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"I need to program an old Panasonic TV with a RCA universal remote model RCR311St Help""I need to program an old Panasonic TV with a RCA universal remote model RCR311St Help"

Code For Model RCR311S Code 1003 for Panasonic TV Code 1054 for Panasonic TV Code 1062 for Panasonic TV Code 1109 for Panasonic TV Code 1170 for Panasonic TV Code 1248 for Panasonic TV GOOD LUCK THESE ARE THE CODES LISTED FOR YOUR REMOTE/
11/27/2023 2:50:09 AM • RCA Universal... • Answered on Nov 27, 2023

Need directions 4 rca rcu 800b [rcu800-or rcu403

RCA TV Codes: 000,006,011,019,027,034,038,044, 046,088

RCA Cable Box Codes: 000,027

RCA Universal Remote Control Programming Codes Programming Your Universal Remote.

Special Notes:
RCA, GE and Proscan Brand Devices:
Many of these devices (TV's and VCR's) will not need to be programmed. In the event that programming is required, the code search method is suggested.

The remote may already be set up to operate your brand of TV, VCR, or Cable Box. It is pre-programmed with following codes:
  • TV-000
  • VCR-000
  • Cable Box-000
  • AUX is programmed with VCR code 037
For brands that require programming, there are two ways to program: Using Code Lists or Code Search. Use Code Search if the code lists are not available or if the codes from the lists do not operate a device.

Programming a Device using Code Search:

  1. Manually turn ON your device (TV, VCR, Cable Box)
  2. Press and "HOLD" CODE SEARCH
  3. Press and release the device button you want to set up (TV, VCR, Cable Box) However, if you are using AUX for a device, press and release AUX first and then the device button for the type of device to be programmed (TV, VCR, or Cable). The selected device button will flash once.
  4. Release CODE SEARCH.
  5. Press OFF/ON repeatedly until the device turns off (you may have to press up to 100 times at a rate of once per second).
  6. Once the device turns off, press and release ENTER.
  7. With the device on, press any other button. If the device responds, no further programming is required. If the device does not respond, repeat steps 1-6.

Programming a device using the Code Lists:

  1. Find codes for each device and brand below.
  2. Press and "HOLD" CODE SEARCH.
  3. Press and release the TV, VCR or Cable button you want to set up. If programming AUX for a device, press and release AUX first and then the device to be programmed (TV, VCR or Cable). When the selected device button flashes proceed to the next step.
  4. Enter the three digit code from the TV, VCR or Cable Box code lists.

  5. Release CODE SEARCH.
  6. With the device on, press another button, for example CHANNEL UP. If the device responds, no further programming is required. If the device does not respond, repeat steps 1-5 using another code number from the lists.

12/22/2022 11:26:35 PM • RCA Universal... • Answered on Dec 22, 2022

Codes for a BD-512 uneversal remote for a lg tv

I need codes for Sony tv
3/19/2022 7:36:36 PM • RCA Universal... • Answered on Mar 19, 2022

Code for Dynex TV

Codes for Dynex TV with RCA remote control are:11463, 11785, 11810, 12049, 12184
11/15/2021 6:39:07 PM • RCA Universal... • Answered on Nov 15, 2021

Remote control code/daenyx tv/dvd combo

Your TV is made by Daewoo and is distributed by Daytek. If you call the 800 number on the warranty card you will reach Daytek.
So, what you need to know is this:

#1. A lot of new products won't have a website available. That does not say anything to their quality or the company, just that you've bought a new product and you're one of the first purchasers.

#2. A lot of times if you buy a "no name" TV, you're actually getting components inside the TV that are made by brand name manufacturers. For example, "Prima" uses LG panels in some of their plasma TVs (as well as Daytek). How do I know this? Because I'm the authorized service provider for Daytek, and Prima and quite a few other "no name" TVs, and I've been working on LCD and Plasma since they came out, as well as having worked in the electronics repair industry for over 20 years. I own an Insignia 42" LCD and am quite happy with it.

#3. Most new products that have remote controls will not have codes available for them no matter what brand of universal remote you buy. You have to wait for the people who make the universal remote to have time to make a code for this new brand of TV. This can take up to a year for cable companies, and cheaper universal remotes may never get the code. Expensive universal remotes may be able to have their firmware updated through the internet, so adoption of new codes for new products may happen faster.

#4. Stores like Walmart and Costco are excellent places to buy products like this because they usually have a "no questions asked" return policy if you get the TV back to the store within the stores time limit for returns (some stores are 15 days, some are 30 days, phone the store and ask them). I had purchased a 40" Digistar LCD TV from Walmart what had a flickering problem, I took it back the next day without any problem at all. Then I bought a 42" Insignia Plasma TV from Future Shop that I wasn't happy with. I took it back 3 days later and had no problem at all. As long as you know the stores policy for returns and follow the policy, you won't have any problems either.

#5. Try to avoid buying big-ticket items from smaller stores unless you know their return policies. Some smaller stores will not accept returns on LCD monitors, TVs or plasma TVs but instead require you to handle any problems through the manufacturer.

#6. Best bet it to call Daytek and ask them if they know of any universal remotes that work on that particular model.

11/3/2021 3:16:49 PM • RCA Universal... • Answered on Nov 03, 2021

What's code are good for Curtis VCR/DVD Player

There is no setup codes for Curtis VCR ' DVD combo, with this remote control.
4/16/2020 6:57:06 AM • RCA Universal... • Answered on Apr 16, 2020

Closed captioning code for an Armstrong Cable UEI controller

I cannot imagine the original person still has this issue but if you turn off the cable box, assuming it is an HD PVR, you then hit the menu key and you can go into a whole bunch of options including cc
1/25/2019 12:42:05 AM • RCA Universal... • Answered on Jan 25, 2019

Anbonn lcd tv chunghop

Anbonn led tv code pls
12/17/2018 6:52:05 AM • RCA Universal... • Answered on Dec 17, 2018

Codes for LTE dvd player

Need code for lte dvd player
5/8/2018 10:24:57 PM • RCA Universal... • Answered on May 08, 2018

Codes for a universal remote

Roku is a streaming player; it streams many types of data like comedy, TV shows, horror, etc. Many users had admired to use the Roku because of its comfort and easy to use. The Roku Universal Remote code Comcast is used to control your entire device.
    ·Roku Universal Remote is programmed to access different devices like as TV, DVD, and VCR player. It is a more interesting that you can control your entire device in your single remote. ·This remote control is used to control the audio and video of any brand of your device. ·This code is identifiers for configuration of your device. ·There are two code lists they are CL3 and CL4. Check this code list to replace your batteries and cover. ·You can execute your device in 2 methods 1.Auto programming ·Use the universal remote to turn on your device. ·Then press "Setup Release" till TV button flashes. ·Enter the digit and choose the code to setup your device. 2.Manual Programming ·Use Comcast remote, if you want to program then you can use Aux KEY. ·Check the instruction for manual and start entering the code. First ensure that you have a Roku account or else get it from the Roku.com/link. For details contact@ +1-844-965-4357.
11/7/2017 8:46:46 AM • RCA Universal... • Answered on Nov 07, 2017


try these
Code For Model RCR412S
Code 1003 for Panasonic TV Code 1054 for Panasonic TV Code 1062 for Panasonic TV Code 1109 for Panasonic TV Code 1170 for Panasonic TV Code 1248 for Panasonic TV
you can find codes at http://remotefinder.rca.com/default.aspx?site=rca if you ever need codes for other.
9/5/2017 4:35:02 PM • RCA Universal... • Answered on Sep 05, 2017

RCA remote codes for a SANSUI TV

i have a sansui and the caodes are 0135 and0310
8/12/2017 8:45:53 AM • RCA Universal... • Answered on Aug 12, 2017

After installing we get "no signal".

Two things. "No signal" on a modern TV usually means the device connected to the corresponding input is either not configured right, is not set up for the type of cable you're using to connect its output to the TV, or the TV input "source" hasn't been switched to the actual input you're using. You mentioned a VCR, but I would take that out of the picture to simplify your troubleshooting, and just work with the converter box and the TV. If it still doesn't work, at least that means the VCR has nothing to do with it. Then, it would be nice to know for sure whether the converter is sending the TV the "no signal" message, or the TV was doing it on its own. If you get the message and then disconnect the interconnecting cable, and the message stops, then we know the message is coming from the converter. If it stops, the that means the TV isn't even seeing the converter. See, we are just cutting to problem in half bit by bit, to determine exactly where the problem is. Second, I sympathize and have little patience for a customer service rep that would give up so quickly. If the converter needs an antenna, then the CS rep should have advised you what kind of antenna it needs,and how to make sure its connected right. If a CS rep gave me such poor assistance, I'd return it for my money back and buy another converter. Its hard to know enough details to prove out exactly what is likely wrong, but these steps should at least help isolate some problems. And if it is the converter, at least you know one brand never to buy again.
6/2/2017 7:02:35 PM • RCA Universal... • Answered on Jun 02, 2017

Where can I find remote codes to programe my rca

try this site.


hope this helps you out

Little Dish Fitter
5/30/2017 2:46:39 AM • RCA Universal... • Answered on May 30, 2017

RCA Universal Remote D771

Maybe you are doing something wrong. Have a friend try to do it and see what happens. Universals leave lots to be desired and you might just have to get an original OEM unit.
5/3/2017 10:01:24 PM • RCA Universal... • Answered on May 03, 2017

Codigo de dvd pronext remoto

Trata con el c?digo del DVD marca 3M, ese es compatible con el DVD marca pronext, por lo menos para las funciones b?sicas.

Aqu? detallan como lo usaron desde una app de smartphone:


4/26/2017 12:37:27 PM • RCA Universal... • Answered on Apr 26, 2017

Old RCA Universal Remote

The remote model number is CRK93J1


you can download the manual at:

10/26/2016 4:55:29 AM • RCA Universal... • Answered on Oct 26, 2016

Had a technika tv for about 2 years and now the

It is best to contact any service technician in this case, and make sure that the TV is perfect. Check only after that.
10/17/2016 2:21:31 PM • RCA Universal... • Answered on Oct 17, 2016

Emerson tv model LF391EM4

Set-up (Programming) procedure is too much to type in here, and is not practical and it will differ brand-to-brand remote controls. If you wish to get more; check the sites linked here. It has set-up code list & set-up procedure to many popular brand remote controls. The site has general set-up codes to check with TVs and other devices are given, in the order of the 'device's brand name list' in alphabetical order. Set-up code list to many brand remote controls also is given. Pull up older posts. Search the sites by type in the brand name to your device in its search box at the top right part of the display window. It will help you to find the document easily. http://remotesearch.blogspot.com/ http://electronicshelponline.blogspot.com/ http://electrohelponline.blogspot.com/ Programming Notes • If your device does not respond to the remote after trying all codes listed or your brand is not listed in the code list, use the Auto Code Search method to program your remote. • Sometimes the first code that "works" with your device may operate only a few functions of your device. There may be another code in the code list that performs more functions. Try other codes from the code list for more functionality. This is a trial and error procedure; and quiet time consuming. You might have to check different codes said for your device. Search the site by type in the "brand name" to your device; in the "Search box at the top right of the display window" to get gathered related posts.
9/1/2016 4:45:32 AM • RCA Universal... • Answered on Sep 01, 2016

How do I get Netflix to come up

If you wish to get some details about netflix; check the site linked here. Pull up older posts. http://electro-medical.blogspot.com/
8/26/2016 5:44:30 PM • RCA Universal... • Answered on Aug 26, 2016
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