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My playstation 2 is lagging

Try dusting out the ps3, and if that doesn't work clean the lense.
10/21/2021 12:40:38 PM • Sony PlayStation... • Answered on Oct 21, 2021 • 124 views

How to change region code on ps2 scph-90002

How do you change region on ps2 SCPH-39001
10/19/2021 3:57:44 AM • Sony PlayStation... • Answered on Oct 19, 2021 • 186 views


If your ps2 controllers aren't vibrating anymore then this could be the fix that you were waiting for.

WARNING: Make sure that 1) Its not your controller that is broken, test it in a machine that does have vibration. 2) Make sure that the vibration option is turned ON in your games

If you are sure that your controllers aren't broken, then you may have blown a fuse inside your ps2 on your mainboard.

To fix it you have to remove a blown fuse from the ps2 mainboard and either put a new fuse there or replace it with a piece of single strand wire. The point is fairly small so you need a fine tip soldering iron and a single strand of wire. It may be best to get someone who is good at soldering to do this fix for you:

I take no responsibility for anyone breaking their ps2 when performing this fix. All I know is that i've done it and it worked a treat!

You will need;

1) A fine tip soldering iron and some thin solder.
2) A single strand piece of wire, something thin like kynar or enameled wire.
3) A game with vibration function to test the ps2 afterwards.
4) A controller that works with vibration.

Between the power supply connector and the PS9 fuse there is a small black square with 2 silver prongs on the left hand side. This featured on my mainboard as well, and I was able to locate the correct / broken fuse using a multimeter. Look for a fuse with S7 on the top near here, and check for continuity, If there is none then thats the one! One last thing before it goes into full detail;

Check the track between the black square with the silver prongs and the broken fuse, if its on the same track then you can attatch one end of the wire to that prong that is on the same track, and the other side to the end of the fuse opposite of the black square with silver prongs *

This will take bout 10 mins to do - start to finish.

Below tells you how to do it

Below is a description on where and what to look for i.e. the fuse, and how to repair it.

1. I have a V5 PS2

2. Take the PS2 apart.

3. Remove the Power Supply motherboard.

4. After removing the Power Supply Board, you will need to remove the metal shroud and expose the entire PS2 Motherboard.

5. Once you have done this look around the connector for the Power supply board on the PS2 mother board. You will see a number (maybe around 4 of them all located within 2 inches of the Power supply connector) of fuses with "S7" written on it.

6. The one you are looking for has the text "PS9" written on the motherboard next to it.

7. Check it with a multi-meter, for continuity, there will none. If you are not sure, you can check all of them, when the buzzing on multi-meter stops, that's the one.

8. To repair it, use a strand of wire, possibly from an old extension cable or something, but only one strand. Solder it on both sides of the fuse in order to close the connection.

9. Reassemble the PS2.

10. Boot up and play your game, vibration is back.

Hope This Helps
10/2/2021 11:33:45 PM • Sony PlayStation... • Answered on Oct 02, 2021 • 2,290 views

When i try to my turn my ps2 slim on.The button turns red

try this:
1. turn off PS2
2. unplug PS2
3. plug PS2 back in
4. turn on PS2

hope this helps.
it's from the manual :D
8/25/2021 12:30:38 PM • Sony PlayStation... • Answered on Aug 25, 2021 • 643 views

Play station 2 disc read error

sony jst ripped us off with ps2. u know, always making something not perfect so they could sell a better product, does ps3 sound familiar. im sure something will be similar to ps3, then ps4 comes out, so on and so forth. mostly, i cant play rockstar games in my ps2, the video and audio doesnt match, then it jst freezes on loading scenes. jeeze.
6/12/2021 3:26:57 AM • Sony PlayStation... • Answered on Jun 12, 2021 • 145 views

My game freezes at the same spot every time

First step should be to change the game by the new one (or clean the disc). If this still not help please advice.
5/25/2020 6:44:04 PM • Sony PlayStation... • Answered on May 25, 2020 • 3,455 views

PS2 wont play DVD movies!

Hi. It seems that you might have an old version of the PS2.

The original PS2's had a problem with the laser that read CDs and DVDs, often failing, creating problems with reading DVDs and in rare cases, CDs.

Unfortunately, the class action lawsuit filed against Sony is too old to get yours fixed for free, but there are ways to attempt to fix the laser yourself, if you would rather not send it in to Sony.

If you have any other questions, respond and I'll help you the best I can.

Good Luck!
2/26/2020 8:05:13 AM • Sony PlayStation... • Answered on Feb 26, 2020 • 415 views

I put game in and i get no destination available

Can we play games through pendrive after downloading the game in pendrive?
2/23/2020 1:31:21 AM • Sony PlayStation... • Answered on Feb 23, 2020 • 677 views

Ps2 will play ps2 dvd games but wont play dvd movies

might want to check the parnet settings on the system
1/2/2020 6:06:46 AM • Sony PlayStation... • Answered on Jan 02, 2020 • 277 views

PS2 Fifa 08 unplayable after playing online

one thing you should do is try to put either alcohol or perfume on tisse paper and wipe the dvd. it should work. another thing it might be the laser that is damaged. but try the perfume or alcohol it works.
12/18/2019 3:52:56 AM • Sony PlayStation... • Answered on Dec 18, 2019 • 194 views

Fix a halfway stuck tray on a ps2

There must be a broken piece of the tray thats blocking the process. Try to open the console using a screwdriver and get rid of the broken bits
12/15/2019 8:13:29 AM • Sony PlayStation... • Answered on Dec 15, 2019 • 586 views

No longer works. Red light keeps blinking.

Here are a few troubleshooting tips to try: 1) Check all cooling vents for blockage (dirt/hair/debris) 2) Are cooling fans running? 3) Is there enough space between cooling vents and surrounding objects Ensuring your PS2 is cleaned regularly is vital to its survival. As with computers and consoles alike, the cleaner they are, the cooler they run, the faster and more responsive they are. Check out the some disassembly and cleaning videos on youtube Just hit the link below YouTube
12/14/2019 12:28:30 PM • Sony PlayStation... • Answered on Dec 14, 2019 • 357 views

Ps2 disc read error

often as not, it's the disks, not the console. check the disk condition for fingerprints and deep scratches
11/29/2019 4:08:12 PM • Sony PlayStation... • Answered on Nov 29, 2019 • 230 views

How do I set up a PS2 on an Insignia NS-40D510NA15 flat screen tv?

That seems like all you should have to do. Are you selecting the correct Input Source on your TV???
11/26/2019 12:22:07 PM • Sony PlayStation... • Answered on Nov 26, 2019 • 462 views

It gets stuck......

it must be scratched use cloth to wipe
10/22/2019 7:32:36 AM • Sony PlayStation... • Answered on Oct 22, 2019 • 233 views

Ps2 bottom part of theb picture missing

Defective Emotion Engine - Defective GPU VGP

No user serviceable parts inside.

1. Replace Main Board.

Thank you for choosing FixYa!
Az. Wizard Division.
6/25/2019 6:51:02 AM • Sony PlayStation... • Answered on Jun 25, 2019 • 219 views


Chelsea doesn't use a specialist formation.
6/21/2019 9:49:11 AM • Sony PlayStation... • Answered on Jun 21, 2019 • 341 views

Need help!!!!!!!!!!!

A previously released Madden NFL 08 update for the PLAYSTATION 3 was causing an error code (80010009) to appear and prevent online game play.

There has been a fix published by Electronic Arts (EA) on this problem.

This has now been resolved, but if you already downloaded the update, you will need to remove it before the game will work.

Please follow the steps provided by Electronic Arts below.

If you have encountered an '80010009' error message after downloading the most recent Madden NFL 08 update, please perform the following steps listed below:
  1. Press the PS button on the controller and select QUIT.
  2. In the main screen of the XMBTM user interface, select Game.
  3. Highlight the Game Data Utility folder and press the X button.
  4. Highlight the Madden NFL 08 file and press the Triangle button.
  5. Delete the file.
  6. Restart the game.
This will allow you to launch and play Madden NFL 08.
6/4/2019 3:38:03 AM • Sony PlayStation... • Answered on Jun 04, 2019 • 344 views

Dribbling conrols ps2 fifa 07

you may find out more form here or check in to the forum on here

5/21/2019 2:08:03 AM • Sony PlayStation... • Answered on May 21, 2019 • 334 views
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