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Most of the stations are blocked!

Welcome to the wonderful world of the vchip. Making better babysitters through tecnology. From what I understand the control if placed in a ram and cannot be reset without the password. I would call RCA and talk with a tech there might be a generic unlock code like on the old playstations. You may have to prove you are the rightful owner and over the age of 18.
5/2/2012 5:41:50 AM • RCA E13319 13"... • Answered on May 02, 2012

Is this tv capable of receiving digital signal

The direct tv reciever has a coax output that will send a signal to channel 3 or 4 that any older telivision can recieve...so the answer is yes. You obvously need a direct tv reciever to watch direct tv on any telivision.
11/26/2009 3:21:55 PM • RCA E13319 13"... • Answered on Nov 26, 2009

Wrong language

In the menu one of the first options is language. If it is in spanish you may have to get someone that reads spanish to tell where this option in the menu is. Most new remote hand units have up and down and side to side arrows. Clicking the right side arrow usually will make selections, When you get to english if there is a select button or enter in the middle of the arrows, push that button if english is high-lighted or underlined or different color. Paul
9/24/2007 2:12:57 AM • RCA E13319 13"... • Answered on Sep 24, 2007


Please don't type is all CAPS, it is considered SHOUTING and is harder to read. Thanks. No one buys Universal Remotes, you buy a remote made for the device, a copy of the original. https://www.fixya.com/support/r29872378-universal_remotes_no_facsimile_remote

Genuine PHILIPS NA725UD DVD VCR COMBO Remote ...

eBay https://www.ebay.com > itm Genuine PHILIPS NA725UD DVD VCR COMBO Remote DVP3150V/37 ; Type: Remote Control ; Manufacturer Warranty: None ; Custom Bundle: No ; Color: Gray ; Model: Philips. MPN: DVD740VR99 DVD74DVR, DVD740 DV... Compatible Brand: For Philips Compatible Model: DVP3150V/37 US$49.91 · ‎In stock
3/11/2023 12:07:47 AM • RCA Televison &... • Answered on Mar 11, 2023

My Roku flat screen tv the original remote broke so I bought a RCA 3 universal remote and I can't get it to connect

Question edited for clarity. It is a 'Roku', not a 'ruko'. Roku is a streaming service and not a television manufacturer. The put their badge on a television made by an established maker that also has their streaming service built in, or with a set top/side dongle. https://www.roku.com/en-ca/products/roku-tv https://www.fixya.com/support/r29872378-universal_remotes_no_facsimile_remote You buy the remote SPECIFICALLY for the television you own. That is done by the model number. https://www.google.com/search?q=roku+television+replacement+remote ..
3/10/2023 12:51:10 AM • RCA Televison &... • Answered on Mar 10, 2023

What is the code for a naxa DVD player ND-861

To program your RCA universal remote to control your Naxa DVD player ND-861, you will need to use the correct code for your device. Here are the steps to follow:

Power on your Naxa DVD player.

Press and hold the "Code Search" button on your RCA universal remote until the indicator light turns on.

Release the "Code Search" button.

Press and release the "DVD" button on your RCA remote.

Enter the code for your Naxa DVD player. You can find a list of RCA remote codes for Naxa DVD players in the RCA remote manual that came with your remote or by searching online. For example, the code for Naxa DVD players may be 3394.

Press the "Enter" button on your RCA remote. The indicator light on your remote will turn off if the code was entered correctly.

Test the remote to see if it's working. Try playing a DVD and using the remote to navigate the menu.

If the first code you tried didn't work, repeat the steps with a different code until you find one that works. If none of the codes work, it's possible that your RCA universal remote is not compatible with your Naxa DVD player.
3/6/2023 11:09:32 PM • RCA Televison &... • Answered on Mar 06, 2023

Having trouble with RCA tv vertical and horizontal lines can you help?

Generally horizontal lines are caused by a bad panel, there are COF IC's that give issues a lot of time and they aren't replacable.
3/6/2023 11:06:17 PM • RCA Televison &... • Answered on Mar 06, 2023

My Kef psw2000 power on but but no sound,when i plug in RCA cable standby turn on,I think it's IC,pls what are the IC number for Kef psw2000

First off, even with the IC numbers are you going to be able to replace the faulty parts, in most cases it's not something that can be done without a soldering station, plus hot air station and advanced soldering skills, it's not like soldering a couple wires together. If you're able to replace them take the numbers off the top of the chips and cross reference them.
3/6/2023 10:54:09 PM • RCA Televison &... • Answered on Mar 06, 2023

Rca rlded5098-b-uhd Backlight control

The actual LED strips have failed, chances of it being a board issue are slim, replace the backlights and all will be well
2/28/2023 9:50:02 PM • RCA Televison &... • Answered on Feb 28, 2023

Rca wont turn on what do i do I tried every thing but it won't turn on

If your RCA TV won't turn on, there are a few things you can try:
  1. Check the power source: Make sure that the TV is properly plugged in and the outlet is functioning properly. You can also try plugging in a different device to the same outlet to see if it works.
  2. Check the power cord: Check the power cord for any damage or fraying. If you see any damage, try replacing the power cord.
  3. Try a different remote: If you are using a remote to turn on the TV, try using a different remote or try turning it on manually using the power button on the TV.
  4. Check for any error messages: If the TV is showing an error message or blinking lights, refer to the user manual or contact the manufacturer for troubleshooting steps.
  5. Reset the TV: Unplug the TV from the power source for at least 30 seconds, then plug it back in and try turning it on again.
If none of these steps work, it may be a more serious issue that requires professional repair.
2/26/2023 6:13:15 AM • RCA Televison &... • Answered on Feb 26, 2023

RCA LCD TV Model #39LB45RQ; Power Board #RE46DZ1751. No standby light; ~2.4v measured at the 5v standby pin. Is there any specific component on the board to further test/replace?

There are a few components that could be responsible for the lack of standby power on the RCA power board:
  1. Fuse: Check to see if the fuse on the power board is intact. If it's blown, then that could be the reason for the lack of standby power.
  2. Capacitors: Check the capacitors on the power board for signs of bulging or leaking. If any of the capacitors are faulty, then they may need to be replaced.
  3. Diodes: Check the diodes on the power board to ensure that they are not shorted or open. If any of the diodes are faulty, then they may need to be replaced.
  4. Voltage regulator: Check the voltage regulator on the power board to ensure that it is providing the correct output voltage. If the voltage regulator is faulty, then it may need to be replaced.
If all of these components check out, then it's possible that the power board itself is faulty and needs to be replaced.
2/26/2023 5:23:39 AM • RCA Televison &... • Answered on Feb 26, 2023

I have a RCA dvd home theatre system rtd317 & the tray opens & closes with or without a disk & won't read the disk.

If your RCA DVD home theatre system RTD317 tray is opening and closing without reading the disk, and you've tried unplugging it, cleaning the laser lens, and the motor doesn't seem to be working, it's possible that there may be an issue with the motor or with the disk mechanism itself. Here are a few troubleshooting steps you can try:
  1. Check the disk: Make sure that the disk you are trying to play is clean and free of scratches. Sometimes a dirty or scratched disk can prevent the player from reading it.
  2. Reset the system: Try resetting the system to its default settings. To do this, unplug the unit from the power source for a few minutes, then plug it back in and turn it on.
  3. Check the motor: When the tray closes, listen closely to see if you can hear the motor spinning. If you can't hear the motor, there may be an issue with the motor or with the power supply to the motor. In this case, it may be necessary to have the motor replaced.
  4. Check the disk mechanism: If the motor is working but the disk still won't spin, there may be an issue with the disk mechanism itself. In this case, it may be necessary to have the disk mechanism repaired or replaced.
  5. Contact customer support: If none of these steps work, it may be best to contact the manufacturer's customer support for further assistance or to have the unit repaired by a professional.
Remember to always follow the manufacturer's instructions and safety guidelines when working with electronic devices.
2/24/2023 1:32:20 PM • RCA Televison &... • Answered on Feb 24, 2023

RCA LED 50B45RQ tv turns on, lights up screen, but screen is solid blue.

It sounds like you may have an issue with the backlight of your TV. If a backlight is not getting adequate power, it can cause the screen to appear blue or have "flashing white splotches". The best way to resolve this issue is to have a qualified technician inspect the TV to determine if there are any issues with the backlight power supply. If there is an issue with the power supply, they will be able to replace it and resolve the issue.
2/22/2023 7:12:07 PM • RCA Televison &... • Answered on Feb 22, 2023

Need a schematic for RCA RT2870R surround sound 5.1 receiver.

If you wish to get some details; visit the site linked here. Pull up older posts. http://electronicshelponline.blogspot.com/ http://schematicscom.blogspot.com/ http://homenol.blogspot.com/ Circuit diagrams of many popular brand TVs and other devices are given.
2/21/2023 11:11:11 PM • RCA Televison &... • Answered on Feb 21, 2023

Cannot program a comcast digital adapter remote to a RCA led tv/dvd combo, RLDEDV3255-A-E

If you have already tried all the recommended codes and the "no code option" on your Comcast digital adapter remote, but are still unable to program it to control the power and volume of your RCA LED TV/DVD combo, you may need to consider using a universal remote or contacting Comcast or RCA customer support for further assistance. It's also possible that your specific TV model may not be compatible with the Comcast remote.
2/14/2023 3:40:56 PM • RCA Televison &... • Answered on Feb 14, 2023


  1. Check the cables: Ensure that all cables are securely connected to the TV and to the device you're trying to connect. Make sure the cables are not damaged or frayed. Try a different HDMI cable to see if that resolves the issue.
  2. Check the input: Make sure the input you are using is selected on the TV. You can usually do this by pressing the "Input" or "Source" button on your remote control.
  3. Check the device: Make sure the device you're trying to connect (such as a DVD player or cable box) is turned on and that it's set to output video to the TV.
  4. Check the TV's settings: Some TVs have a setting that allows you to select which type of device you are connecting (such as a DVD player or cable box). If your TV has this setting, make sure it's set correctly.
  5. Restart the TV: Sometimes simply restarting the TV can resolve the issue. Turn off the TV and unplug it from the power source for a few minutes, then plug it back in and turn it on.
If none of these steps resolve the issue, then it may be necessary to replace the logic board.
2/11/2023 4:42:37 AM • RCA Televison &... • Answered on Feb 11, 2023
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