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You must replace the drivers, the output/chopper transistors and use the correct type of R2/3 resistors otherwise you have a fire waiting to start.

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Change the display resolution through the menu.

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I have a 42in Flat screen tv with a cracked screen made by Viore

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No. Ofcourse not. What are you saying. Smoke over the TV!
Switch it OFF. There is something wrong with its internal circuit. Any capcitor or resistor burns. Cannot troubleshoot remotedly to this fault. Plasma TVs may heat up to an extent, and there will be fans at the top of them to **** out the heat produced while it works. Look, whther the fans are working. If not replace them or findount the reason.
A plasma Tv; whatever old it is; won't blow out smoke at all. OK.

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Tries unplug,replug the tv an hour later might work.But this a temp.fix,must replaced the backlight video board sooner or later.

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Your DVD player may have up to 3, sometimes 4 audio OUTPUTS. Labeled as "bitstream" which is a digital coaxial cable, another labeled as "optical" which is a fiber optic cable. Depending on the model there may also be as many as 2 different types of analog outputs, one is a 2 channel composite connection, or otherwise known as RCA and another is labeled as "multichannel out."
Your television will have audio inputs on the same panel your video cable is connected from the player. Connect to those from the player.

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Most likely the lower y-buffer board which is mounted to the left of the panel in the back of the TV is bad. I believe you can get LG equivalents for these boards. There should be part numbers on the board itself..

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the internal overload sensor is engaging to protect the system. The parts cost to replace the faulty board is about $70 But you need the skills to open the tv and change it I recommend you get a professional to do it More expensive of course but a lot safer.

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Try these things.

1) As much as I hate to say it, most of the time devices that aren't turning on are not plugged in. If the device is unplugged, plug it in. (Sorry)

2) Check the outlet. Plug in something that you know works into the same outlet. If it does not power on, check that there are no flipped breakers in your breaker box.

3) Some outlets/breakers have a red Reset Button on them that needs to be pressed to reset the amount of charge in the outlet.

Hope some of those helped.

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I have over 10 years experience in electronic tech support. Currently I work for Viore customer service. Our customer service phone number is 216-454-0868.

I know this isn't what you want to hear, but the problem you've described can't be fixed with troubleshooting. Your TV will have to be repaired. There is a part that has developed a defect and needs to be replaced. The repair will cost a minimum $250 to $300 with parts and labor. If you're interested in going forward with repair, take the TV to a repair shop in your area to have the problem diagnosed. The tech will give you a copy of the work order showing the part(s) needed to complete the repair. Then you'll call the above number and ask to speak with Raphael at ext. 3115. The work order will be forwarded to the corporate office and they will contact you with the price of the replacement parts. You will be charged for the parts directly to avoid any markup by the repair shop. The part will be shipped directly to whatever repair shop you choose.

I hope I've provided you useful assistance and that this information allows you to make an informed decision as to how to proceed from here. I hope I've earned a positive rating from you today.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

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Take it back to the dealer from which you purchased, receipt in hand and raise a stink.

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Planars can be difficult televisions to work on. The company is really only a shadow company that doesn't have any parts or service literature.

That being said, you probably have a shorted bridge rectifier on this TV. That was more than likely the pop you heard. If you have electronics experience, check the secondary on the power supply, specifically the feeds for the X and Y SUS. Also, there are always bad capacitors in these sets, so it might have been an electrolytic capacitor exploding.

If you don't have electronics experience, and have a competent repair shop nearby, they may be able to get you back up and running again for under $200.00. But they may not guarantee it to stay working for any length of time.

Hope this helps you...

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On the power board, you will see two large electrolytic capacitors at one corner and a transformer directly next to them on the long side of the board. The big blue (usually blue, anyway) box next to those is C97. On the other side of that are three white power resistors standing in a row. The part number label for the board is usually on the edge of the board right close to C97.

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Check the 15v line that runs through all the boards, left, right and top.. If that has no power, then look on the ysus board (left one) there is a flyback reg (5pin) standard to-220 case surrouded by caps, it does dc to ac conversion, if you dont have the 15v output then the chip is bad. I just did 2 of these that had the same problem.

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Check on ebay

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First check the power cord and ensure it is firmly plunged into the set or it could be the fuse on the power board which I am almost certain you will not be able to purchase anywhere. do you have a pic of the board?

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change the c97,c19 and c16 caps below is where I got mines.
Got it from a site called their phone # is 1800-344-4539. The part #s are EF6225-ND you need 1of these, and E6105-ND you need 2 of these, the cost is $16 for all. Let me know how it went.

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Comment by stanpok, posted on Aug 07, 2008I had problems with my Planar PD42ED Plasma TV. The picture was messed up. As Planar was not a popular brand, there was a reluctance by most repair shops and technicians to look at my TV. I called Planar and tried to get some help from their technical support folks. I was told by a Planar rep that they no longer carried my type of TV because the company that manufactured it for them had gone out of business. They also no longer carried replacement parts. But they were nice enough to send me the Service manual which also included circuit diagrams.

I had the TV looked at by a repair shop authorized by the major brands to service their products. After doing their diagnostic tests, I was told the problem was caused by a defective X-Main board. They said they couldn't get a replacement board and as a result, were unable to fix it. I told the clerk who called me to give me the number of the part that had to be replaced. He gave me the incorrect part number which sent me off on a wild goose chase. I found it strange that I could even find a used part. So I went to the repair shop and had them show me the defective board. I wrote down the part number I read off the board. At that point I realized the part number he had given me was wrong.

After I got home I went online and googled the part number and found it. I ordered the part from and received it in about a week. At that point I was going to switch it out myself and save $100 in installation fees but changed my mind in case the replacement part was defective. That was a good move because after the technician installed it, there were problems. He ended up have to make adjustments to some voltage settings somewhere else in the TV to get it working properly.

This whole experience has taught me a few things:

- Not all technicians know how to repair Plasma and LCD TVs. For Plasma and LCD TVs, it seems that a place authorized by the major vendors will have technicians with the experience and training to do the job properly.

- The part list included in the service manual may not always show the correct part numbers. This is because there could be different configurations of the panel and the panel in your TV can have another configuration not specified in the Service Manual. If replacing a part, always use the part number found on the actual part to be replaced in the TV.

- You may wish to validate the part number provided by the repair shop. Although the technicians really seem to know what they are doing, the clerk who called me to tell me what the problem was, gave me the wrong part number. He also told me to scrap the TV because parts were no longer available. If I had followed his suggestion, I would not have my TV today.

If your TV continues to give you problems, I'd suggest contacting Planar and getting the Service Manual for your TV. The problem you are having with the set may be described in it along with a possible solution. Unless you have the technical skills and knowledge necessary to do proper diagnostic testing, bring your TV to a reputable repair shop. I contacted the folks at LG and they gave me names of some of the repair places near my home. If you endup need to replace a part, go to a site like and see if somebody is selling it.

Good luck!

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Email this guy @ [email protected], he has planar parts to sell he might have a power board
or change the c97,c19 and c16 caps below is where I got mines.
Got it from a site called their phone # is 1800-344-4539. The part #s are EF6225-ND you need 1of these and E6105-ND you need 2 of these, the cost is $16 for all. Let me know how it went.

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