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LG Ground terminal block wire exploded. Need to replace entire harness and 4-prong power cord. Do I really need to replace the entire harness or can I buy a new terminal block and cut the black grou

you can buy a new block and you don't have to replace the whole harness if the wire just burnt at the block,you can cut it,put on another wire connector and reconnect it to the block with the cord,make sure when you're done all the nuts and connectors are tight so this doesn't happen again and use the metal cord bracket,if it's not on your cord buy one,it holds the cord in place so when the dryer moves it holds the cord in place,if you don't use it the cord could cut on the metal frame and the wire connectors on the block will come loose from the cord moving or vibrating with the dryer running
2/25/2018 2:30:36 AM • LG DLE2101... • Answered on Feb 25, 2018

Noise from vibration of the bottom panel

Take filter out and take a look with a flashlight and see if you see any coins, paper clips, etc. in the bottom of the filter housing.
1/16/2018 3:10:48 AM • LG DLE2101... • Answered on Jan 16, 2018

LG Ground terminal block wire exploded. Need to replace entire harness and 4-prong power cord. Do I really need to replace the entire harness or can I buy a new terminal block and cut the black grou

This is not a common thing to happen so, If that wire exploded the advice is to get first an electrician to check on the wiring of the house, secondly call a service technician to check on the dryer. Good luck.
4/22/2014 12:13:17 PM • LG DLE2101... • Answered on Apr 22, 2014

Does a diagram exist for the LG DLE2101W dryer

There is a service manual stick inside the dryer if you buy it new.
10/17/2013 3:41:21 AM • LG DLE2101... • Answered on Oct 17, 2013

Dryer beeps while drying

Most likely you have an excess of lint hampering air flow from the dryer. Vacuum out lint filter area, gently remove aluminum exhaust duct behind dryer and make sure it is clear and debris free. Also check exhaust duct port on back of dryer and that the vent going out of your house is clean and not stuck closed or clogged.
1/4/2013 2:12:14 AM • LG DLE2101... • Answered on Jan 04, 2013

Clothes are not drying, dryer does not heat up.

Hi wwilkiejr

Here are a few things to check:
Check to make sure you are getting full 220 Volt power to the dryer, if you are then:
Check your Wiring
Often the main wiring connection from the house, at the dryer, burns and the connection breaks. If this has happened to your dryer, you need to replace the power cord and the terminal block inside the dryer to which the wire is attached.
Check the Door Switch
If the door switch or the door-switch actuator is defective, the dryer won't work and you need to replace the failed component. The switch is inside the dryer main housing near the door frame. Sometimes you need to raise or open the top or front of the dryer to reach the switch. Check for continuity you should have none with door open, and should have a reading when closed. If not replace the door switch.
Check to make sure you heating problem is not a lint build up in the discharge hose or the dryer,as this condition can cause heater/thermistor problems such as overheating of the heating coil leading to failure of the coil and burnout of the thermostat/thermistor due to overheat.
Remove the back/or front just under the door of the machine and try to locate the air duct going from the blower to the drum. Normally inside/outside the air duct you will find the heating coil and the thermostats/thermistors. Once you have located the heating coil, remove the two wires from it and check the coil with an ohm meter across the two terminals of the coil.
You should read continuity across the terminals, if not you will need to replace the coil as it is faulty.
If the heating coil is ok, then:
You can check the thermostat/thermistor/thermal fuse one at a time by removing the two wires and taping them together with electrical tape.
If the coil heats up then replace the thermostat/thermistor/thermal fuse as it is faulty.
If you have an ohm meter then you can test the thermostat/thermistor/thermal fuse,
then you do not have to tape the wires together as described above.
To test your thermostat/thermistor/thermal fuse remove the wires from the thermostat/thermistor/thermal fuse and check for continuity, if you DO NOT have continuity then replace the thermostat/thermistor/thermal fuse.
Check your blower wheel to make sure it is secure to the shaft and not plugged with lint,socks,etc.
If the thermal fuse overheats the dryer will not operate. It's located on the blower housing. It cannot be reset.
You can test it with an Ohm meter or continuity checker, remove both wires from the thermal fuse and put the test probes to each of the ends of the thermal fuse, if no continuity then replace the thermal fuse.
A vent clogged with lint can cause it to overheat.
Right after replacing a dryer element, always run the dryer on 'air fluff' / 'no heat', and go outside to verify there's plenty of air coming out your vent system.
If the vent's clogged, that new element can burn out very quickly.
For video and pictures on how to replace a generic element go to the following website:
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9/6/2011 12:15:05 AM • LG DLE2101... • Answered on Sep 06, 2011

The dryers is 16 months old and it's taking


If your dryer is not drying like it once did or if you just have nottaken the time to give yourself a clean dryer in a long time then youneed to do that. At least once a year the dryer cleaning should takeplace. Lint build up in the dryer duct is one of the main causesfor your dryer to fail.

Here is the rest of this tip about DryerMaintenance

7/3/2011 1:36:17 AM • LG DLE2101... • Answered on Jul 03, 2011

The dryer is louder than

The rotating circle was just that someone selected "wrinkel care" as an option, which will turn the dryer on for a 10 second no heat tumble every 6 minutes after the regular cycle is done. It will continue that until the door is opened or power is turned off for up to 3 hours.

Noises could be drum support roller(s) or objects caught in the felt drum seal.
3/13/2011 4:57:46 PM • LG DLE2101... • Answered on Mar 13, 2011

Clothes Have a sour smell when dried

The moldy odor in this front loading washer (and most other front loaders, too) and the clothes washed in ti is due to the way the washer are built. There's almost always some water that doesn't get pumped out all the way. The water along with detergent residue left inside the machine is the perfect combination for mold growth between wash days.

First stop feeding mold. Stop using "regular" detergent in it. By regular, I mean anything that isn't an "HE" type. You've got to use the types designated as "HE" (High Efficiency). They suds up a lot less, and due to the significantly less water our front loaders use, actually leave less soap residue (that is a large source of the mold and musty smell) behind the tub of front loading machines. I use only about 1/2 of the HE detergent recommended on the bottle and get very good results.

Second, kill off existing mold. Run a clothes-less wash consisting of bleach and HOT water only 1 X week. This should be the last load run whenever the machine will be idle for a couple days or more.

Third, always wipe dry the inside of the tub, detergent & softener dispensing areas, the gasket around the door - particularly the bottom. Again, this is best after the last load is complete.

Fourth, leave all doors open or slightly ajar to allow for air circulation.


Some products that are designed to rid odors from your washer.

Finally, to remove the existing mold smell from the machine, one or two initial treatments (followed by regular treatments) of a product called "Affresh" (or equal) as directed. Some people have good luck with vinegar, too.

I hope this helps and good luck! Please rate my reply - thank you.
3/8/2011 6:19:04 PM • LG DLE2101... • Answered on Mar 08, 2011

Dryer making a humming noise, but drying fine

Your problem sounds like drum rollers have flat spots on them or in need of lubrication.

Note: This method works with most front loading machines.

Remove the electrical console that holds the timer switch, start switch, etc. from the top of the dryer.
Note: Some tops hinge and tilt backwards so they do not have to be removed and the electrical console with stay with the lid.
Also remove the lint filter and the screws holding the lint filter housing in place.
Be REAL CAREFUL not to knock any of the wires off of the timer switch. Then remove the top of the dryer.
Remove the front of the dryer. This will expose the drum and belt. Remove the drum and belt and this will expose the drum rollers, idler arm pulley and motor.
Now is a good time to check the belt to see if it has slipped off of the idler arm pulley and also to check the belt condition for wear.
Be sure to note the route of the belt, this will come in handy when you go to reinstall the belt.
Check your drum rollers for flat spots or wear, if they have flat spots or wear on them replace them.
If the drum rollers don't have flat spots or wear on them then they probably only need lubrication. Lubricate the shaft of the rollers with a good grade of machine oil such as 3 in One oil. Reassemble the dryer, plug back in. This should solve your noise problem.

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10/3/2010 7:51:13 PM • LG DLE2101... • Answered on Oct 03, 2010

Dtyer load and air not venting to outside vent

The blower motors on these dryers can be packed with lint. It is a fire hazard. The entire front of the dryer has to be removed.
7/4/2010 3:51:56 PM • LG DLE2101... • Answered on Jul 04, 2010

LG Gas Dryer will not come on and throwing error codes.

It is a gas appliance and can only be worked on by a registered gas appliance technician. They will have access to the codes, they are generally hidden to the general public. Call for service.
8/24/2023 6:10:10 PM • LG Dryers • Answered on Aug 24, 2023

Trying to help my mom fix her dryer. Its a LG sensor dryer (DLEX3001R) ... ITS Plugged in but when you push the power button to turn it on it does nothing.. Any suggestions

Disconnect from power source by turning off breaker or disconnect plug.

Press START/STOP button several times. Reconnect power.

Check power at dryer electrical outlet with DMM if possible.

8/5/2023 3:48:33 PM • LG Dryers • Answered on Aug 05, 2023

How do you change the roller posts for LG dryer DLG8388WM so it fits LG's recommended roller, AGM75510755?

I have spent half an hour researching the question as I noticed it wasn't answered since I read it last night.. K250 and K251 on the schematic. Is your post the wrong diameter? It looks a standard swap over and none of the parts suppliers mention any modification. That makes mw wonder if yours are mislabeled. https://www.searspartsdirect.com/model/192s9c7uvq-003204/lg-dlg8388wm-dryer-parts https://www.partselect.com/PS16763594-LG-AGM75510755-PARTS-ASSEMBLY-SVC.htm?SourceCode=19&SearchTerm=DLG8388WM&ModelNum=DLG8388WM https://www.google.com/search?q=lg+dryer+dlg8388wm+drum+roller+replacement ..
7/12/2023 6:17:29 PM • LG Dryers • Answered on Jul 12, 2023
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