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The webcam can be accesed in your accessories. If you can find it, search the coby website for your specific laptop. Look for software and drivers. Find the software and driver for your specific model. That should cure the problem after downloading it .

Coby... | Answered on Jan 27, 2014

It sounds Like a Hardware problem. You can try this. When you are booting up your laptop, start hitting the F8 key. Then select start in safe mode. See if that helps. If that does not help, You might have to do a restore. Let me know if that helps. If not I will explaine how to do a restore for you.

Coby... | Answered on Sep 22, 2013

need wireless switch on

Coby... | Answered on Jan 28, 2013

Try removing the battery, only connecting the AC Adapter and powering it on. Most likely it will not turn on. If this is the case then it is possible the AC Adapter itself has failed in which case you will need to purchase a replacement.

Prior to buying a replacement, more information might be helpful. Does it beep or do any of the lights flash at all? Or does it simply sit there and make no noise, lights or anything?

Coby... | Answered on Jan 04, 2013

A laptop cooler will help. Are you using it on a soft surface that restricts air flow? Is there dirt, dust, in the fan or vents?

Coby... | Answered on Nov 06, 2012

If the keyboard on your netbook has a button, then use the same button on your external keyboard. That should work.

Coby... | Answered on Aug 16, 2012

Shine a flashlight on the dark screen to see if you barelysee the icons on the desktop. If so, then the LCD Inverter is bad.

Plug in an external monitor and see if the display shows up on it. It can beany kind of monitor even the old big fat crt monitors as long as it has a vgacable to connect to your computer's vga port. If so that proves yourvideo card is ok. The video will show on most systems when you rebootwithout you having to do anything. Some systems will require you to hit the FN(Function key) + F1 thru F12. Hold down the FN key then hit the correctkey for displaying on the monitor (F1 thru F12). The correct key willnormally have CRT/LCD on it or it will have the icon of a display.

If you see no icons by shinning a flash light and the external monitor works,then your screen is bad. If you see no icons by shinning the flash lightand nothing shows on the external monitor, then most likely your video card isbad.

Coby... | Answered on May 13, 2012

If turned on, are the lights active? if yes! hook a spare monitor to the video output usually on the back, if picture okay! the inverter board just under the LCD screen is defective, "more than likely" or the backlight behind the LCD display has gone bad. But if both show the same symptom it is the video graphics card.

Coby... | Answered on Apr 19, 2012

you need to insert the os disk and select the auto repair function to direct the boot manager to the correct path of your os

Coby... | Answered on Feb 13, 2012


The most common reasons for power issues are the battery, power jack and power adapter/cord.

Power off and remove the battery. If the laptop powers on with just the adapter connected, your battery is faulty.

If you move/wiggle the power adapter at the point where it connects to the netbook, and the power goes off and on, the power jack is the problem.

The power jack is inside the laptop and either needs soldering or replacement. If a power jack problem, it should be addressed by someone knowledgeable.

If no change, the power adapter is probably faulty and needs replacement.

Hope this helps.

Coby... | Answered on Aug 27, 2011

A very dark blue screen on a laptop that otherwise appears to be "on" is a sign that the backlight on the screen portion of the computer may be burned out. You can test this by shining a flashlight on the screen. If you can see your desktop icons, the backlight is burnt out. Replacing a bad backlight is not a do-it-yourself task unless you are comfortable doing delicate electronic repairs and have the design schematics for your model in hand. Your safest course of action will always be to take the laptop to a professional repair depot. There is one alternative repair option available if you're not comfortable doing surgery and a trip to the repair shop is not in your budget. Replace the entire screen module, case and all.

Doing Surgery Yourself

1.Remove the battery from the laptop. With the laptop model schematics in front of you, use the small Phillips screwdriver to separate the monitor from the laptop base. The schematics will indicate how to uncover the monitor hinges and free the monitor. Handle the screen gently because it will still be tethered to the base by a group of wires.
2.Remove the plastic case covering the "power bar" on the upper part of the laptop keyboard base. Refer to the schematics to find the way to release this cover and lift it off the keyboard. You'll see a group of fine wires leading back to the monitor. Unplug this cable so the monitor is now free from the base.
3.Follow the schematics to remove the casing covering the monitor screen. Be forewarned that the design of a laptop monitor "under the hood" is complex and delicate. Don't force anything. Don't experiment. Take frequent photographs of each successful disassembly stage so you can have some hope of getting it all back together again correctly.
4.Find the slim fluorescent backlight instrument behind the glass layers of the screen. Unplug it from the tiny cable receptacles and remove it. Insert the fresh backlight fixture and reconnect it to the cable plug.
5.Restore the screen assembly and the casing using the schematics and your reference photographs. Plug the screen back into the laptop base at the power bar. Don't reattach the screen hinges to the base until after you have tested it by booting the laptop. If the test is successful, turn the laptop off and connect the screen to the base unit at the hinges.

Alternative Repair

1.Purchase an entire screen-and-case assembly for your laptop make and model. Many intact assemblies are available online for reasonable prices. You will usually pay slightly less for an entire screen-and-case unit than you would for a professional repair on just the backlight alone so this could be an economical alternative for you. You can save even more money by purchasing as "Used but Good" unit, rather than a new unit.
2.Remove your old screen following the previous section's Step 1 through Step 3.
3.Plug the new screen-and-case unit into the laptop base. Follow the schematics and your photographs and thread the monitor wires through the hinge passes. Restore the power bar cover.
4.Test your replacement repair by booting the laptop. If the screen looks normal, shut off the laptop and reattach the new screen to the base at the hinges. Restore the hinge covers.

I hope you find it very helpful. Thanks.

Coby... | Answered on Aug 22, 2011

This error means that your hard drive isn't functioning correctly. The computer is attempting to load the operating system off your hard drive but the computer can't find the operating system. There are several causes for this problem:

1. The hard drive has crashed.
2. The boot sector and/or operating system has become corrupted.
3. The hard drive has become disconnected from the laptop; this is unlikely but possible.

To determine what has happened follow these instructions:
1. Turn off netbook and remove all usb devices.

2. Turn on netbook and press whatever key enters the boot menu; often it is ESC or F10 - look on the first screen you see when you turn on the computer.

3. Look at the possible devices listed that you can choose from. If the hard drive isn't listed, then your netbook isn't detecting the hard drive likely because it has crashed. At this point you're going to have to take the netbook to a repair shop.

4. If your hard drive is listed, then it's possible that the hard drive is fine but that the boot sector has become corrupted. If you have access to a USB CD-Drive and a Windows installation disk or have a way to create a bootable USB flash drive, then there are some solutions that can be attempted. If you don't have access to these things, then you will have to take the netbook to a repair shop.

If you do have access to a Windows installation disk or can create a bootable USB flash drive, then post back to this solution and I can help you further.

Good luck, please post back to this solution if you have any difficulties, and thanks for using FixYa.

Coby... | Answered on Jun 12, 2011

This means that there is a predictive failure of your hard drive. You can't tell exactly when it is going to fail, but you have to be ready for it. This is a kind of early warning.
My recommendation is to backup all data in your hard drive, replace it with a new one, & restore your data to the new drive.

Coby... | Answered on Apr 09, 2011

1. It could be a temporary situation. This case I suggest you to restart your machine and to re-check your sound parameters.
2. It might be a alteration of the sound driver generated by an "interference" with a third party software (media player or game or anything else that requires access to the sound driver). This case I suggest you to do a search on the Internet and to find and to download the SPECIFIC SOUND DRIVER that works on your device.

Coby... | Answered on Mar 02, 2011

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