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Two blink code on this set means Usually one of the two pico fuses that protect the STK-393-110 CONVERGENCE IC is blown--the fuses will need to be tested and the chip and them replaced--

If you have enough skill I have step by step start to finish instructions for this repair in this set---set detects one of the voltages to the Chip is not there and shuts down instantly. I have photos of the chip, fuses and protect resistors this set uses also.

If you want the instructions for free give me a email and I will send them to you for free--if you are able to do this repair yourself you will save a lot of money--you can buy the chip on Ebay for about 14 dollars plus shipping and the same seller sells the pico fuses..............

If you want to attempt this give me a vote here--If you are not able to do it yourself I have suggestions for you about getting the set fixed--I have done hundreds of these sets!

Just reply to this post here.

Let me know what you want to do, I am here to help people

10/14/2020 1:46:32 AM • Mitsubishi... • Answered on Oct 14, 2020

Need a "Mitsubishi HD-1080 HDTV Receiver" to convert my TV to HD

You con't need to buy anything other than a HD satellite or cable box. A television can either handle HD or not.  The high definition sets are monitors that are capable of handing an input of up to 1080i. 
Quick and dirty. Look in the back for blue, green, red cable input sockets. There should be matching cable outs. from your cable or satellite box. get a set of  component video cables, plug them in. Determine the audio type, where RCA jacks, Toslink fiberoptic or a component cable sock. In the latter you use a cable much like a yellow video. You can get away with using a yellow video cable if need be. Now, below more specifics if needed.

No, you don't want to by the add-on from Mitsubishi.  I am assuming you have a 16-9 wide format box  
If you have a squarish box, i.e. 4:3 ratio. forget it. I don't know if any wree made for HD, but unlikely.  If you'd given me the model number could be a little more definitive. If you have a manual, it will tell you whether you can go HDTV.  
Take a look in the rear of the set and look at  the connection holes. You should have at least one set of inputs, marked in some way with the Red, Green and Blue just on the inside of the cable hole. Those are tomponent cables pops that allow you to do high definition television. These cables are video only.; Sound is a second separate question. 
There are usually some other assorted things back there, including off air tele.and maybe another kind of connecter.. Some of these might be useful if you have games etc. that attach directly to the set. In any event, those component cables say that you can  do HDTV. (NB: 
The Direct TV  HD box should have component cable outputs. You can do this directly from the DiTV box to the set. You would also need a separate Audio Cable(s). Your set should have either a toslink fiberoptic hookup and/or a component audio cable. There's no inherent advantage between those two. If you have an old video cable (yellow) than you can substitute that. 
You should now have HDTV and high quality sound through the set. You will probably have to set up the inputs and other stuff with the.remote. It's pretty logical. If you have used input x for bringing in the video, just match it up.and your on your way. 
If you are going to confuse things by trying to connect another piece of gear, e.g. dvd box, you would go to inputs two. If you have the second set of component input, then hook an HD player to it. In this setup, you adjust the sound on the set according to how it works. I assume the DTV audiio can be controlled directly just as a cable box.  -- Here's what's going on. For several years Mitsubishi built higher end televisions without tuners or slots for cable (or satellite). But they were HD capable (as I said, not all). At the time, there was no HD that mattered and not even much of a standard for it. Some wanted 729p, others wanted 1080i The advantage for 720p over 1080i was supposedly the improved movement capture. 720p isn't dead, but it's not a problem. 
You will need to set the menu on the television (using the remote) so that it says 1080i. It does not do 1080p, the newer high standard. It only has two other settings of consequence, 480i and 480p. Put it on 1080i and leave it alone. The 480i and the 480P will be on auto pilot if you have an older DVD players. If there is a high definition signal at fewer than 1080, it will be upconverted to 1080i.. 
The set will handle any signal you send it like that. You probably have an HDMI  out from your dtv or cable box. The set does not have HDMI (unless on a later model). The DTV box should have both of them. That's a simpler wiring setup that allows 1080P. On the offchance you have a box HDMI only, you'll need a converter cable.
The setup gets a little more  complicated if you're using a receiver as a switcher, i.e. all inputs go there with only one output to the set. when ou do that you're in an area outside this question. 
  is this all there is to it. But It goes only slightly more difficult if you're hooking up the   . 

You don't need the box for the television set. 
11/8/2015 8:08:54 PM • Mitsubishi... • Answered on Nov 08, 2015

Color distortion, wavy blue lines

This is caused by the convergence IC or IC's failing. If it has 2 IC's for the convergence circuit, they are STK392-540. If there is only 1, it is a STK393-110. The Convergence Board is the center board and also includes the Main Power Supply. Great care is needed when removing making sure that all the screws are are removed around the edged of the board, in the center of the board, and on the back side of the heat sink. You also have 5 plug clips that pull up, 3 on the left and 2 on the right. Please remove the power from the set before doing anything. Some times being over zealous, we forget these things. Once the board is removed, the IC' s or IC are easy to removed with solder wick. The heat-sink compound is messy so be careful not to get it on clothing or the rug. Make sure you remount the new IC's in the right direction and use heat-sink compound on the back of the parts to prevent heat from damaging the parts prematurely. once the parts are mounted, reinstall the board making sure the heat-sink lines up correctly and the center screw secured the green ground wire in the center position of the heat-sink. Reinstall the rest of the screws and reconnect the plug clips on both sides of the board. That should do the trick. I do caution you that this is not a quick job and do not rush through it. I hopefully covered all the steps for success.
Good luck,
11/3/2015 5:16:41 PM • Mitsubishi... • Answered on Nov 03, 2015

How do I change settings from 480i to 1080p?

Set the unit to DTV input (this uses YG,PyR,PbB) . then in customer menu go to advance features, SD video format & change from 480i to 1080i. There is no 1080p
7/4/2015 5:21:24 PM • Mitsubishi... • Answered on Jul 04, 2015

How to test if stk 395-570 convergence chips are bad

What you need to do to test the chips is check the fuse for each of them. Fa 4 and fa5 I believe. If the fuses are open the chips are shorted or drawing excessive current.
If you had been viewing lines on your screen for awhile this is the next level of that problem.
If the fuses are open ,your getting a code flashing on your TV and it's not turning on.

Those chips have to both be replaced even if your just at the lines through the picture stage of the problem.
High skill level required or lots of guts and even more patience.
11/27/2014 3:26:07 PM • Mitsubishi... • Answered on Nov 27, 2014

What does a blinking orange light on 65" Mitsubishi dlp rear projection TV mean?

Self DiagnosticsThe V18 Chassis features Self Diagnostics to aid in troubleshooting problems that may cause the set toautomatically turn off or "shut down." The "Timer/Power ON LED" provides an indication of the sets operation,and the possible cause of a malfunction.1. Initial Control Circuitry CheckImmediately after the TV is connected to an AC power source:• The LED flashes three times ... indicating the Microprocessor has initialized and is functioningproperly.• If the LED does not flash ... the Microprocessor is NOT functioning.2. Error Code Operational CheckTo activate the Error Code Mode, while the set is OFF, press the front panel "INPUT" and "MENU" buttonsat the same time and hold for 5 seconds. The LED will flash denoting a two digit Error Code.Note: The Front Panel buttons must be used, NOT those on the Remote Control.• The number of flashes indicates the value of the MSD (tens digit) of the Error Code.• The flashing then pauses for approximately 1/2 second.• The LED then flashes indicating the value of the LSD (ones digit) of the Error Code.• The Error Code is repeated a total of 5 times.Example: For Error Code is "24", the LED will flash 2 times, pause, and then flash 4 times.3. Error CodesThe Error Code designations indicating a malfunction, or no malfunction, are listed below:"12" ... indicates no error has occurred."21" ... X-Ray Protect circuit."22" ... Short Protect circuit."23" ... Horizontal Deflection failure."24" ... Vertical Deflection failure.
7/24/2014 8:15:47 PM • Mitsubishi... • Answered on Jul 24, 2014

Mitsubishi WS rear projection tv

Is your power button stuck?
7/18/2014 3:55:24 AM • Mitsubishi... • Answered on Jul 18, 2014

How to disassemble a WS-65809 65" projection TV into two parts

PFA image files. It includes separation instructions..... thx 1f683c49-9e3b-47d4-9526-b6d5ad108c5e.jpg ff9e76c1-2e97-4cb4-b30a-8dcf73a9aeb3.jpg
7/17/2014 9:56:21 AM • Mitsubishi... • Answered on Jul 17, 2014

How to find error codes

Press both the input and menu buttons front of tv for 5 seconds.
7/17/2014 9:47:02 AM • Mitsubishi... • Answered on Jul 17, 2014

On a bacharach system 130 model 51-1671 circuit board the fuse is blown. how do i repair it?

If fuse should burn out, there should be any reason. Without find it, and get it repaired, if you put an other fuse, it might make things worse. It will be best to contact any service technician. Gopakumar Gopalan Google
7/7/2014 6:04:40 PM • Mitsubishi... • Answered on Jul 07, 2014
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