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Ps3 not reading disk

i had the same problem. just fone sony tell them wats up and they will arrange 2 pick up ur faulty ps3 and replace it there and then!!

here is the number for sony if it has any help:

08705 99 88 77
10/4/2022 9:47:11 PM • Sony Playstation... • Answered 11 hours ago

Unlock Uk ps3 to play region free blu ray dvd's

repair hack cheat and unlock ps3 yourself in less than 1 hour

10/4/2022 9:46:09 PM • Sony Playstation... • Answered 11 hours ago

My PS3's hard disk file system is corrupted

This happened to my husbands PS3 also. He put it into another PS3 and reformatted it and then when he got home and put it back into his it asked him to reformat again and this did the trick. It's been working ever since. He called Sony and they wanted him to send back his hard drive and they would either fix or send him a "new" refurbished one for $150. I don't think so!!
10/4/2022 9:44:19 PM • Sony Playstation... • Answered 11 hours ago

Need help with ps3 internet hook up

The ps3 wifi is very finicky --
While the ps3 scans for a hotspot turn the router off then on so the router aquires the ps3.
Goto settings
Goto network settings
Goto network connection, select enable
Goto Internet connection settings just below internet connection-
Push yes when it says you may be disconnected
Select wired or wireless
For wireless use scan or enter manually
Follow on screen instructions.
Once that is set up return to main menu and go to network near the right
Then once in the internet browser press triangle and goto file and enter the internet address you would like visit.
If all else fail use the ethernet cable to attach it to your laptop. Then run network setup on the laptop and add the ps3.
10/4/2022 9:43:16 PM • Sony Playstation... • Answered 11 hours ago

PS3 says DNS error (80710102) when i try to connect to the internet with a wired connection

for mine i tried other fixes and they didn't work. Turns our my router had enabled security but the PS3 had forgotten the password (WEP key).

I turned off the WEP on my router and the PS3 suddenly found its connection.

To say I was getting stressed is an understatement, Sony should put something on their website, it seems like a really commonm problem to which people have no clear route to solution.
10/4/2022 9:40:21 PM • Sony Playstation... • Answered 11 hours ago

Playstation 3 won't play games, dvd's or blueray movies

this has happen to me!! and i end up buying another ps3 and it end up the same!!! i fix both of them!!! and about over 200 consols with the same problem!!! this is what u do! you connect your control direct to your ps3. and then you hold the power button for 5 seconds!! the system will turn on!!!remove your finger for a second and hold the power button till you hear 2beeps then remove your finger and the system will shut off!! this is a manuel reset!!! the system will turn back on!! asking u to connect your controller!! you already have it connected. then it will give you about 6 options!! you will choose RESTORE FILES!!! your system will check for your system defaults!! then it will tell you that you have corrupted files!! and proceed with it!!! it will fix if you have problems with your controls,if it doesnt play games,blue ray,if it freeze, system shutting off,icon problems,only playing sertting games or movies!!! if you have problems or any question feel free to ask!! i know is fustrating!!!
10/4/2022 9:39:22 PM • Sony Playstation... • Answered 11 hours ago

PS3 won't play blu-ray games

follow this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pVJ3q_MGIM
and then use file restore
9/6/2022 7:33:47 AM • Sony Playstation... • Answered on Sep 06, 2022

No sound from HDMI to PS3

go under system setting-->select sound settings-->select audio output settings -->hit x on hdmi-->hit x on automatic-->hit x to enter. This solved the issue for us :)
8/12/2022 6:29:26 PM • Sony Playstation... • Answered on Aug 12, 2022

Hi, i have just done

Sony are either doing a maintenence update or trying to fix the latest update bug that is stopping people from logging on. It will be fixed so give it some time and try again later.

Hope this helps
7/8/2022 7:43:27 AM • Sony Playstation... • Answered on Jul 08, 2022

How can I reset a PS3 red screen of death(sic)?

PS3 piggy or gen2 slim. Slim is better. got slim.?or super slim??????????bought it dead or failed out of the blue and worked great for years?lots of causes.overheating from all vents full of lint inside too.the sony play station ,3 has tricky hidden vents, that are pesky to see and clean. out.the huge fan and huge heatsink fins must be fully clean.orbad PSU module. (power supply module inside)bad main board (mobo)or shorted BR ODD drive ( optical disk drive)or shorted hdd (mines SSD)best is have 2x, PS3. so you can swap parts, like I just did.gee they're cheap now used.if bought like that dead, vast more, I have a list.in that case mostly using wrong parts caused.see the 2 models ps3 herehttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PlayStation_3_modelssee evolution ?three versions and parts top NO MIX> at all.
7/2/2022 11:30:01 AM • Sony Playstation... • Answered on Jul 02, 2022


I'm guessing the issue is that the PS3 isn't responding to your controller input.Ensure that the PS3 controller is actually on. You can turn on the controller by pressing the Playstation button in the center of the controller. There will be a red light on top of the controller indicating that it is on.If no light shows up, it's possible that the controller simply has dead batteries. Grab your controller charge cable (should have been included with controller, looks like this) and connect the controller to the PS3 while the console is on. Give it a few minutes, then press the center Playstation button again and see if it responds.It's also possible that the controller just isn't synced to your PS3. Again, grab the charge cable and connect it to your PS3 while it's on. Then press the Playstation button while the controller is connected. It should sync it to the PS3.If none of that is working for you, there may be an issue with the controller itself. The easiest fix it to reset the controller. There should be a tiny button in a hole on the back of the controller. Just press it (you'll need a paperclip or something to do it) and the controller will reset. I believe you'll have to re-sync the controller (using the cable again).You should also try syncing other controllers to your PS3 to make sure that the issue isn't with the PS3 itself (which would be awful; I've never heard a PS3 breaking like that but I suppose there is always a first). If other controllers work then either your controller's battery is dead or the controller is actually broken. I don't think Sony repairs/replaces controllers so you may have to buy a new one.It may be worthwhile to checkout their support page first, to see if anything helps before shelling out 50$ for a controller:Sony SupportSony RepairAmazon - PS3 Controllers (I recommend Silver; it's ****).Hope it all works out!
6/28/2022 6:22:44 PM • Sony Playstation... • Answered on Jun 28, 2022

How to fix ps3 error

Hi lucious_howa

Turn your router/modem & PS3 off unplug all cables plug them back in & turn both router/modem & ps3 on see if this helps.You may get DNS error code (80710102)... If so try going to the link i have provided and see if that information helps...


Cheers nikki

Please take a few seconds of your time to rate my solution as i have taken time to answer your question the best i can Thank You......
6/6/2022 9:47:29 PM • Sony Playstation... • Answered on Jun 06, 2022

Playstation 3 error code 80710103

i think personally that this is a problem with there new Generate or Manage Device Setup Passwords. they never should have added this to ps3 and until they either fix this or remove it we will be facing this problem. PS - hey guys stop putting different error codes for this. this guy is asking for the fix to 80710103 not 80710102 or 8001050F.
5/28/2022 6:05:59 PM • Sony Playstation... • Answered on May 28, 2022

How do I reset my PS3 with only a keyboard and

Because the system recongnizes a controller or remote before any usb device. Simply put, you need to sync a controller to your system, even if you don't intend on using it, try looking for a used one at gamestop or best buy.
5/26/2022 4:22:02 AM • Sony Playstation... • Answered on May 26, 2022

How do i verify my age on youtube ?

By creating a youtube account with your age in it . You age must be over 18 if you wish to watch all the video even the flagged ones
5/23/2022 3:34:17 AM • Sony Playstation... • Answered on May 23, 2022

Playstation 3 Flickers when set to 1080P

It sucks to see ALLLLLLL these solutions, when I have the solution. Turn off DEEP COLOR in the video settings. It will immediately stop. If it doesn't, then you don't have the typical snow/flickering problem.
5/21/2022 4:55:41 AM • Sony Playstation... • Answered on May 21, 2022

Dns error 807101ff

PS3 online is well good, shame you aint got it, ******!
3/10/2022 4:08:28 PM • Sony Playstation... • Answered on Mar 10, 2022

I purchased a DVD from Disney, Florida - won't play in UK

try to buy a very cheap usa dvd player the formating for us movies and uk movies are different and players different also try this first
2/23/2022 9:24:28 AM • Sony Playstation... • Answered on Feb 23, 2022

Ps3 stuck in safe mode

i turned on my ps3 and it goes itself on safe mode.I tryied to turn off and on but same thing and i dont have ds3 how can i repair it?Is it corrupted or...is it deleted PLS SOMEONE ANSWER :(
2/13/2022 5:50:45 PM • Sony Playstation... • Answered on Feb 13, 2022

What is error code 8002F2E4 for ps3

There is a "fix". On the Sony website there are multiple links from where you can download the file, but not every file is the same. If you download the one from the top of the website (about 206mb) it should work. When you take the file from down below on the website (about 205mb) you will get the error code...
2/12/2022 3:01:10 AM • Sony Playstation... • Answered on Feb 12, 2022
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