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Leveling up in Monster World is not hard as earning coins. Don't be troubled on how to gain experience points in this game. Before you knew it you already leveled up because there are simple ways on how to level up in this game. All you need to do is to play regulary and follow these tips:
This is a good move for beginners. Plot in Monster World is limited and you can only add plots upon reaching the required level. So for beginners, the best thing to do is to plant plants like Spike Balls and Candycrane Tree that grow up every 12 minutes and one hour. Plants can give you experience points. The lowest experience points a plant can give is 2. That is not bad because leveling up in this game is fast. Each time you plant Spike Balls you get 2 experience points. So in every 12 minutes you'll get more experience points depend upon how many plot you have in your garden. Just maximize your time and you'll level up fast.
Sounds great right? Harvesting your plants in Monster World will give you experience points. So aside from planting you'll get also from harvesting. Each plants can give you different experience points when harvested. Take note for some plants, experience points you can get from harvesting is much higher than experience points you can from planting. Cool huh? One example is the Heart Flower.
Decorating your garden will not only boost the happiness of your characters but will also give you experience points. The higher the value your decoration is, the more it will give you experience points. Good thing decoration in this game is available for coins. But the downside is, you still need to level up to unlock different items.If your garden is big enough and your coins are enough too, you can now start decorating your garden. Decorations in Monster World are quite expensive so make sure that you buy at the right time.
In Monster World, you need to sell your plants in order for you to earn coins, not like in Farmville that when you harvest you earned coins already. Earning coins in this game is not as easy as you want it to be because buying plant is higher than selling it. Here are some tips you can use to earn more coins:
If you are a regular user of Facebook and regular player of Monster World, you can plant plants that grow in minutes, hour or couple of hours. This way, you'll get to harvest more plants and earn fast. One tip for beginners is to plant Candycane Tree and Heart Flower. These two can give you 2 plants when harvested and can also be sold for 12 coins which is also its amount when you buy them in the market.That's what we call double earning.

Selling your harvested plants in the market will give you profit but don't sell it all right away. Yes, the more plants you sell, the higher revenue you will get. But take a look at this, a Spike Ball can be bought for 11 coins but can only be sell for 6 coins. Each time you harvest, you get double of the plant you planted but that still not enough. For instance, planting one Spike Ball can give you two when you harvest thus giving you a profit of 12 coins and an earning of 1 coin because you bought it for 11 coins in the market. So, don't sell your plants after harvest. Use them again to re-plant until you got many.
I am sure that you will going to love this robot as you see him visiting your garden. Robert the Robot really pays good for your plants. He pays much higher than what the market offers. If you really want to earn a lot of coins, wait for him to increase his buying price. He also sometimes buy in a bulk so make sure you have a lot in your shelf. If you doesn't have the plant he wants in your shelf, go and plant, he gives ample of time for you to grow his requested plants.
This usually happens when you forgot to harvest your plants and you don't feed your friend. When you left your friend without any food, s/he will eat your plants. It's a waste of coins because you need to buy plants again so don't let it happen.

Poweron Software... | Answered on Jul 09, 2012

Send money to whom ......

Computers &... | Answered 9 hours ago

try to right-click on the upper part of the window, and click "minimize

Computers &... | Answered 9 hours ago

In no way shape or form will anybody be able to conclude what it is this part is for? Could you please provide us with additional information ?

Computers &... | Answered 9 hours ago

Maybe this can help:

Computers &... | Answered 9 hours ago

ask them direct/ ? amazon?

Computers &... | Answered 18 hours ago

so you posted 2 times, and again in French<???
why> ?
then that translates. to
The "audio system" does not hold and the tuner lets appear: simplink on.

no TV told not a clue.
no service provider told, hopeless now.
we can not see your System, all parts there all things connected
therefor no possible answers,

Computers &... | Answered 18 hours ago

is this in french posted to USA English forum on computer repair help?
Home cinema remains in Welcame waiting and does not advance further
the translator does not know what Welcame means.
nor me.. (welcome sure)
is this not a TV question, what service provider is it and in what country, we are in USA< this forum is USA forum.
I have your answer call your service provider now.
easy no? it is there BABY!

Computers &... | Answered 18 hours ago

why post CELLS to computers as that is off topic here.
ASK THEM DIRECTLY not USA Yankee compturers.
in Africa, we are not there.

Computers &... | Answered 18 hours ago

ever use google , it does work here is the 1st hit.
we are USA you are Africa why would we know this?
then came google.


Computers &... | Answered 18 hours ago

the batteries are bad.
the endless story of life, my batteries died, how can I have less batteries so I can have a real life... .we yell at the sky.?

Computers &... | Answered 18 hours ago

asking the USA for help in Philippines?
posted to USA computer help and is NOT any computer.
why no use local phone dialing directory in your country.
not ours, we have no such thing 12,000 miles away.

Computers &... | Answered 18 hours ago

ask them?
1st google hit.

ask the maker how to use maker? (yes/no pun)
sure, or google is your friend.

Computers &... | Answered 18 hours ago

add one Noun
to WHAT , name something, please
and you posted to computer help so what is wrong with your computer?

Computers &... | Answered 18 hours ago

Hello Russell.
what is this thing, you posted to computers, but what is it.
seems you are lost? postin about some CARD of what ever use.
why as in USA forum and not in African forums. for 100x faster answers.
or even better the GRANTEE (click contact and do as it states)

Computers &... | Answered 18 hours ago

'Freon" is no longer used as it causes climate change.There are other less damaging coolants available.
Consult your manufacturers agent.

Computers &... | Answered 19 hours ago

Engine remapping refers to altering the configurations of the ECU through professional tuningfiles tool.
ECU remapping is the latest trend among those who want to save fuel. The process involves fine-tuning the program within ECU (electronic control unit) to raise its power & functionality. All is done with the help of sensors that control stuff like the throttle, crank, airflow and other components.
Various benefits of ECU remapping are:
You can get 35% increase in both break power and rpm of the car.
It boosts the turbo power which boosts the efficiency and speed of the car.
Softer and enhanced power delivery.

Computers &... | Answered 21 hours ago

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