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you must repair it. please inspect if fans comes up with power on. sometimes feedback wire loose connected. or circuit inside the fan malfunctioning. better thing is replace.

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You can no longer adjust the pickup; haven't been able to in a decade. If it's not reading the disk, most likely the optical picker(laser) is worn out and must be replaced. For more information, or should you have any further questions, please visit my website at You may contact me directly through the website. Thank you.

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I have tried many different ways gave up don't think you can BUY A REMOTE I DID

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Generally speaking, an amp attempts to protect itself from heat, shorts, overloads and operator exuberance by refusing to turn on or stay on.

Overloads can be from excessive periods of high output or marginally low impedance loading by the speakers; and shorts would be wiring issues or a speaker blowing up.

You should be able to feel if it's hot. WHY is it overheating? Make sure it has sufficient ventilation on all sides and that vent holes are not blocked by dust balls. Ensure the fan (if equipped) is running as designed (some only operate on demand). Clean dust and debris from it.

If the amp comes back on after cooling, you're lucky. They only have so many self-protection cycles in their lives so continuously resetting or cycling their power without addressing the cause can do more harm than good.

If it protects immediately on a cool power up you should disconnect the speaker connections and try it 'nekkid'. If it comes up then diagnose which lead(s) are shorted. If it does not come up the problem is internal and should be left to an experienced and competent hands-on tech.

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fuzes blow because something is overloading the equpment. First make sure you speaker wires are not shorted, or touching each other. If the speakers are not shorted out, unhook them completely and replace the fuze. turn on the equipment. if the fuze again blows (make sure its the same value fuze and not a higer rating) then you most likely have a shorted output transistor or transistors. In this case you will most likely need to take the device to an electronics service place, or if its under warranty send to the manufacture. Most often these devices cost more to fix than to replace, so its your call on that. If your handy with electronics, you could try and get the schemetic for the device and try to fix it yourself. If you have a shorted "final" or "output transistors" you most likely also have burned out driver transistors and also some resistors. It's unfortunate that today most things are "throw away". one more thing, if the device has a strong smell, then the chances are good that something burned out

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Without knowing what model Toshiba you have I have to guess that it has an audio output on it. If it does then you connect the audio out on the Toshiba to the TV/VCR in on the Pioneer with a red and white audio RCA cable. Next you do the same for your cable box. Once again not knowing what model cable box I have to make assumptions. Connect your audio output on the cable box to where it says aux IN on the Pioneer with a red and white audio RCA cable.

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Three things to check first the open close button is bad. Second is the tray sensor switch, and third is the microprocessor that controls the tray is bad. Usually it is the tray switch.

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I believe there is something wrong with the program memory of your player. This is the reason why its showing program error and any operation that the memory controls would malfunction.

An IC is responsible for this and it needs to be replaced for your player to function well again.

Maybe you should consult a repairer in your area to get the problem fixed.

Take care.

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How about some make / model numbers?

Generally, the L and R audio would go to the VCR's L andR audio in and the composite single RCA video cable would go to the VCR's composite Video In.

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try pressing stop while at the menu. then stop again. then hit play. that works for most dvd players

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The easiest way to proceed is by using RCA cables (the red, white, yellow) to connect the cable box.

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I have had this unit for a long time when I started to experience channel drop out then no sound at all. I removed the relays from the output boards (pcbs) and replaced them. They are available through mouser, if you have any skill at desoldering/soldering should be no problem. The relays are sealed and could not be cleaned, replacement was the only option.

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Try plugging the tv input into the AUX input.

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As a general rule surround sound is only sent on HD signals for the dvd. Otherwise it comes to your home in basic stereo sound. Consult your user manual for ways to turn on simulated surround sound also known as Dolby ProLogic.

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sound is not working

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There are 2 ways you can accomplish this.First is the least quality which is via coax.What you want to do is connect the cable service coming from the wall to the input on your cable box.Then the TV output on the cable box goes to the input on your surround sound then the coax goes from the surround sound to the coax input on the TV.The second is to Connect using the RCA AV1 input.what you want to do is look at the back of the digital cable box and locate the OUTPUTS for the RCA jacks(or AV output)connect RCA cables (yellow red white) to the 1st INPUT on your surround sound.depending on models you should have a couple of different INPUTS for a signal.Choose one and plug it in.After that take a second pair of RCA cables and connect them to video OUTPUT on the surround sound and connect them to your AV1 OUTPUT on your TV.With the original remote for your TV,NOT the cable universal one,Look for an INPUT button on the remote.Some are called input some are called SOURCE,TV/VIDEO basically it tells the TV what signal source to look at on the back of the TV.If you dont have the remote put the TV on channel 3 then press the channel down button and when the TV gets to channel 1 press it again and it should start cycling through the AV inputs,choose AV1.

Once you have done this you have correctly
hooked everything up,BUT Like I said depending on the model of surround sound you are going to have to CHOOSE or physically select or "tell" the surround sound receiver which input to RECEIVE the sound through.In general the INPUT on the back of the surround sound will be labeled with something like Video IN,VCR IN, DVD IN and so forth.Make sure the surround sound is selected to Receive the sound coming from the digital box.Sometimes there is a dial on the front of the surround sound that allows you to select which INPUT on on the back becomes active .make sure that what you have selected matches what you have your cable box is connected to.Hope this helps!

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There is a fan located inside the unit used to cool the output chip. I iwould take a look to see if it is full of dirt, or is not turning.

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Your problem could be one of three differnt things. It could be that the open close switch on the front has a bit of resistance to it, sand when you press it the switch starts to conduct and then the machine thinks someone has pressed the open/close switch again, or there are a set of small switches inside the unit that the door makes contact with when it reaches the end of the travel lenth, that is binding or broken, or there is a problem with the switch or microprocessor circuitry that is affecting the open close command. The correct repair procedture would to be to get a service manual and trace out these devices that I have just described.

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