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disc read error

when i pluggled my ps 2 to my television set it started and when I inserted the cd in it then it does not any thing only two options appear on screen browser and system configration and when i clicked on browser it gives me disc read error

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To fix this problem, you will need to open your PS2 and re-adjust its lens. To open your PS2, first turn it upside down. Remove the 4 rubber feet and 6 square tabs (circled in the picture) by sliding a flat screwdriver (or something similar) underneath them.

Posted on May 17, 2007


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my playstation 2 won't turn on at all

I have been using my playstation 2 with no problems. One day I plug everything in and nothing happens. I tried different plugs, plugging it in an out, rehooking up the cables and nothing.

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my ps2 it get power it red when i press the reset botten it wont turn to green

Posted on Dec 05, 2010


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EA Sports Server Troubleshooting, Problems & Support

EA Sports Server Troubleshooting, Problems & Support-PS2 online college football 08 cant log on

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I had the same problem where I'm logged into XBox Live and I couldn't get into the EA servers to play any EA games. This is what worked for me:

1. Hit the XBox button and Log out of XBox live.
2. Go to the Settings tab and select System Settings.
3. Choose Console Settings then Clock.
4. Choose Daylight Savings and set this to OFF and back out.
5. Log back into XBox Live and the time will be set automatically.
6. Start you EA Game and Have Fun!!!

Posted on May 04, 2009


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not reading the dvd game

Hi This is dharish from india, i have problem with my sony playstation 2 that it has stopped reading the game dvds it ow it for the last 1 1/2 year, is it the lence problem, what can i do about it do i have to repace the lence or is there any other way Regards Dharish india

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o gta san andreas não quer abrir o que eu faço?

Posted on Jul 10, 2009


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PS2 Memory Card Read Error

The system doesn't recognize memory card in slot. If I hold it in REAL firmly we may be able to save a game on occasion

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my system keeps saying the memory card has been removed and i even try holding it in or switching slots but it doesnt work???? I HATE MY PS2

Posted on Dec 30, 2009


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bought playstation 2 guitar hero world tour , doesn't work

I have already exchanged it and tried it on my husbands playstation 2 and my son's. The guitar syches up and then it says that it can't read the data. Please help, this is supposed to be my son's christmas present.

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Here's what I did to fix the same problem on my PS2 (Slim model # SCPH-70012). This should work for all models of PS2's. (Slim or Fat). Sony says all models can read a dual layer disc. If the fix doens't work then you need to send in your PS2 for service.

1) Start up the PS2 with no disc in it.
2) Highlight the 'Browser' menu and press the 'green triangle' button.
3) Highlight the 'Console' menu and press the 'green triangle' button.
4) Highlight the Diagnostics menu and press the 'blue X' button and select 'ON'.
5) Press the 'red O' button to back out of this menu.
6) Highlight the 'PlaystationDrive' menu and press the 'green triangle' button.
7) Highlight the 'Disc Speed' menu and press the 'blue X' button and select 'FAST'.
8) Press the 'red O' button to back out of this menu.
9) Turn off your PS2.

10) This step is optional.......I blew into the main unit to loosen any dust out of it and then carefully used my shirt to wipe across the lens at the back of the drive. I'm not sure if this mattered or not. Since I did this in conjuction with the above steps I can't say if this is needed.
11) Insert the disc and turn the PS2 back on. The diagnostics should run and automatically adjust your PS2 to play the game. I was amazed! Mine loaded right up after several previous days of nothing.

12) I checked the settings after the initial load and the Diagnostics and Drive speed reset to normal so it must be a one time run thing. My game has loaded everytime since and I haven't had to re-do the settings at all.

I hope this works for you too!!

Posted on Dec 30, 2008


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how do i fix my ps2 memory card

I was playing madden 08 I saved the game, shut the system off, I come back and my memory card was cleared. I went to the browser and it said there was no data on the memory card. My brother's memory card worked fine on my ps2. It loads and saves as it normally would. My won't save or anything. When a game tries to read it it says there is no card present.

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Hi Andrew555,


You will see two screws or so that hold the memory card together.  open the case of the memory card, The circuit board is probably slid back and not being held forward so that it inserts fully into the card reader on the PS2. Sometimes, the retianer that keep the memory Circuit board forward breaks, and you will have to use your ingenuity to figure a way to keep the circuit board pushed forward. 

Posted on Oct 15, 2007


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ps2 memory card

error loading comes up when i put memory card in

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Hi Lofatman,


If this problem happens with the memory card when its in either slot 1 or slot 2

I suggest you clean the contacts of the memory card. 


If it just happens when you have in Slot 1 or Slot 2 only,

 Go to Radio Shack and get a Can of contact cleaner that has a Brush built into the Spray nozzle. 

  1. Turn off the PS2 and disconnect the power cord.
  2. Use a small screwdriver to press open the memory card slot. Do not use too much force, its delicate.
  3. Push the Brush sprayer up into the memorycard slot and spray a little and brush away at the memory slot contacts.

if you do not have success with that, you must open the PS2 case, and Remove the Controler ports and clean up the whole controller port assembly.


If that doesn't work, and your frustrated and not Electronically skilled enough to do this.  I can get the PS2 in tip top shape, for $32 and that includes return shipping.  I run the website


This should put you in business.

Posted on Oct 18, 2007


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How can I unlock playstation 2 dvd to be region free?

It is a region 4 and I want it to play all regions. It is an older one not the new slim one. Thanks for your help :)

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Step 1
Turn on your PS2 and choose the menu screen where you would normally enter the password. Instead of entering a password, go to the DVD setup menu. Go to "custom setup" and choose "parental controls".
Step 2
When you are asked for the code or password, press the select button on your controller and enter the number "7444". Now set the parental lock to "off".
Step 3
Press "reset" on the front of the game console to save your settings. When the system reboots, you should be able to view your previously censored games or DVDs. You will also have the opportunity to choose your own password, allowing you to turn the parental lock on and off, either manually or automatically by game or movie ratings.
I often recommend that the parents of older children should regularly reset the password in order to prevent "hacking". Also, try to choose a password that could not be guessed easily. Often, a combination of both letters and numbers works best, as the laws of statistics dictate that more choices equal more failed attempts at cracking the code. Unless your child is exceptionally persistent or lucky, boredom will win out before they guess the correct code.

Posted on Dec 17, 2008


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cheat of gta sanandras copland 2006

send me the cheat of gta sanandras copland 2006 pc game plese

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Posted on Oct 07, 2007

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