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yes new rubber feet are available easy to install

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disassemble clean and assemble paying attention to condition

noise from bearings going out/screeching ???
noise from unbalanced load/ lots of vibration??
noise from scraping/grinding/metal on plastic ??
noise from scraping/grinding/plastic on plastic ??
there any burning smell also ??
is any part getting warm ( turn upside down to check ) ( hold or place on thick layer of kitchen towels

be aware if it is old ~ 20 yrs give or take 20 yrs getting a new juicer will be less hassle than trying to repair

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same problem; looking for solution

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The Manual for the Acme 5001 Supreme Juicerator can be downloaded from the following link:

Items to be juiced must be cut to size and fed through the feed chute. The machine will not operate if the cover is not properly in place.

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You may have tripped the reset button on the bottom of the juicer, just push
it back in. They really don't have to warm up, just give it a few seconds to reach

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The white impeller that you attached the basket and blade to is
keyed to the motor shaft. There is a small shallow nut that you
can remove with a needle nose pliers and pull the impeller off
the shaft to see if it's seated properly or damaged. If damaged
talk Waring into selling you another at 1 800 492 7464.

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Not really designed for juicing oranges. There is a citrus attachment but it costs too much,
better off buying a $20 citrus juicer.

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Juice bowl goes on first, then basket, blade, clutch nut followed by cover which
rotates shut, and of course the food plunger.

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I have the citrus attachment, but never use it because
it spits the stuff all over the place. Better off going
with a $15 or $20 dollar citrus juicer. Sounds like
the inside gearing may have broken and new one is
like $50.

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It's called the clutch nut. Contact Waring at
1 800 492 7464.

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I've had an Acme for 21 years and I don't care
what anyone tells you-they vibrate. After years
of trial and error I found mine vibrates less with
a worn blade that I sharpen with a drill. With
a new shredder blade you actually have to file
down the cutting burrs about one third and
adjust the blade to chute gap by unlocking
the adjusting screw on the center of the bottom,
turn it clockwise until blade contacts chute, and
back it off a half turn. Apparently with a slightly
duller blade, smaller gap, the produce goes through
more slowly and evenly. Also severe vibration will
cause the blade to jump up and chip the chute.

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Try the reset button on the bottom of the juicer.

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You want it to work after 5 years of disuse? A very tall order. Never the less we will have a go at it.

Firstly, nothing to be loosened. Only cleaned properly.
Secondly, There are carbon brushes on the motor where the wire go in, at than end. These have to be removed, cleaned and replaced. The surface that these brushes touch also has to be cleaned properly. They are the ones that pass current to the motor and then it rotates.
Thirdly, put a drop of lube oil on both the ends of the motor where the bearings are.
Fourthly, cross your fingers and power on. It should run.

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Dave, contact Waring at 1-800-492-7464 and order
a new foot ring. Here's a tip. When the juicer is
not in use find a bowl cover or something to fit
in side the circumference of the foot ring for the
juicer to rest on. That way the foot ring won't
stick to the counter and rubber won't compress
over time.

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If you mean green leafy greens, the juicer is
not really designed for them. A sharp blade
will extract some juice from them, but I found
a new blade seems to increase the vibration
issue. Acme works best on carrots, apples,
celery, etc.

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Juice bowl first, then the basket followed by the
shredder blade which is all held down by the
white clutch nut. If you're missing the nut ctc.
Waring at 1 800 492 7464 for a new one.

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This is a good one because a worn blade
actually causes less vibration. You can
sharpen the blade using a drill. Use a drill
bit about the same width as the cutting burrs
and drill into the face of each one ever so
slightly, almost perpendicularly. Assemble
the juicer and unlock the adjust screw on
the center of the bottom. Turn it clockwise
until the blade contacts the chute, then back
it off a half turn. Don't forget to tighten the
lock nut. I've been using the same blade
for years.

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I have a 1962 manual which might be too old but here's what it says: When juicing is completed, simply remove the spring-clamp top, unscrew the wing nut or spring clutch that holds down the cutter blade, and all parts to be cleaned may be lifted from the base. Bowl and top, being non-porous, similar to glass, require only rinsing. Blade should be washed under running water, using a stiff brush. Since the basket is made of stainless steel, it, too, cleans easily. After taking out the the pulp, let cold water run on the outside of the basket while you brush the perforated section. Any remaining particles of pulp will be loosened and can be removed with a damp sponge or by rinsing. Dry and reassemble for next use. Turn machine on and let run a few seconds.
Hope this is of some help.

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It's easy. Scoop out the pulp with your hand and
then under running warm water sponge the outside
first and mop up the inside next. Keep rotating the
basket as you clean. If the juicer becomes discolored
after a while, boil the parts in a solution of Oxi Clean
and water, then scrub. She will look like new.

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you may check this link to help you the step by step instructions in putting the flat blade thru its manual


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