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What's your problem?RCA PROSCAN PS52800 52-Inch Digital High-Resolution Projection TV Monitor/Receiver, no audio

Audio circuit problem and likely parts are no longer available due to age of set----some shops may tackle this set for repair or not..........
10/30/2012 2:59:49 PM • Proscan PS60690... • Answered on Oct 30, 2012

The screen turns red and fuzzy what does it mean

Cost of repair would be hard to say right off,depends on what the problem is. If its the Red Tube, sometimes shops will sale you a good used Tube, Problem could also be in the Focus block control depends on part cost and labor charges.Try adjusting the RED SCREEN Drive Control on the Focus Block turn level of RED Down ,then see what happens.
10/9/2012 1:34:55 AM • Proscan PS60690... • Answered on Oct 09, 2012

Have a proscan ps50700 that wont show the picture, will turn on but turns itself right back off. what could it be

TV Doesn't Turn On
  • Your RCA rear projection TV may not turn on from time to time for several reasons. First, check that the power cord is plugged into a working power outlet. Check that the outlet is receiving electricity by plugging a different device into the outlet. If the other device doesn't work, you may need to replace a fuse or reset a circuit breaker in your home.

    If you tried using the remote control to turn on the TV, press the "Power" button on the front of the TV. You may have a problem with the remote control if the TV turns on.

    If you tried using the front control panels and haven't tried the remote, press the "Power" button on the remote control. The television controls are blocked if the TV turns on with the remote. To unlock the controls, open the "Parental Control" menu and remove the check mark next to "Front Panel Block."

    Finally, your TV may be performing a diagnostic check. These checks are used to find any errors in your TV. Wait a few minutes before trying to turn on the TV again.

TV Turns Off By Itself
  • You may find that your RCA TV turns off by itself on occasion. This is often because the "Sleep Timer" feature was enabled. This feature allows you to place a timer on the television that will turn it off after a specific amount of time has passed. The feature allows you to save on your energy bill and extend the life of your television.

    If the "Sleep Timer" wasn't set, the television may have detected a power surge in your home and shut off automatically to protect the components of the television. Wait at least 30 seconds before turning the TV on again.

    Finally, if you suspect the television is turning off for a reason other than a power surge, unplug the television and let it sit for at least 10 minutes. This will clear any errors in the television. After 10 minutes, plug the television back into the outlet and resume normal use.

  • Blank Screen
  • A blank screen on an RCA rear projection television is usually caused by a loose connection or an incorrect setting. Check that the coaxial connection on the back of the television is secure or, if you're using an external device such as a DVD player, the video cables are secure. Press the "Ant/Cable" button to switch between tuners if you are watching television, or the "Input" button to switch between input channels if you're watching something from an external device.

4/22/2012 3:09:01 AM • Proscan PS60690... • Answered on Apr 22, 2012

Wont turn on, arching in the cabinet.

The most likliest cause is the flyback transformer needs replacement.
9/22/2010 12:54:37 AM • Proscan PS60690... • Answered on Sep 22, 2010

My tv wount stay on

The tv "LAMP" LED light indication flashes or lighting up?The projection lamp has not been change in this tv like a 1 1/2 or 2 years?The projection lamp life is over.replaced the projection lamp.
9/17/2010 9:53:06 PM • Proscan PS60690... • Answered on Sep 17, 2010

Tv shuts off, works for

Possible to be the worst problems in servicing of printed boards, the soldering of the board could have developed some dry joints and seems to cut off when the joints heat up, susequently the it becomes and errror for the whole Tv to shut off.
So remove the board, get access to see the soldering joints, look at the possible areas of heating , power drivers,resistors.
Solder and check out.
The second possible fault can be a faulty processor IC, dry joints on the processor or allied circuits.
Finally check the Power supply,drive sections for visible signs of faulty capacitors.
9/5/2010 3:42:42 AM • Proscan PS60690... • Answered on Sep 05, 2010

My proscan had been working great one night and

Your tv is a CRT projection one which means that the image is generated by three separate tubes. If in the image that you see all those extra images are coloured differently then the convergence is faulty and for that to be fixed the convergence board must be tested - this is a job for a professional. If the image looks normally apart the doubling then this is caused by a malformed signal. If you're lucky it's just a problem with the cables that are plugged in your tv - just fix them better (or replace them) and it should be enough. If you're unlucky the problem is inside the tuner and, since it can't be fixed, it must be replaced. Again this is a job for a pro.
7/15/2010 6:43:20 AM • Proscan PS60690... • Answered on Jul 15, 2010

My DVD player says no

When A dvd player displays "no disc" it means that the table of contents (T.O.C) or focus of the disc inserted can not be read/achieved. Once the disc is inserted and the door is sensed as closed the laser tries to focus on the disc, if focus is achieved the disc will spin if not the dvd will display "no disc'. also, if the T.O.C is not read the dvd will display "no disc". The usual cause of this is a weak or dirty laser pick up and would have to be cleaned/adjusted or replaced. Since the laser is a delicate component cleaning the lens manually can sometime destroy it. If you want to try to clean it all you need is a Qtip and some alcohol (high%) - moisten the Qtip with alcohol and Gently clean the lens- acess to the lens is sometimes the issue, in which case should be left to a qualified tech.
10/31/2009 8:26:26 PM • Proscan PS60690... • Answered on Oct 31, 2009

Discuss a plan of action that you and your partner

My problem is always insufficient capital?!!
10/18/2009 4:13:49 AM • Proscan PS60690... • Answered on Oct 18, 2009

TV turns on and off by itself. Volume can't be

The font key switch panel is defective - (usually one of the switches has changed resistance) you can unplug the keypad and just use the remote. You can access the kepad thriough the back panel - but to remove the keypad you have to remove the chassis. Let me know if this helped.
10/2/2009 8:45:37 PM • Proscan PS60690... • Answered on Oct 02, 2009

ProScan Projection TV PS60690 shuts off

It won't turn back on now? Any clicking, indicator lights, etc?....accordianman
5/1/2009 2:55:32 PM • Proscan PS60690... • Answered on May 01, 2009

Main fuse keeps blowing on my Proscan 60690

check the voltage reg.
12/17/2008 3:50:50 PM • Proscan PS60690... • Answered on Dec 17, 2008

No volume

On the back of your set there are 2 switches that tell the tv whether you are using the internal speakers or the external speakers.
Make sure the switches are set to internal so the speakers in the TV receive the sound signals. If they're set to internal maybe the internal speakers are bad. Set the switches to external and hook up external speakers to the speaker terminals on the back of the TV. If neither setup works then it sounds like an output transistor or related parts.
12/8/2008 3:40:45 AM • Proscan PS60690... • Answered on Dec 08, 2008

No power

Did the set just turn off and stay off? Has the set been turning itself off and then back on before this issue. If you push the power button, does set set cycle on and of 3 times?

If it just went off and stayed off, the first thing I would check is the main fuse near where the power cord goes into the set. You'll have to take off the back and then unscrew and unclip the plastic cover in the back where the various inputs and out puts are. Looking down after removing the plastic cover you'll see a glass fuse that snaps onto the board. Check and replace that fuse if it's bad.

If the other symtoms I mentioned happen then it's most likely the HV splitter up in the front part of the set.
12/8/2008 1:44:41 AM • Proscan PS60690... • Answered on Dec 08, 2008

Proscan PS60690

First of all I take it that your TV is a PS60690 model. Unplug the TV and let it sit for a few days because there is approximately 3,300 volts at the splitter. You’ll have to remove the front lower panel. It is held in by clips around the top. I removed it by hand. Once you get your fingers to pull it away a bit the clips should release and then you can just lift the piece up and out of your way. Next you will have to remove the convergence panel in the center. Remove the bolts that hold it in and un clip the four wire connectors (2 on each side) and set the panel to the side. The splitter is now visible by looking into the hole and up to the left. It is held in by 2 bolts one in the front of the splitter and one in the back of it. Don’t remove it until you have all of the wires removed. Remember to be very careful here because of the potential voltages. The voltage should bleed themselves off over time but might not! I used my electrical meter to test for voltage before I touched any bare wire. What I did was remove the wire with the red grommet that holds it up into the splitter. There are 3 green grommets and a black grommet. They might be hard to see the colors because of the dust …. Just wipe them off. The red one is the one on the far left of the wires that are 4 in a row. I used a screwdriver from the front and lightly pushed the retaining clip towards the back of the TV while gently pulling the wire downwards. Watch out for the little bushing that is around the wire. Try not to lose them because you will need them to put the splitter back together. Now I took the red lead from my tester and touched it to the exposed wire end that I just removed and touched the black lead to the metal part of the TV chassis where the splitter is actually mounted. Once you’ve established that there is no voltage present, label all of the rest of the wires so that they will be put back in the right places when you are ready. Test each wire the same way before touching them. Remember to be careful and capture all of the little bushings You will need the splitter before you do this so you will have to buy it. The RCA part number is 205064. I have to run right now but I will send you any info that you might need ……. Just ask …… I don’t mind helping out if I can. There is more.
12/8/2008 1:29:22 AM • Proscan PS60690... • Answered on Dec 08, 2008
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