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contact the installer to get the user manual or call for a warranty service for the unit

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The issue is with drain hose that is not in correct position, please check that and post back for further assistance.


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Dishwasher not draining issue usually occurs due to kinked drain pipe, clogged drain filter or drain pump. Check the drain hose for any visible clogging, remove if present. If no visible lint is present then remove then turn off the dishwasher and remove the drain hose and check for any visible clogging. If still not visible then the drain filter or drain pump is clogged and you'll need to clean the drain filter and drain pump. Please note that dishwashers don't drain out the complete water such that heating element doesn't overheat. Hope this helps... Please post back for any further assistance.


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The latch may be misaligned, damaged or defective.

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This could be sudden failure of the cycle timer or some element controlled by the timer such as the pump.

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without seeing it nobody can answer this

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There is always the possibility that the replacement heating element is defective.

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The powdery residue is likely limescale, although I have worked in some catering kitchens where it was a used by a block-type detergent. Descale it with a product like CLR or white vinegar or follow the manufacturers instructions.

In hard water areas you may need a product like Calgon in every wash.

Instructions and salt filling


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A lot of dishwashers that fail completely (no power at all but with water in the bottom) fail because of a blown up power switcher chip on and/or smoothing resistor on the power supply section of the main controller board. Usually these components blow as the heater kicks in to heat the water as this is the point of highest current draw. I would unplug the machine and locate the main controller board, disconnect all the cables from it and open it up (take care to wear gloves and not touch any capacitors or sensitive components) inspect the board for blown chips, and burned cracked resistors, or domed/bulging capacitors as these three are the main culprits. If the switcher chip has gone, it is usually starts with LNK___ or TNY___ and the main resistors are usually around 100ohm 3watt 5% tolerance (brown black brown gold) some have a 5th whitish/yellow band on one end that denotes it has a safety fuse built in.... But this isn't something I would consider vital. You can always add a fuse in series with the resistor if you REALLY want to!
I have added photos of a common controller board's big resistor and switcher chip (both after being replaced) for reference to what I was explaining above. This switcher was a TNY264GN that had cracked and blown up along with the resistor.

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Could be a few things and for all, you need a service engineer to diagnose and replace. Please don't leave it clicking for hours.

Logic board.
pump start capacitor.
pump failed.

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It is always helpful to list the model number. Here are some generic fixes:



You might check YouTube if the problem is narrowed to a fuse replacement for the whirlpool dishwasher. There is a $15 repair there.

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1. Defective valve
2. Incorrect installation

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Request the manual from Whirlpool.

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Could be a defective cycle timer, rather than the pump

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either full water sensor bad or water solenoid stuck open

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The connector ribbon cable oxidizes connecting the keypad, replace the keypad!

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When the dishwasher starts to make funny noises or working loudly, it is usually because there are debris caught in the draining pump, although a problem with the motor is also possible.

Drain Pump: The drain pump might needs to be checked for debris. If its clean and noisy it needs to be replaced.

Circulation Pump: Bearings inside the circulation pump will wear out over time and can cause a loud groaning sound while the dishwasher operates.

Wash Impeller: The wash impeller has small plastic blades that help with water flow to the control arms. If one of the blades breaks there could be a noise. It may also be improperly aligned. Inspect for any signs of damage.

Source: https://www.electrafixbc.ca/appliances/dishwasher.html

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