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when heater is cooled, remove top and clean out debris. if there is no debris, the color of smoke will indicate problem. white: condensation, rainfall etc burning off. black: burner not firing properly and sooting up. have unit serviced - clean burner assy, verify adequate gas pressure

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this is for the series: if it isnt a match, you can try the hayward US site

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without a pump model, it is impossible to provide information

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this error shows up when the system tries to fire (unsuccessfully) after three tries. make sure the switch inside is 'on', that the lines are bled properly of air and that all the shutoff valves are open

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the EC50 has a maximum flow rate of 50gpm. if your pump is too big, it may be pushing the dirt through the grids. flow rate of the pump should be on a panel on pump

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it is possible that all conditions are being met for the safety features: water pressure, gas pressure etc. there might be air in the line (instead of gas) get a licensed technician to bleed the line to the heater.
if you hear the clicking, the ignitor is firing. it might not be aligned properly for the burners to ignite. again, this is a job for licensed technician.

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this is caused by an obstruction in the water flow. check for blockages in both the supply and return piping

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inside the header, there is a thermostat and a spring loaded bypass. my suspicion would be that the thermostat has failed and is not opening. this would cause an obstruction as the water tries to flow.

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if the water doesnt circulate, there could be many causes. start at the very beginning. does the pump sound 'normal'? if there is rattling or buzzing, the pump might not be turning and there fore no circulation. is there water in the system? even though most pumps are 'self priming', you should fill the hopper with water to prime it. are the lines open? make sure the supply to pump from skimmer is free of blockage and that the return lines to pool are open and free from blockage. if all this looks fine, then you have to get deeper into diagnosis.

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look for a smaller cover and open it up until you find something that looks like this one or even one that could look like a toilet fill... I've seen it. Thats the auto fill and they're relatively cheap, but to save you some money look for a little outlet (1-2" hole) in the pool right near the auto fill and plug it up with a rag. if water starts coming from the top of the fill area then it could be the filler or the fitting it connects to. Once you've determined if its the auto fill then shut the water off, most times it can be shut off with the landscaping but not always, you might need to shut off the water supply for a bit. then it just counter-clock screw out put in the new one and play with the levels you want it at. DONE!

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Just an idea, the gas goes bad in the line if the heater has been unused for a few months, I bleed the line at the valve. this is a common problem with motorhomes.
the pilot lights, but the gas is weak and doesn't burn hot enough to tell the thermistor / thermocouple or the (bulb) there is a flame.
OR check to see the flame is hitting the bulb, it might have got bumped during cleaning.
but if the unit just up and quit, the thermocouple might have gone bad, and need replacing, and on some units can be a cheap easy fix.
Hope I was of some help, and please get back to me with The Fix..
Your local pool pump repair guy longwood Fl

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the clicking you hear is a thing called a centrifugal switch , it engages below a certain speed to "cut in" the starting circuit , if you hear this continually click the power is shutting off or the speed of the pump is slowing down enough to engage this switch , this is not good as starting circuits are not designed to operate long , id first ck all your power connections ,might be a loose wire some place then if that's ok you can ck the speed of your pump using a strobe light (my phone has an APP for that!!) it would show your pump speed slowing down , this would need more investigation as to why this is occurring

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Parts can be replaced sure, but will it be worth it compared to buying a replacement or even upgrading. Laterals (if broken sand gets in pool) can be replaced on this unit from 48 off amazon and is cheaper than buying a new unit, same with leaking rings or seals. but if a part of the tank is cracked or something like that you might up spending almost as much to replace a piece of the unit as it would be buy a whole new unit. Amazon has this model for 180$ if repairs would cost more than 80 I would say replace it, these things dont last forever, especially if you live in a cold place that freezes in the winter and it sits in the sun all summer.
Hayward S166T Pro Series 16 Inch Top Mount Pool Sand Filter Hayward SX164DA Lateral Assembly with Center Pipe Replacement for Hayward...
Hayward SP0714T Pro Series Vari Flo Top Mount Control Valve
Hayward SX164AA1 16 Inch Filter Body with Skirt Replacement for Select...
There was also a couple smaller parts on amazon but you should check it out and also compare them to some other places.

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connected to the pilot light,the thermocouple is what the pilot light is heating to keep the gas on

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Look at your pressure gauge. If it is reading high, you have a clogged filter. Open filter and clean out or replace sand.

If it is reading low, you have a pump/ suction issue. Check the o-ring on the pump basket lid and make sure it is lubed and has no cracks. Check your basket for cracks. The pump impeller could be clogged. The pump may be pulling air in through a suction fitting or a small crack.

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SF (not 5F) = Temperature Sensor or Thermistor
HS = High Limit Sensor
Heaters Set Temperature out of Sync with actual Water Temperature.
Heaters Maximum Water Temperature has been Exceeded.
A few reasons this occurs...
  • Low water flow thru heater, check :
    • Dirty Filter
    • Opened By Pass Valves
    • Plugged pump impeller
    • Dirty/Full baskets at skimmer or pump
    • Anything that may reduce water flow
  • Sensor could actually be doing its job, in a different aspect, Thermostat failure, and water is overheating in spa or pool?
But anyway, your heaters fault code you asked about does not necessarily mean the sensor failed, but is only informing of a problem.

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