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Unplug all of the networking devices including the PS 3 console Wait about approximately 5 minutes before having to turn them back on this will have refreshed the network settings. Check your router manual to connect with a PS 3 console , your router must be able to support 802.11b or 802.11g wireless.

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It could just be that disc then that only freezes up. It might be the disc could be dirty then or if the disc is scratched severely enough the console has a hard time reading the disc then. To clean PS 3 disc's use a clean soft cloth damp it with a little bit of water and don't use a circular motion to clean disc's. Get another soft clean cloth and dry the disc off gently and do not use a circular motion to dry off the disc.

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Without knowing more, sounds like you need to check the PS3's WiFi settings to make sure the unit is really connected through your home internet service's router to the internet. Make sure the WiFi protocol on the PS3 and the WiFi password validate correctly in the Settings, and that they match that you have set on the WiFi setup of the ISP's router. With a mismatch here to the WiFi settings, nothing on the PS3 will connect to the internet. If it all checks out but the unit doesn't connect to WiFi, if other devices in your house do and you have matched the settings, could be an indication of a problem with the PS3 hardware, scope of which to help you resolve is beyond this forum.

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Short answer...yes, would you like to invest what would likely be days learning the process? There may be a mod ship out there somewhere, but unless you are willing to modify the PS3 in someway that would likely void any warranties, then you're going to have to find a DVD for your region. A mod without a chip would involve installing linux in addition to the OS that the playstation comes with. I'm sure the process has gotten easier since I last checked, but I found it too painstaking.

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You maybe able to get a region free code from one of these WEB sites for your Samsung player.

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PS3 is The amazing device by sony but it has some common problems like sound problem, video problem etc..... Good news is that these all problems can be repaired with the help of DIY Guides, one such guide available at PS3 Repair Blog.

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Also, try a Quick format on the harddrive ( you'll lose game data though)

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It's your blu-ray drive.

They last only 1-3 years with average use. It's a Sony defect.

The laser is three part (cd / dvd / blu-ray). The blu-ray is usually first to go.

Check out my common PS3 problem and repair guide for tips and suggestions for your problem.


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Sony Playstation... | Answered on May 07, 2020

This is probably a copyright file protection called "Cinavia". Any files protected by this will stop playing after about 10 minutes.

Sony Playstation... | Answered on May 06, 2020

That is actually a poor conclusion. There are three different lasers, one for blu-ray, one DVD and one for CD games all in one holder inside. It certainly CAN be the laser. The description id the DVD/Blu-ray part is having focus problems. Contact Sony for a service center that can install a new drive (It needs to be calibrated on install)

Sony Playstation... | Answered on Apr 16, 2020

This can be caused by Region coding. I for instance have an Australian PS3, if I try to play US encoded Blu-Ray it will not work. PS3 games are not region coded and will always work. However the movies are another story. Go to this website and find a region free movie to rent, and see if it still gives you the error. http://regionfreemovies.com/region/free

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unfortunately you can, each system is hard wire for each region. They do sell region free games, they're normally located in Australia, good prices in ebay.com.



Sony Playstation... | Answered on Apr 07, 2020

Different coutries use different region codes Like i am in canada region code 001 and i think UK is 002. It is to control the release of video around the world... like movies in the states come out before the movies in canada. anyway you have to be careful as changing the code on some machines (in the dvd players settings) could only be done a few times before in locksin into the final code inputed thus it will play lets say your uk stuff but not your Australian stuff.

I would research your dvd player specifically and see if it locks itself before changing anything. Good luck

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1. Download the update onto a USB stick using your pc. (Hopefully you have one). Create a new folder named UPDATE and drag the file into it. Then create a folder called PS3 and drag the 'UPDATE' folder into that. Note the folders must be in capitals.....
2. Underneath your console is a small panel near the front that pops open to reveal a small screw. Unscrew it and then remove a bigger panel on the actually front of the console to reveal the hard drive. It has a wire handle that will help you remove the hard drive. (Don't take it out yet)
3. Turn your console on and when the update loop begins take the hard drive out. After a minute or so it will realise this has happened and a error message will appear and a 60 second countdown will start. Let this time countdown and allow the console to restart. ( a post a read on a forum said that the console will restart on a screen that will allow you to download the update via USB but is did not happen for me and the system said it was unable to start because it could not detect a hard drive.)
4. Turn the console totally off and insert the hard drive. Turn it back on and as it is beginning to start carefully take the hard drive back out. Then a screen will hopefully appear that says to connect your controller to the USB wire and press the ps button. Do this and then it will give you the option to update via USB. Insert your USB drive and press start and select on your controller.
5. Then comes a step that I can't really explain and is the trial and error part of the process. When the system is searching for the USB update I inserted the hard drive. On the first try it didn't find the update and a error message appeared, but as I tried the whole process again it found the update and completely the process. I didn't lose any saves and more importantly, didn't pay a penny!!

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I would start with a firmware update (2.60) and also a full system restore. That should fix the problem. Let me know. I'm a PS3 expert!

Sony Playstation... | Answered on Mar 26, 2020

Nope there isn't.

Sony Playstation... | Answered on Mar 24, 2020

As of now, there is no way to make bluray movies region free. Games, however, are region free so you can get any PS3 games and they will work on your system.

Sony Playstation... | Answered on Mar 19, 2020

Unfortunately not, as it stands the only thing the PS3 is region free on is the games. All regional BD and DVD are locked to your region. Even if there was a hack to play region 1 dvd's on a region 2 ps3, sony would patch it up as soon as it was made puclic.

However you could use region free dvd's which will work on the PS3. There is plenty of software for PC which will copy your existing DVD's and remove the region lock. However, I am not sure on the legalities of it.

Sony Playstation... | Answered on Mar 19, 2020

Currently, there are no means to make the PS3 region free. Best thing you can do is copy the DVD onto your PC and burn a region free DVD from it.

Sony Playstation... | Answered on Mar 19, 2020

You don't need to do anything. You can take a DVD from any region and it will play. Region Free is set in the PS3 software base.

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