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RCR-V3 not as good as Nimh----> 1.5 and 3V Li even if rechargeble are not worth it. Look at your cell phone batterie says it 3.6 3.7V? Even your Smartphone with glued in Batteries has that. Check out if there are 3.6 to 3.7v Accus for your cam, if so you can use 18650 cells from an old laptop batterrie(if you want to ask me again). I will try this on my qld md 41066 cam too which quitted also very fast on premium brand Nimh(2xAA), this18650 are for free. Here in Germany we have extra recycling bins for poisonous/dangerus batteries in every supermarket.

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You don't need the Olympus software in order to use this camera.

The best way to download pictures from your camera to your computer involves removing the memory card from the camera and plugging it into a card reader (either built-in to the computer or connected via USB or FireWire). This is likely to be faster than connecting the camera to the computer, and won't run down your camera's batteries.

Once the card is plugged in, it will appear to your computer as a removable drive. You can use the operating system's drag&drop facility to copy pictures from the card to the computer's hard drive, the same way you copy any other files. Or you can use any photo cataloging program such as Picasa.

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Turn the mode dial to Auto and press the OK/MENU button. Select [Setup] and then the one-handed clock.

It's all in the "Setting Date and Time" section of the Advanced Manual (page 75 in my copy).

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You may check whether your lens is popped out or not. If your lens is keep popped out then there are chances that your Shuttle is locked inside the camera.
Solution is need to replace the Shuttle, and it may possible that you gently (accidentaly) pushed/press the lens.
Regards Rushi

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You can download free ones, and/or order printed ones from the manufacturer's web site at

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If the camera has recently been dropped you may have lens damage that's preventing it from powering up. If it hasn't been dropped your problem may be due to corrosion on the battery contacts inside the camera - which can prevent the full power of the batteries from flowing into the camera. Try this free fix before you do anything else: remove the batteries and wipe the camera contacts firmly with a dry cloth (heavy corrosion may require cleaning with a wire brush, steel wool, or sandpaper). Remove any residue that may have fallen into the battery compartment during cleaning, then clean the battery contacts, place the batteries back in the camera and give them a full charge (assuming that you're using rechargeable batteries). This cleaning clears the problem about 80% of the time. If it doesn't work for you, the camera may have a problem that requires professional repair.

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It may be advisable to buy another card and try it to see what happens. Problems can occur on these cards. I have had some which quit working correctly. It is my advice to buy a good brand of card.
Since the camera is asking to format the card, do that, and then test it. Make sure you are testing and not taking good pictures.

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Just copy and paste either link in your internet address bar under a new tab to bring you to software site

Feel free to ask any further questions

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The OLYMPUS Master folder is located inside your "My Pictures" folder.

To transfer a copy of the content of Master Folder into my picture you can do the following:

  1. Open My Pictures.
  2. Locate the Olimpus master folder.
  3. Open Master folder.
  4. When master folder is open, chose Edit>Select All from top menu bar, or click right mouse button and chose Select All.
  5. While all files into master folder are hilighted and selected (marked in blue, chose Copy, either from top bar menu, or using right button of mouse to recall the dropdown menu.
  6. Go to My picture.
  7. Chose Paste from top bar, or using mouse right button menu.
  8. A copy of the whole content of Olimpus Master Folder will be created into My Pictures.
In the future your Dad can also try setting the Olimpus software (Picasa) to use the My Picture folder as master folder, even if it is better to keep the two folder with different paths.
If software is Picasa, the option is on Settings command on top bar menu.

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All pictures in the internal memory and/or on the memory card can be erased at once. This is accomplished through either formatting or the "all-frame erase" function. I copied the following instructions from the advanced manual, which can be downloaded here: Adobe reader should open that file with no problem. If it doesn't, that's another issue altogether.

1. Enter playback mode by pressing the play button.
2. Press the OK MENU button.
3. Press the right arrow button (next to the lightning bolt) to access [MODE MENU]
4. Then, press the down arrow to access the [MEMORY(CARD)] tab.
5. Select the [ALL ERASE] function.
6. Select Yes and press OK MENU.

(You'll need to use the arrow buttons to navigate the menus. Please see pg 16 of the manual for instructions on how to do so.)

Note: when the memory card is in the camera, it will erase the pictures off the card. When the card is removed, the function above will erase the internal memory.

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Rotate the dial around a few times to refresh the contacts.

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Use a card reader connected to a PC to backup your photos and then reformat the memory card.

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The D-545 Zoom camera has a 3x optical zoom coupled with a 4x “seamless” digital zoom to deliver a total 12x zooming feature. Press the Zoom button and a zoom indicator will be displayed in the upper right corner of the LCD – the area in white represents the Optical Zoom range and the red area represents the range of the Digital Zoom. The W represents a wider area of view as you zoom out, and the T represents Telephoto as you are zooming in closer to the subject.

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The images saved to the internal memory can be copied to the xD-Picture Card, but you cannot copy images from the xD-Picture Card to the internal memory.

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The Shooting modes are as follows: PROGRAM (P)/AUTO Modes Used for general photography. The camera automatically makes the settings for natural color balance. In PROGRAM (P) the brightness (exposure compensation) can be adjusted. In AUTO mode you cannot use exposure compensation or panorama features. Portrait Suitable for taking a portrait-style shot of a person. The camera automatically sets the optimal shooting conditions. Sports Suitable for capturing fast moving action without blurring. Even a fast moving object will appear to be stationary. Landscape Suitable for taking photos of landscapes and other outdoor scenes. The camera automatically sets the optimal shooting conditions. Night scene Suitable for shooting pictures in the evening or at night. The camera sets a slower shutter speed than is used in normal shooting. If you take a picture of a street at night in any other mode, the lack of brightness will result in a dark picture with only dots of light showing. In this mode, the true appearance of the street is captured. The camera automatically sets the optimal shooting conditions. If you use the flash, you can take pictures of both the subject and the background. Nightscene + Portrait Suitable for taking photos of your subject in the evening or at night. This setting employs a slow shutter speed, the camera should be stabilized to avoid camera shake resulting in a blurred picture. Landscape + Portrait Suitable for taking photos of both your subject and the landscape This setting allows for both the foreground subject and background landscape to be in focus. The camera automatically sets the optimal shooting conditions. Self Portrait Enables you to take a picture of yourself while holding the camera. Point the lens towards yourself and the focus will be locked on you. The camera automatically sets the optimal shooting conditions. The zoom is locked to wide-angle and cannot be changed. Indoor Optimum settings for taking pictures of family gatherings and groups of friends. This mode reproduces the background clearly capturing the atmosphere. Beach Suitable for taking photos at the beach under a bright blue sky. Colors of the sky, the beach and people are reproduced vividly. Snow Optimun settings for taking pictures where backgrounds are snow fields. Settings are similar to Beach settings and colors of the sky, the greenery and people are reproduced vividly. Fireworks Optimum settings for capturing fireworks in the night sky. Since this setting employs a slow shutter speed , the camera should be stabilized to avoid camera shake resulting in a blurred picture. Sunset Optimum settings for capturing pictures of the setting sun. This mode reproduces reds and yellows vibrantly. Again, this setting employs a slow shutter speed, the camera should be stabilized to avoid camera shake resulting in a blurred picture.

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The internal memory and the xD-Picture Card cannot be used at the same time. When the card is inserted the internal memory is disabled. When you want to use the internal memory, remove the xD Picture Card. The LCD display will indicate that images are saved to internal memory by displaying [IN] in the lower right corner of the screen. When using the xD-Picture Card the camera’s LCD will display [xD] in the lower right corner of the screen. These indicators are displayed just above the number of available frames.

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The functions available from the arrow pad, which are Self-Timer (arrow left key), Exposure Compensation for adjusting brightness (arrow up key), Macro and Super Macro Modes for close up photos (arrow right key) will all be reset using the RESET arrow pad button. Also, the quality/resolution will be set back to the default of HQ, but settings such as the language, the date and time, sleep time settings are not changed by using the reset button. These settings need to be manually selected through the menus in order to reset or change them.

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With the camera turned off, connect the USB cable to the PC and plug the smaller end into the camera. The camera will turn on and display the selection screen for USB. Use the arrow keys to select the PC option and then press the OK button. The camera will be recognized by the computer as a removable drive. There are instructions available at our web site ( For editing and managing image files with a PC, install the Olympus Master 1.0 software from the supplied CD-ROM. After installing the software, connect your camera to the PC via the USB cable provided.

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There is an A/C adapter which is recommended for use with the D-545 Zoom Camera. The model is E-7AU. Use this 110V/120V AC Adapter to conserve batteries when downloading to your computer, for extended work in a studio, during printing, or while viewing images while connected to your TV or VCR. You can purchase this through the Olympus Emporium at or 1-800-201-7766. The Olympus stock number is 200751.

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The Macro Mode is easily accessed via the arrow pad on the back of the camera. The right (>) arrow key, which has a flower icon, is depressed to start macro mode. Press OK and you have set the camera for close-up photography.

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