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To enter powers of trigonometric functions you must enclose the functions in parentheses and then apply the exponent to the whole. For example X1t =(sin T)^3 , Y1t=(cos T)^3 will give you a shape similar to a rhombus with concave sides. The symbol ^syands for the operation of raising to a power. The key is the one with the caret symbol ^ , and it is wedged between the xsqure and EXIT keys (third row of keys).
As regards the cotangent, use the equivalent definition cot(X)=1/tan(X).

Casio... | Answered on Sep 27, 2017

See image below


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You are not using the correct syntax of the exponential function.
[SHIFT][e^x] ( number) .
[SHIFT][e^x] 1 EXE] gives 2.718281828
[SHIFT][e^x] [(-)] 3 gives 0.04978706837 . The (-) is the change sign to the left of the [EXE] key.

For simple arguments the parentheses are not necessay, but it is safer to use them to avoid ambiguities and erroneous results.
Hope it helps.

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One not way would be to define a 4x4 matrix Mat A to hold the coefficients of the linear system. Then define a 4x1 column vector Mat V to hold the constants on the right.
Define a third 4x4 matrix Mat B you may leave filled with 0.
On command line, in Run Mat screen enter (Mat A) ^(-1) and store it in the zero-filled matrix Mat B. this is the inverse of Mat A.
If the inverse of Mat A exists, and it does in this case, the solution of the system is obtained as the column vector, resulting from the multiplication of Mat B by column vector Mat V

You can even shorten the procedure by just calculating ((Mat A)^-1)X (Mat V) [EXE]

To summarize
  1. Create 4x4 Mat A and type in the coefficients of the linear system.
  2. Create a 4x1 column vector Mat V for the right-hand sides
  3. Obtain you solution vector as ((Mat A)^-1)X (Mat V) [EXE]
To get the Mat identifier on command line,
  • use catalog or
  • in RunMat screen, press [OPTN] followed by [F2:Mat], then [F1:Mat].
  • At this point the identifier is on command line, and you have to press [ALPHA] [X,Theta, T] to enter letter A.
  • You use a similar key sequence to enter Mat V
To calculate the inverse of the matrix just use the [SHIFT][)] key sequence which is (X^-1)
Multiplication operator is the regular [times] key.

Casio... | Answered on May 23, 2016

If you enter an improper fraction or a mixed fraction with the the [a b/c] key it will be displayed as a fraction. This result being displayed you can press the [F-D] key to convert the fraction to decimal. If you do nothing else and you press the [F-D] key again, the original fraction will be restored.

However, it seems that you cannot enter an arbitrary decimal number and convert it to a fraction. The [F-D] key seems to work one way : from a fraction to a decimal number. You will only recover a fraction if the original number was a fraction.

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press Option, F6, F3, F1 to find the "!"

Casio... | Answered on Jan 07, 2016

Download and read user's manual:


Casio... | Answered on Oct 07, 2015

Select the correspondent function key. Whch one? Look up in your user's manual. don't have one?
Some has basic instructions printed on lid.
Look for manual on web searching with google for
Manual Casio model

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There is no button but a menu tab.
In Run screen, enter the number whose factorial you want to calculate ( number can be at most equal to 69), press [OPTN][F6] to get to next page of menus.

For factorials
  • Press then [F3](PROB) then [F1] (x!) followed by [EXE].
For combinations
  • Press then [F3](PROB) then[F3][nCr][EXE]
For permutations
  • Press then [F3](PROB) then[F2][nPr][EXE]

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Sorry, the question is not clear. No such abbreviation. DMS?

Casio... | Answered on Aug 30, 2014

Press Menu key, then Graph. Press the F3:Type tab. If you do not see the inequality symbols press F6 to go to the next page.


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Turn calculatorOn.
Press the Menu button.
Press 1 for Run screen
Press OPTN
Press F6>
Press F3:PROB
Enter the number whose factorial you wan, then press F1:x!Note that the number must be less than 70.
For combinations and permutations, use F3:nCr, or F2:nPr


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Press OPTN, select "PROB" then select "x!"

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You must be in the RUN screen.
Press Menu
Press 1:Run
Press OPTN
Under tab F2:Mat you get the MAT tab.

To invert a non-singular matrix A (a matrix with non-zero determinant) you, on the command line type in
Mat A then press the [x^-1] key. The [x^-1] is the shifted function of the right parenthesis.


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To calculate the arc length of a curve you need the derivatives as functions of a variable not the derivatives at one point. If I were you I would read the manual for more complete information. Maybe if you wrote a program that does that.

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