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Hello, this could be a problem with the thermocouple or gas valve. Start by replacing the thermocouple since it is very inexpensive, if that does not get it going sounds like the gas valve will need to be replaced

Coleman Propane... | Answered on Oct 04, 2011

Hello my name is Heath it will be my pleasure to assist you. First thing to do is go to the furnace take off the lower blower door and locate the circuit board turn the power off to the furnace. In the circuit board there should ba a small car like fuse usually 3 or 5 amps check the fuse it is probably blown replace the fuse with the same amperage fuse and then turn the power back on on the furnace and check the operation of the furnace.

Coleman Propane... | Answered on Oct 02, 2011

you need to purge the line of air do this outside first , you will also need to do this at the furnace crack the joint at the gas valve /service valve ,but propane is heaver than air so be very carefull doing this , or call in a gas fitter to do this job

Coleman Propane... | Answered on Sep 21, 2011

IT could be the temp is too cold at night and the tank cannot make vapor ie gas, The liquied has to boil inside to make the gas you can get a heat blanket to warm your tank. Ask you gas suppier if they have one.

Coleman Propane... | Answered on Mar 20, 2011

If the fuse on the circuit board tests good, you will need to replace the PC Board. They are unfortunately susceptible to surges and brown-outs.

Coleman Propane... | Answered on Mar 19, 2011

Your combustion motor is the very first thing to cycle when theres a call for heat. Look at your access panel. There should be a LED status indicator chart. It will tell you what the flashing LED means and what your most likely problem is.

Coleman Propane... | Answered on Mar 13, 2011

Between 48 and 120

Coleman Propane... | Answered on Mar 12, 2011

with this there are 3 things to do. first is lisen to the draft motor and hope it is running as it should when the t stat calls for heat. next disconnect the rubber hose from the furnace and run a paper clip into the port,it may be blocked.disconnect the power from the switch, mark where wires came from, connect a ohm meter and **** on the rubber hose and see if switch close/open,it also needs to prove that. replace switch if all else fails

Coleman Propane... | Answered on Mar 01, 2011

No, it's not normal.

There are two things that can cause the problem: Low gas pressure or poor air intake at the air shutter control on the burner(s). The air intake may simply be clogged with dust and lint. In which case, you can clean it with a vacuum that has a hose and crevice tool attachment. Vacuuming the burners will also help.

As far as the low gas pressure is concerned , be sure your tank has enough gas to carry the heater. It may be running out. Gas pressure will have to be professionally checked.

The cleaning part, you can handle.

Hope this helps resolve your problem.

Coleman Propane... | Answered on Feb 26, 2011

the thermostat possible damage replace it with new one and same model.

Coleman Propane... | Answered on Feb 17, 2011

This issue is called ignition lockout. Last for 3 hours and then resets or if you kill power then turn it back on will reset it. Your flame sensor might need cleaned along with burners. Do you here the clicking sound when it tries to ignite? Could be a bad ignition control. Open limit switch can also cause this issue. If all else fails or I havn't missed anything the gass valve could be bad. I don't know your mechanical skills but generaly for a furnace issue you should call a tech. Then at least if hes wrong its all on them to correct the issue.

Coleman Propane... | Answered on Feb 11, 2011

i hope the heater doesnt come on when a limit switch is open,you really have problems. so a limit is telling you that your furnace it over heating. first check filter and heat vents and returns they must be clean and open. closing heat vent or blocked returns will cause over heating. after chacking this look at firing rate. furnace could be overfired. you would need a "u" gauge to check manifold pressure. your name plate will tell you what this should be. find the tap on the burner manifold or outlet of gas valve. fire furnace and see what it is. 3.5"wc for nat and 10" wc for propane maybe.

Coleman Propane... | Answered on Feb 10, 2011

This sounds like you have an intermittent main board problem. It may be turning on you furnace when the thermostat is not calling for heat. It also could be a short in your low voltage(thermostat wire) going to your furnace. Either way you need to have it checked. It's under a year it should still be under warranty.

Coleman Propane... | Answered on Feb 03, 2011

Hello, You may have this already solved by now but here goes. If your unit was running at the time of the power outage, you may have a limit switch kicked. This would cause your main blower to run non-stop with no heat. Gas furnaces has a main limit mounted on the wall of the heat chamber. This one should reset automatic when it cools down. Then you have a limit (maniual) reset on the blower casing. This is a small round device with two small wires coming off of it that goes toward the main board. If you can find this limit switch it will have a small button in between the two wires where they attach. Push in this button, if it clicks it should light the flame.There may be another limit on the burner casing. Try pushing this one also. When the power goes out when the flames are on this will build a lot of heat up near the blower causing this limit to kick off. Hope this helps.

Coleman Propane... | Answered on Feb 03, 2011

Hello, Most newer gas furnaces (propane or natural gas) has one of several different types of igniters. The most common one is called a hot surface igniter. This is a ceramic easy to break, glow coil, glowing igniter. Some has a Spark igniter that lights all the burners from a constant spark and some light the burners off a pilot proven /spark igniter. This one sparks then lights a pilot then the burners will come on. In any case if any of these types are not working they could be cracked or broke. Also the inducer draft motor has to be running, the little motor that hooks to the exhaust of the furnace ( if it has one ). This causes the pressure switch to close then the igniter should come on. My suggestion is to call a qualified service tech from your area to assist you. To determine which one of these may be your problem they will have to perform several test. Hope you get going soon. I hope this helped. J

Coleman Propane... | Answered on Jan 28, 2011

when you say it doesnt want to shut off i'm guessing you mean the fan. the fans run on a timer when the thermostat calls for heat it will come on 90-120 sec.later. turn your t stat down below room temp and it will shut off in 30-60 sec.your ignitor is most likly bad. turn your t stat back up and look at it. it should glow. furnace will try to light 3 times,you may hear the gas flow for 3 sec.during this cycle. if no glow good chance that is your problem and you will need to replace it.be carefull it is very brittle and breaks easy if tapped. be sure to turn the t stat down again or the fan will start running again.

Coleman Propane... | Answered on Jan 26, 2011

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