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Try first leaving the TV power cord unplugged for some times, let say one hour or so.

Also ensure that the fault is not coming from a faulty receiver box sending bad signal, check if you get same problem on dvd with no receiver box connected.

If that does not work, and you keep having a flashing led on front of the TV, and tv turning off by itself after a while, that indicates a fault condition.

The flashing light indicates a diagnostic state called protection.
When the Monitor goes on protection there are only two possible causes.

1The internal circuits are jammed because of electrostatic chargesaccumulating on capacitors, or because of a wrong voltage read by themain chip on your monitor controller board. this started the protectioncircuit.

2 The protection circuit detected a wrong voltage or abroken contact, identified an internal fault and kicked in , startingthe flashing light.

If you are in situation one, then theTV will reset just unplugging power cord for one or two hours,sometimes even minutes.

If you are in situation 2 , then there is an internal fault.

Common faults that can occurr are a blown capacitor on power board, a convergence IC has blown, or a fault on Digital board.

Check also the video cable or any external connection cable, if the cable is shorting, or the connector is bad, you can get same flashing statebecause of the video cable.

Try moving the video cable, and if the cable is not built in, then also try a replacement cable.

If under warranty contact the manufacturer ringing the number on the user manual

If you want to repair at your own expenses, just locate any good qualified repairer.

You can find parts here.

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Press and hold down the Music button for about 10 seconds

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If you have experience troubleshooting solid state TV sets, you should be able to tell by a couple of voltage measurements if its a problem with the picture tube or the drive circuit. Simply take the multimeter and compare the base voltage of the green drive to the red or blue drive transistor. If the voltage is about the same, measure the collector of all three. if the green voltage on the collector is higher then the others, then theres an open between the drive transistor and the crt element. this could be an open resistor, a bad solder connection on the crt socket, or an open picture tube element. If theres no voltage there then your going to have to trouble shoot the drive circuit.

Toshiba 32AF41... | Answered on Dec 29, 2012 | 100 views

These are caused by the ageing of the tube and the final video transistor for the green cathode - the cutout voltage on the final video board is no longer doing its job as the tube heats up so the current passing thru the tube goes up until the X-Ray protection kicks in and cuts the power completely.
Resolder all the components on the video board and try to readjust the cutout voltage - there's a semiadjustable resistor on the video board, right next to the video power transistor - this will give you a few more months of use.

Toshiba 32AF41... | Answered on Apr 23, 2011 | 89 views

Hi Roscoe,

This is an indication of out-of-regulation in the power supply section. The very common caused of this fault is the leaky electrolytic capacitor in that section. It will drop the supply from normal voltage and will disable the unit. Sometimes it has a bulged/dome at the top but not all, it is better that you have a capacitor checker/tester to determine its condition. Also, bad solder joints can produce the same symptom, it is hard to spot, you should use table lamp/portable lamp for finding the cold solder. Secondary reason of fault is the open fuse/fusible resistor in series with the output of regulator IC/transistor, shorted/openRegulator IC/transistor, shorted zener diode(all are in the power supply section) and the microcontroller. Best that you check the output voltage of each regulator to determine where the fault came from and narrow the job.

If you don't have necessary tools and test instruments, and can't do the job yourself, I would advice you to look for a professional to troubleshoot the problem. Don't attempt to work in the power supply if you don't know the safety precaution of handling it, there some stored electricity enough to hurt you with a little mistake only.

Also check if your unit is under warranty /extended warranty, avail it because the manufacturer of your unit will fix it for free. Don't open the back panel, this will void the warranty.

Hope I helped you.

Have a nice day!

Thanks for using Fixya.

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Hello there,

That sounds like the TV went to a different input best thing to do here is use the input key on the remote control, if you do not know what input the TV needs to be set too check the back if all the Connections are going to AV1 then you know the input needs to be on AV1 , if you need me to find the input for you i would need more information .

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Toshiba 32AF41... | Answered on Jan 25, 2011 | 27 views

Most of the problems like this is caused by the CRT socket pins needing to be resolderd. There is also a possibility that the CRT it's self could be bad but most of the time it is the socket.
I hope this helps,

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Try unplugging the set for 12 to 24 hours. if that does not work, theres a problem in the remote sensor circuit or the microprocessor circuit. its going to need a pro to fix it as it meeds trouble shooting.

Toshiba 32AF41... | Answered on Jun 05, 2009 | 916 views

make sure all other applances are ok not a line buffer are spike problem,maybe too high voltage coming for power company check with meter do you have a lot of bulbs going bad

Toshiba 32AF41... | Answered on Feb 22, 2009 | 136 views

the lamp which you rteplaced is not seated properly.and also it can be the problem of colour wheel or the check out all three just check out this links 1 by 1 for colour wheel with diagram and procedure

for lamp in 5 minutes with diagram and procedure

for ballast with diagram and procedure

Toshiba 32AF41... | Answered on Feb 09, 2009 | 129 views

must be some of parts broken down. you have to check powersupply thorougly.

Toshiba 32AF41... | Answered on Feb 04, 2009 | 202 views

just click the programe button < >

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it seems that the Tv sensor (which receives infra red waves from remote control) is not working. you will have replace it.

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Toshiba TV Stand 62HM196

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It's really not quite enough to go on and could be any of the following; Bad FBT (flyback transformer), R216 in the ABL circuit. (Auto blanking limiter); D404 in the Hv circuit or the HOT (horizontal output transistor) at Q404... I'd start there first and if those test okay then I will dig out the schematics and send you the service manual.
Do you get any relay click when you press power button? That's a TAC0116 chassis and prone to any or all of the above.
Hope this helps!

William Rayburn, CET
Premium Technologies
PO Box 442
Long Beach, WA. 98631

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You may have open the set to reach the rca jack connections. Most probable cause would be loose solder connections. You should do this only if you have experience in electronics, esp. TV circuit boards, otherwise, I would take the set to a service center.

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Solder connects IR detector front of chassis,if that does not
do it, replace detector...............................T.

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as picture is ok means 100% it is due to sound section. solution 1 check speaker &its connection or loose 2 check supply to sound section 3 check parts in sound section (resistance& capacitors). 4 check for audio ic if it is demaged.

Toshiba 32AF41... | Answered on May 01, 2008 | 71 views

Maybe a tube, sounds bad. Could be the CRT drive circuit though check the IC or IC's

Toshiba 32AF41... | Answered on Nov 04, 2007 | 114 views

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