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Cable Looses signal power after 20m ... Install signal amplifier

RCA 36V430T 36"... • Answered on May 04, 2017 • 140 views

Check and replace the shorted component/s in its horizontal output section circuit. If you are not familiar with electronics, do not attempt to repair. Whether you suffer fatal electrical shock! Instead, contact the nearest service center.

RCA 36V430T 36"... • Answered on Feb 11, 2013 • 35 views

Lets try something ,turn the set on and put you forearm in the face of the picture tube if your hair stand to static it means you have high voltage and your set is missing possible the screen or filaments volts,if the hair in your arm does not stand your set is missing the high voltage and the problem is related to the flyback but it does not mean is bad ,it could have a loose conection in one of the legs or in the near area,next time it happens tap on the side of the set to see if it reacts if it does you know you have a loose conection.If you are familiar with tv service this will be a good place to start but if you are not too familiar be safe and call for assistance from a servicer.Let Us know if you need more information and how it goes.

RCA 36V430T 36"... • Answered on Nov 29, 2012 • 63 views

Check this link to download it.

RCA 36V430T 36"... • Answered on Oct 04, 2012 • 57 views

There are shorted component/s on the main board of the TV. Check the horizontal output section for fault.

RCA 36V430T 36"... • Answered on May 29, 2012 • 215 views

This tv a analog tv,CRT tube tv don't have a digital tuner in side a analog CRT tv.Yes,buy the digital converter box to converter to recieve over the free digital air broscaast.

RCA 36V430T 36"... • Answered on Jul 02, 2010 • 114 views

there is a leak of high voltage in your tv so you need to opoen the back cover check for the source of the leak..if the leaks comes from the plyback transformer you can use sealant to cure the leak.

RCA 36V430T 36"... • Answered on Jun 14, 2010 • 134 views

This is the best solution for your problem as a 40 year experience with wires etc. Go to the source of your cable signal connector . Open it and clean the terminals with emery paper , sand the end of the cable shiny clean from corrosion , get a new barrel connectors with gold terminals if possible lengthen the ends of the cable , insert and tighten good, use thick rg-16 or rg 40 cable with good insulation ends crimped professionally with a crimpier or buy ready made , not from dollar store. Get a gold plated professional splitter if you need one or two , it will cost about 15 or more each . Make the cable runs as short as possible, using the thick good cables. If needed get a signal magnifier. From radio shack or the source etc. Connect them good and tight . Ground the splitters . Problem solved , you will get crystal clear channel 2 to 7 including 3 and 4 . Isolate the TV cable from other cables and power wires. Vitally

RCA 36V430T 36"... • Answered on Apr 15, 2010 • 52 views

We have the same trouble! It is the power transformer. These models had faulty ones. Can you believe that this is the 2nd time we have had this problem? And our Beautiful RCA XBOX Entertainment Series TV's that is only 6 years old and there cousins all have these problems!!!! Our repairman (and good friend) told us that it would cost about $250 to fix. Of course he didn't recommend us doing this because the TV TUBES in these series are also very weak. He says that these Large Screen RCA TV's do not make it much past 5 to 7 years. So if you spend the money to have it fixed you will most likely be wasting your time and your money! Sure it will work for another year, but that is about all!
It is far better do what we are doing and go out and buy a new TV. Our Repairman Friend spend a lot of time researching new Flat Screen TV's for good quality and longevity. He states that we all should look at buying a good solid brand like Panasonic if you are going with a 32 inch TV or smaller. A Sharp if you are going larger then 32 inch. Far Better Quality on these TV's and a lot longer life! He states that the other cheap ones that we see out there today already are having a lot of problems! You get what you pay for!
These cheaper so-called bargains will have lots more problems in the months ahead and most will more then likely stop working all together in 2 to 4 years. So buyers beware of these great TV prices on these cheaper models! PLEASE do your homework and please listen to us and our repairman and you will not end up screwed like we were! Now we are stuck with an old RCA clunker which warranty expired after the first fix which was not done correctly! They came out and put a little solder and adjusted the Transformer instead of replacing. It was just enough to last another 6 months for the warranty to expire! Shame on you RCA! We then went out and bought one of these cheaper models and found that the quality is terrible! It already has problems and we are fighting to get them to honor the Warranty! Did I mention buyer beware? Something that looks and sounds too good to be true usually always is! Sorry for the long response! I just hope thise helps others!

RCA 36V430T 36"... • Answered on Feb 26, 2010 • 482 views

The squealing sound that you hear most likely comes from the power supply.
And it is most often caused by a shorted horizontal output transistor.
But that would have to be determined by opening the set and testing it. It is a common problem in rca`s and other sets, it is often caused by a bad flyback(high voltage transformer) and/or associated circuitry.
Hope this help to clarify things a bit.
P.S please do not rate this answer(unless it helps)as it is only a suggestion/information.

RCA 36V430T 36"... • Answered on Dec 13, 2009 • 119 views

a capactor is going down( look like little batteries) and if any have raised tops replace

RCA 36V430T 36"... • Answered on Dec 12, 2009 • 61 views

Does it only happen when you use your Xbox?

Try pulling the cable in and out between the TV and Xbox

RCA 36V430T 36"... • Answered on Dec 05, 2009 • 260 views

no something has gone terribly wrong in the mother board of the tv. sparks cmon man, cant fix that

RCA 36V430T 36"... • Answered on Nov 18, 2009 • 87 views

try with the factory remote press......menu, 7, 1, go-back, tv....... then press menu, 7, 1, go-back, who-input

RCA 36V430T 36"... • Answered on Nov 14, 2009 • 126 views

Use the PRESETS button on the remote control. See page 9 of the manual here: http://tv.rca.com/RCATV/Assets/pdfs/36V430T_1616262B_IB_e-05.pdf

RCA 36V430T 36"... • Answered on Nov 04, 2009 • 101 views

This could be a simple issue with the dome switches on the tv. Many times they will become faulty and can cause strange things like this, one common cause of the switches going bad is incorrectly cleaning a tv by spraying cleaner directly onto the screen and allowing the solution to drip down the screen, capillary action will take a few drops of the solution an deposit it on the switch board behind the switches, causing the tv to malfunction. Even though the power is turning on and off does not mean that the power switch is the one causing this. Without getting technical the design of the switch array can make any faulty button work another function. For example a faulty volume up switch can turn the tv on or off. All of the switches need replaced.

RCA 36V430T 36"... • Answered on Oct 10, 2009 • 112 views

you have to clean all the water corrosion off with rubbing alcohol and a toothbrush, then any blown or water damaged parts need to be replaced, you probably need a tv repairman.

RCA 36V430T 36"... • Answered on Sep 17, 2009 • 159 views

There is a problem with your power ic..U need to replace it...
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RCA 36V430T 36"... • Answered on Sep 07, 2009 • 323 views

If this has a format or spicture size button the remote, adjust to format 2. If not , discribe the picture, if it is cut off top & bottom , you have a vertical problem, if it side to side,then you have a horizontal problem.

RCA 36V430T 36"... • Answered on Jun 23, 2011 • 68 views

The TV is on protect mode.

Try first leaving the TV power cord unplugged for some times, let say one hour or so.

Also ensure that the fault is not coming from a faulty receiver box sending bad signal, check if you get same problem with no receiver box or dvd connected.

If that does not work, and you keep having a flashing led on front of the TV, and tv turning off by itself after a while, that indicates a fault condition.

The flashing light indicates a diagnostic state called protection.
When the TV goes on protection there are only two possible reasons.

1The internal circuits are jammed because of electrostatic charges accumulating on capacitors, or because of a wrong voltage read by the main chip on your monitor controller board. this started the protection circuit.

2 The protection circuit detected a wrong voltage or abroken contact, identified an internal fault and kicked in , startingthe flashing light.

If you are in situation one, then theTV will reset just unplugging power cord for one or two hours,sometimes even minutes.

If you are in situation 2 , then there is an internal fault.

Common faults that can occur are a blown capacitor on power board, a convergence IC has blown, or a fault on Digital board.

Check also the video cable or any external connection cable, if the cable is shorting, or the connector is bad, you can get same flashing state because of the video cable.

If under warranty contact the manufacturer ringing the number on the user manual

If you want to repair at your own expenses, just locate any good qualified repairer.

RCA 36V430T 36"... • Answered on May 22, 2009 • 173 views

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