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PSP Corrupt Data

Ok This Is A Long...... Story

I got a PSP for my birthday and all has been well until now....

I recently got a disc in PSM3 it had programs on it like a GPS and A ScreenShot Program. I have a Macintosh so it was a little bit strange as mac doesnt have the missing sync to be able to do alot of the stuff u can do with a psp on a Pc. I tried loading them on but i didnt know to much of what i was doing so i couldnt get it working. I plugged my PSP back into the computer and started to play my games and i had been playing them for about 5 days ,when my PSP data suddenly said "corrupt" i was like WTF! so i had to reformat the PSP Memory Card (4GB MagicGate Sony Duo) . I then put my friends Memory Card in my PSP and played of my friends saved data. I then saved his Data to my memory card and it worked fine. Then i turned it on this morning and it said all my data was corrupt (Once again i was like WTF!). I Reformated the Memory card and then tried to load anotha save game from the PSM3 DVD to my memory card . I did that and turned my PSP on again and it said Data Corrupt. I tried to save my own game data it first said save failed then i managed to save it so i turned the psp of and on again and it said Data Corrupt!!!!

Plz tell me wat to do as i am realy worried

also i didnt get a warranty thing in my psp box . if u got one can u plz take a picture of it so i can see wat it looks like so i can check that i definetly dont have it.

Thankyou so very much

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so the majority agrees that the memory stick is the problem for corrupt data and cannot load data is corrupt?

Posted on Sep 18, 2008


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PSP won't play any games

it will only stay on the main screen when a game is put in and nothing shows up on memory stick and it has version 3.50 what can I do to fix this?????

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the reason the umd wont load is because someone shut the psp off when the game was loading. so whoever did that just messed up your psp. i know cause someone did it to mine now i have to get it fixed or buy a new one. and to get the psp fixed its not guna be cheap.

Posted on Jan 06, 2009


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Can't find AOSS Button in psp

It asks me to press and hold the Aoss Button but I'm not sure were it is.
Can U help? press and hold the "AOSS Button" of the acsess point until the Aoss indicator starts blinking

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you are doing it in the wrong menu. you are setting up a connection to location free player

you need a wireless connection. And so after that, you go to the internet icon,and then you just type in your link.

1. Go to the Main Menu of your PSP.

2. Go to Settings.

3. Scroll down to Network Settings and Press the X button.

4. Select Infrastructure Mode.

5. Select New Connection.

6. Name the connection so that you know it is for web browsing. (ex. WebConnect)
That way you can use another connection for the rest of your online games.

7. Push the Right Direction Key to go to the next menu.

8. Select the Scan option and let it pick up your WLAN settings.

9. Once it picks up a connect, Push the Right Direction Key to go to the next menu.

10. Select Custom for the Address Settings.

11. Push the Right Direction Key to go to the next menu.

12. Leave IP Address Setting on Automatic.

13. Push the Right Direction Key to go to the next menu.

14. Select Manual for your DNS Setting.

15. Push the Right Direction Key to go to the next menu.

16. Enter in as your Primary DNS and just leave the Secondary DNS blank.

17. Push the Right Direction Key to go to the next menu.

18. Select "Do Not Use" for your Proxy Server settings.

19. Push the Right Direction Key to go to the next menu.

20. Push the Right Direction Key to go to the next menu.

21. Push the X button to save your settings.

22. Do a quick test of the connection to make sure it's working correctly. first you need to have a wireless internet at home. next you need to turn on the wlan on your psp, located at the left side corner of your psp. search for a wlan around you. if its not secured, your lucky, you can connect anytime, but if it has a wep key, you need to find out the key to be able to connect. Switch the wlan button (located on the left side) to on and if don't aoss router seperate from the psp you cannot use automatic. So goto new connection and press scan. Follow on screen instructions.
If you do have an aoss router press button on the aoss router inself so the psp can find it.

Okay now that ive given you your answer make sure to follow fixya's system. Instead of taking the answer and running.


Posted on Jun 17, 2008


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the "home" button on my PSP does not work

i cannot choose "yes" from the home page to quit a game. in order for me to change games i must take the battery out. also i cannot access the pause menu with the "start" button when playing a game. your help would be much appriciated. thank you.

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I have the same problem.. I cant put YES on home and my R button isnt working either.. but I've noticed that if I push down the power button to the HOLD lvl and then put it again to the medium lvl it works like the R button -_-'' ..

Posted on Jul 19, 2008


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psp "R" Button problem

My "R" button on my psp wont work, it's like stuck or something, when im playing a game like ape escape, the r button is to crouch and im always crouching cause of the r button.

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Hi Erikthug22,

You will have to open up your PSP to get to the contacts of the R button.

  1. REmove the battery
  2. Remove 4 screws from battery compartment
  3. Remove 1 screw from front edge under the PSP logo.
  4. Remove 2 screws from back on opposite side of battery.
  5. Lift the faceplate from the edge above the LCD slightly.
  6. Lift the front faceplate edge under the Home/Start button.
  7. You need to be very protective of the little screw hole that is under the PSP logo of the Faceplate..
  8. Do not touch the LCD screen if you can help it. If you do use a lint free cloth and windex glas cleaner to remove fingerprints and lint. Same thing for faceplate window.
  9. REmove the R button
  10. lift the rubber pad/frame behind the R button straight up.
  11. Clean the back of the rubber piece with a Q-tip and Rubbing alcohol.
  12. Clean the contact pad that is behind the rubber pad/frame.
  13. Press the rubber/fram piece back into place carefully.
  14. Put your R button back on.
  15. Be sure your LCD sreen and inside of faceplate window are clean.
  16. Refit the faceplate.
  17. Reinstall screws.

Posted on Nov 04, 2007


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The game could not be started (80020148)

when I download games in my psp it says The game could not be started (80020148).

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if you hold the right trigger then power on your console you should get the recovery menu then select configuration then umd mode and try
eitherm33 no umd driver or sony np9660 -no umd driver if you are using custom firmware

Posted on Aug 26, 2009


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where is the aoss button on psp

i can not find the aoss button

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The aoss button is not on your psp Its on your stick, hold down the left on your stick. <> It will start blinking. if you dont know what i mean still.There are to lil simbles on your left of the psp They are very small. up just a little bit is a stick.sometime you use the stick to operate your game.(move) Click the left of it. If you dont get that then your ******* stupid

Posted on May 14, 2009


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sony psp error code 80010002

i have a sony psp with custom firmware 3.40 oe-a installed but every time i try and load a game from the memory stick i get an error code 80010002
i did manage to get a game playing then i upgraded to firmware 3.52m33 now i keep getting this code so i have reset the firmware to 3.40 oe-a
my kernal is set at 3.40 but i have tried setting it to 1.50 and it makes no differance i still get the error code 80010002


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if you are having the error code "80010002" then shut down your psp, then start it up again holding the Right Trigger to activate recovery menu.
go to Configuration, and use no umd.
then go to Advanced, then Advanced configuration, then disable both of them.

Hope this helps.

Posted on Jul 18, 2008


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psp 6.10 downgrade

i want to downgrade my psp 1000 with 6.10 running to 3.90 HELP!!!!

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You can downgrade your psp from 6.10 with a service or pandora battery. This will let you back up games you already own and run them from the memory stick. You can create a pandora battery and the 'magic' memory stick from any psp already running custom firmware. Tutorials are all over the net and sites like youtube.

Posted on Oct 08, 2009


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psp will not turn on.

my psp was in the middle of the latest update and it turned off and now i cannot gete it to turn back on. well, it turns on but the screen stays black and then it turns off in about thirty seconds. what do i do? it has been like this for three or four days now. please help me!

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Oh this had happened to me so many times! In fact i fixed a friends one like this this morning.
You need to:- re-install your custom firmware. (Pandora's battery and all that) Then make sure your mem. stick is a pandoras one and start again tadah!
If you don't have custom firmware and would like it i can tell you ([email protected])

Posted on May 28, 2008

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