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You might need a new disc all together, the one you have may have just a couple of scratches. (same thing happened to me!) all i simply did was buy a new disc (fifa) and it started working again. Hope this helps DIGMAN

Microsoft Xbox... • Answered on Apr 27, 2021

im sorry to tell you this but you cannot retrieve deleted content on your hard drive unless you saved it on a memory card or another hard drive if you did put the memory card in slot a and transfer it on your hard drive or if you saved it on another hard drive replace your current hard drive with the one with saved data on it.

Microsoft Xbox... • Answered on Feb 25, 2021

Turn your Xbox off for like 3 hours..... Turn it back on, if ERROR 74 shows up then you have RROD "Red Ring Of Death".... https://myservice.xbox.com/en-us/Pages/Welcome.aspx If you haven't had it for three years yet, you can send it in to Microsoft and they will fix it free of charge... Next time, try to use the Xbox less.... The more you use it the more it is prone to overheating melting a motherboard chip thus causing error 74

Microsoft Xbox... • Answered on Aug 11, 2020

2 red lights is overheating, try giving it a dust out and if this does not work you will need to stop the heat build up inside.

To do this you can send it in or use a good Xbox 360 Repair guide to fix it.

Microsoft Xbox... • Answered on Aug 11, 2020

If your controller is not assigned a position, and pressing the sync buttons on both the console and the controller don't fix it (i.e. they both spin for a bit, but then the console's lights turn off and the controller's return to a pulsing pattern), the the problem is actually likely to be your TV, believe it or not. The issue is HDMI -- it's a secure connection between the Xbox 360 and the TV, and if there's an issue with that connection, the Xbox won't even be able to turn on since it'll be unaware of the TV's resolution, color capabilities, etc. Try turning off the TV and then turning off the Xbox. Keep the TV off and turn the Xbox console back on. You'll see the same behavior; but now turn the TV back on and you should see the controller get assigned a position. As soon as the Xbox is aware of what it's connected to via HDMI, things start to work again.

Microsoft Xbox... • Answered on Jul 26, 2020

Do you have xbox live?

If you dont theres an update required in order to play it.

Microsoft Xbox... • Answered on Jun 07, 2020

You will not be able to play the game since it is region locked since it is from Europe so you will either have to return it or you can set up an Xbox live account and say you live in Sweden bit I'm not sure if that will work or if it will be worth it because you will only beable to play that one game. Your beat thing ro do is to just return the game and buy it from a us retailer.

Microsoft Xbox... • Answered on Mar 23, 2020

Unfortunately there is not. Games, DVD's, ect, are all region coded and can only be played in the region they are specified. There are some devices that allow you to change the region code 1, maybe 2 times before being permanently locked on that region. Xbox is not one of these types of devices. Hopefully the game that he bought from America is available in the UK or coming soon.

On a side note, there is one expensive option to getting his game to play, but that would require you buying and having an xbox 360 shipped to you from the US. Then he could buy games from either UK, or America and use the appropriate region coded xbox!

Microsoft Xbox... • Answered on Mar 19, 2020

Its because the dvd scanner is scratched or broken

Microsoft Xbox... • Answered on Mar 13, 2020

The videos may be in the wrong format. Try WMV with no DRM on it, or an AVI with no DRM. If that works, than the file format may be un-streamable or the Xbox doesn't like it because of DRM protection.

Microsoft Xbox... • Answered on Mar 12, 2020

There isn't anything you cab really do without opening the xbox up.
ll DVD's have what is called a region code. this is a code that is specific to 5 regions. in North America, we are region 1, and Japan, they would be region 5. If the Xbox is purchased in North America, the DVD drive in the Xbox, is imprinted with region code 1. This mean it will only play region code 1 movies, and games.

The only thing you can do is to either mod your xbox, or replace the DVD drive with a drive from a different region, but this will make it so you can play dvds from your region.

Microsoft Xbox... • Answered on Jan 08, 2020

You cannot lock the 360, all you can lock is xbox live, you can also lock game ratings so if you have a 10 year old you can do this so they cant play halo.

to lock xbox live you have to go to the system settings and then parental controls.

Microsoft Xbox... • Answered on Jan 06, 2020

To listen to music files encoded in Apple's AAC audio format, your Xbox 360 console will need the AAC codec (a processing file), which is available as a free download from Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

Go Here: Instructions


Hope this helps.

Microsoft Xbox... • Answered on Dec 26, 2019

The 360 wont play protected aac files, the kind you get from iTunes, but you can work around that if you burn the songs to mp3 using your computer, if you got them from itunes, they are protected and until apple and microsoft come to a conclusion on how to fix that, it wont let you do it, if you can change them to a format that will work with xbox, then you can play them, mp3, you can put the music on a disk and save to xbox or from computer to x box, there is also a patch that might work to if you download to your xbox.

Microsoft Xbox... • Answered on Dec 26, 2019

- ensure Netflix account is good - ensure internet connection is good - ensure neflix app is updated repeat

Microsoft Xbox... • Answered on Dec 20, 2019

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Microsoft Xbox... • Answered on Nov 11, 2019

You are not supposed to unplug the console while you are playing as there is a 5% chance that you can permanantly break it which sounds like your problem. If your xbox is under warranty then you can phone up microsoft and ask them to pick up your console and fix it 08005871102 is the number xbox helpline.

Microsoft Xbox... • Answered on Oct 28, 2019

1. Anote second hex data 22FB-3151-B200-0700-C000-0013 and go to http://easycalculation.com/hex-converter.php

Convert it to decimal and get the update number:
3151 - Decimal: 12625 Update

3. Go to http://dl.console.se/index.php?dir=Xbox360/uppdateringar/ and seek the correct update. Download it.
if not try to locate it on google)

4. Extract $Systemupdate and put it into root of a pendrive formatted in fat32 or a CD

5. Turn off the console and plug the pendrive or insert the CD

6. Turn on the console and wait

7. Enjoy!

Microsoft Xbox... • Answered on Oct 24, 2019

Joined fixya just to say "Ross_Cham" thank You, saved one console. 1. Anote second hex data 397F-3CD6-2800-0F00-C000-0034 and go to http://easycalculation.com/hex-converter.php 2. Convert it to decimal and get the update number: Hex: 3CD6 - Decimal: 15574 Update 4. Extract $Systemupdate and put it into root of a pendrive formatted in fat32 5. Turn off the console and plug the pendrive 6. Turn on the console and wait 7. Enjoy!

Microsoft Xbox... • Answered on Oct 24, 2019

fable too wont work for me and i dont know why about that . try taking your xbox apart by looking it up at www.youtube.com it will bring you through the steps and it should be working. if not buy a new xbox wo hard drive.

Microsoft Xbox... • Answered on Sep 25, 2019

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