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open the backside.
probably the light switch contact at the six side of the watch (attached to the steel mainframe) may have contact with the electronic cirquit

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did u ever figure out how to get the retaining clip?

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Have the same problem, Casio PRG-80L reads open. No hints about this in the manual. Nor did Votit's suggestion help. Note that although the watch is old there is clearly power left in the capacitor battery. Ended up accidently ito this mode when resetting the time. Assume the open mode is intended for service, but would just like to exit.

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Follow this link:

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Click on my profile (escapement), then click on Tips and Tricks. There you will find link to all CASIO watch manuals.Rate me, please

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It's probably the small spring which makes electrical contact between the watch aluminum back and the outer housing, presumably to provide an electrical ground connection to the outside triple sensor. I've attached a photo with the location indicated by the yellow circle and arrow. It goes in the little hole and will fall out if you're not careful.11_14_2012_6_41_27_pm.jpg

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You can do it yourself. Unscrew watch caseback and undo the contact on top of battery. Read the writings on battery and buy exactly the same one. Do not mind manufacturers (Casio, Maxell, e.t.c.), just make sure the numbers are the same.
Some watch casebacks can be opened only if the watch band is removed, so, remove it if needed, just don't forget to memorize where every part and screw was fitted. Memorize how the battery is fitted and do not put the new one the other way around as this can damage your watch.
Actually there is nothing difficult - only you have to put everything back exactly the same way as it was. If your watch will be left without battery for more than 3 minutes, you will need to reset your watch after replacing a new battery, but it's easy if you've got users manual.
Good luck.

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You should take it in and have a jeweler look at it. First, make sure all the battery terminals are clean (use a qtip and alcohol). If that doesn't help, have a jeweler help you, it's the easiest way.
Good luck, and hope this helps.

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You likely have a dead battery. Follow the instructions on this web site
it is clear and covers most casio models. Watch closely for the springs when taking your watch apart. You can order the battery online (the best option) but most people that use a standard lithium battery seem to have no problem.

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Same problem with my SPF-40, module 2273, after a small helical compression spring, silver color, fell out. I could not determine where it is suppose to be located. It could be the barometric reference spring for sensing the barometric pressure.

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Hi, open the backside, probably the light switch contact at the six side of the watch (attached to the steel mainframe) may have contact with the electronic circuit.... If that does not fix it, remove the batteries and put them back and if the problem still persist, you have no choice than to visit a watch repairer.....

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Normally gasket has not to be replaced after battery change.But all depends of the use.For example if you wear the watch in salt or pool water and never flash it with fresh, clean water after,it may be a cause of gasket wear.Remove the back cover.Replace all 4 batteries(be sure first that you can do this with extreme caution as all parts are tiny).Remove gasket.Check gasket condition(cracks,gasket too dry and hard).If gasket OK, apply a small amount of special silicon compound for watch gaskets,all around and to all sides of the gasket,put it back in place,carefully.Be sure that gasket is set correctly all around.Put the back cover in place and screw with much caution (not too tight-a little resistance).Your watch now normally is water resistant.But if you want to be 100% sure,take the watch to a serious repair center where it will be tested under pressure ( 3 Atm average).Then they will tell you if your watch is 100% water resistant.

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  • Choose a quiet, well-lit room where you can replace the battery in your Casio Pathfinder watch. Prepare a table, desk or other clean, flat surface where you can perform your watch repair. Put down a soft cloth or piece of craft felt to protect the face of your Casio Pathfinder watch from being scratched during the battery installation process.

  • 2

    Set your Casio Pathfinder watch face-down on the soft cloth or craft felt. Use an optical-sized Philips screwdriver to remove the four screws that secure the watch back to the body of the watch. Set the screws aside, but don't lift the watch back.

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    Slide the watch back off of the body of the watch very slowly. There are three important springs held underneath the watch back; it is essential to remove the watch back slowly to avoid losing them.

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    Lift the three springs out of your Casio Pathfinder watch using a small pair of metal tweezers. Take note of the length and placement of the springs as you remove them. Set the springs aside with the other disassembled watch components.

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    Take the black rubber protective disk out of your Casio Pathfinder to reveal an identically-shaped white plastic disk. Remove the white plastic disk and set it and the black rubber disk aside. Use your metal tweezers, if necessary, to lift out the rubber and plastic disks.

  • 6

    Release the battery strap that holds the battery in place in your Casio Pathfinder watch by pushing the battery strap latch to the left. Remove the old battery from your Casio Pathfinder using a pair of small plastic tweezers.

  • 7

    Pick up your replacement watch battery with the small plastic tweezers and insert it into the battery compartment of your Casio Pathfinder watch. Replace the battery strap and push it gently with the tip of your plastic tweezers to snap the latch in place.

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    Touch the "-" and "AC" terminals on your Casio Pathfinder watch with the tips of your metal tweezers for at least two seconds. This helps ensure that your watch will work properly once reassembled.

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    Put your Casio Pathfinder back together to complete the new battery installation. Start by replacing the white plastic disk, followed by the protective black rubber disk. Use your small metal tweezers to replace the small watch springs in their correct locations. Replace the back cover of your Casio Pathfinder, insert the four screws and tighten them with your optical-sized Philips screwdriver.

  • Best regards. Jewel

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    I'm not 100% sure on this procedure, but you can download the complete manual by noting the four-digit module number from the watch back, and go to this link:

    Good luck, Bill

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    You can download a manual/instr from their website. You will have to enter in your country/ model info, etc. Heres the link:

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    Casio battery changes are quite tricky.If you look closely at the watch module there is a place for the battery and a v-small depression usually circular on the silver module .There will be the letters AC in small writing.You need to touch the depression AC and the battery at the same time with a conductive tweezers.This shorts the module and re sets the watch.Make sure any seals go back in to protect from water/dust.

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    Browse through my tips and you will find link for all CASIO watch manuals.

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    how do you replace a battery of Casio Pathfinder?

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