turn ON..eventually...your TV has a leaky capacitor in the vertical section...
or in the power supply section that keeps your TV resetting when Turn ON this is cause of insufficient power that goes through the flyback.( standard TV )...
if you can dismantle the back casing carefully check for any bloated or bulgy capacitors for this need to be replaced...
I have repaired the same problem and the unit still works as new...
good day.. please rate and vote

Sony FD... • Answered on Feb 20, 2011

It is due to the self fault diagnosis function built in with every latest Sony sets. According to the faults, and section, number of blinks will deffer in numbers. In your set, two blinks indicates that there is some short circuit occured due to some component faults inside the circuit board of your TV. This fault is calle [OCP], Over Current Protection.
It may be sometimes due to the fault of shorted LOT [Line Output Transformer], or its driver transistor has a short between its collector to emitter leads, or any capacitor shortage, or any kind of short, which causes heavy current flow from the regulated power supply section of your TV.
You just start with the horizontal output transistor stated above. It can be located very near to the LOT. usually screwed onto a metal plate, to radiate heat from it while it works. You just resolder it out from the board and check with multimeter, preferably an analogue one, and measure its collector to emitter resistance, both forward and in reverse mode. If it has a short you will get almost full deflection in the multimter movement. If it is so, you have to suspect the LOT said above too, because horizontal output transistor failure indicates some LOT trouble also.
If so just replace the transistor with same type and number, and switch on the tv just for a short period, say 3 or 4 seconds, and feel the temperature of the replaced transistor with your bare hand, after switch-off the set by unpluging from AC mains outlet. If it overheats, there is some overload, and it is mainly due to the above said LOT. There is an other chance too for this fault. That is deflection yokes' winding short. It is very rare, 1/1000 may occur. Normally an LOT short is found in most cases. If the transitor overheats as said earler, replace the LOT also.
Without the transitor, you just connect a filament bulb of 220v 100W or so, between the main positve rail of the DC supply voltage 130vDC. If the bulb glows constantly, you can make sure that the short is due to lot fault.
An other posibility is shorted secondary filter capacitor and retifier diode. The 130VDC is derived from the secondary side of the SMPS transformer at the power regulator section. There is a rectifier diode and an electrolytic fulter capacitor, normally come to the value of 220MFD 160V or so. If the capacitor gets shorted, it will give a heavy load as stated earlier. Check these components also. OK.

Sony FD... • Answered on Jan 20, 2011

Hi, Unfortunately it has no audio output jack / connector. But if you want to enabling audio output just tap it on internal speaker wires ( make it parallel or disconnect internal speaker and use your external speaker).

Regards, vote please, Jay

Sony FD... • Answered on Jan 19, 2011

  • Five blinks - AKB circuit (automatic kine bias), the timer/standby indicator blinks for about 30 seconds then goes to the self-diagnosis function. Something is wrong with the video. Check video out, Q705, 732, 761 and other components on the C board, also check Q218, 219, 220 on the A board. In addition, unit could be in IK blanking, try turning up screen slightly, (G2 voltage).

Check the tube emmision, it may be too low to track, causing that error.

Hope that helps

Sony FD... • Answered on Dec 14, 2010

From what you say about the set working when it's flat on the table, I would say you just have bad solder connections on the board. When the set is flat on the table, the board isn't being flexed as much and the connections are working.

A schematic isn't much help in a case like this. A good light, sharp eyes and probably a magnifying glass is what you need. Tap gently on the board while the set is on and see where the trouble area is. (Obviously you will use something non-metallic...I use a bamboo chopstick.)

When you find the area most sensitive to tapping, examine all the solder connections and resolder any that look questionable. Be especially wary of anything mounted on a heatsink. Sony sets have had many models where connections on power transistors caused many problems.

Good luck, and thanks for using Fixya!

Sony FD... • Answered on Oct 08, 2010

when you have one with the functions you need,it mostly wil work

Sony FD... • Answered on Apr 09, 2010

Any malfunction associated with a flashing light usually indicates a circuit problem or defective component. Unfortunately, the days of taking off the back cover of your TV and replacing a defective tube or fuse are long gone. Proper servicing will require troubleshooting procedures that can only be performed by a qualified electronic repair facility or professional television repair person. Ask for an estimate and a realistic appraisal of whether the set can be adequately fixed. Depending on the age and condition of your TV it may not be cost effective to repair.

Sony FD... • Answered on Sep 13, 2009

Check 470 uF 450 V in the power supply. I don't know if the chassis is the AE-5, but I had a similar case and the capacitor was bad.

Please tell me if it worked.

e-mail: [email protected]

Sony FD... • Answered on May 23, 2009

It dosent matter if it's on or off as these sets have what we servicers call a stand by power supply. The sets need a stand by supply to supply a voltage to the remote or microprocessor circuit to operate the remote section of the set. Also these supplys can have other supplys built into them and they are switched or always on . Im thinking that the instant the water hit the chassis you were doomed!! DOOMED I SAY.. LOL just kidding man. Ok best thing to do if your not a technician is dont take the set apart and look for something wrong. There are no serviceable parts in these sets and all your gonna do is see alot of small componets and most of the time you cant see when ones bad and theres alot of voltage in these sets, so i would tell the servicer what you did and depending on how old the set is maybe its still worth fixing. Sorry could not be of more assistance. Good Luck

Sony FD... • Answered on Feb 17, 2009

Go to the Sony website and check out the correct antenna cable and scart lead configuration for your set up. I did and with a few simple connection changes it was like getting a new TV.

Sony FD... • Answered on Oct 03, 2008

Normally grainy pictures are a result of poor ground connections, although usually for more than one channel. Check the cable connections first. Otherwise all I can suggest is to have the tuner replaced.


Sony FD... • Answered on Sep 11, 2008

there mabe a DISPLAY button on your remote.

Sony FD... • Answered on Jul 13, 2008

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