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I too bought an older Air-dyne that is far out of warranty, and I'd been having trouble with the ergonometer showing numbers all over the place, rather than a steady reading. Please note that doing any of the following adjustments yourself will void your Schwinn warranty if it still applies. The fan was way off center, so I adjusted it straight while I had the covers off to clean, oil and adjust the chains. I also thought having the numbers at least showing on the ergonometer was a good indication and started looking at the magnet and sensor on the right side of the wheel. I had noticed that the sensor mounting bracket was loose, so we'll start there with the repair steps:
  1. Make sure the sensor bracket isn't wobbling around. If it is loose, tighten up the INNER nut next to the bracket to hold it steady.
  2. Very slowly rotate the wheel by hand so that the magnet passes by the sensor to ensure that they won't hit during use. DO NOT use the pedals or the arms to test as the wheel will rotate fast enough to break the parts if they do contact each other. Watch your fingers!
  3. If there is contact, gently and gradually bend the sensor bracket away from the wheel far enough to clear the magnet. Test the clearance after each adjustment. Don't leave the sensor too close in case you have wobble (you shouldn't), but don't move further than 1/4" to 5/32" away either.
  4. After the sensor clears the magnet, get on the unit and test the ergometer readings. I used the "Level" readings for all of my tests rather than RPMs. RPMs will vary more even when they are correct, which might make figuring out if the gap is right more difficult. I suppose they could be used if you are a perfectionist but I don't recommend it.
  5. If the readings are now stable and steady, you are in luck. If not, go on to the next step.
  6. I stumbled across a Schwinn reference to the gap (VERY hard to find) on the newer evolution model being 2 mm to 4 mm (5/64" to 5/32"). I assumed that wouldn't change much over the years and my results bore that out.
  7. Follow the next steps very carefully - you need to gently bend the sensor in or out to about a 3 mm gap. Moving the fan wheel by hand only (and still watching your fingers!) rotate the magnet close to the sensor. Use a 3 mm (7/64" is just slightly smaller) drill for a gauge.
  8. Carefully slip the solid end of the drill between the magnet and the sensor while SLOWLY turning the wheel. If it is tight, don't force it as you may break something. Instead, gently and gradually bend the bracket out until the drill just slips between the magnet and the sensor. Mine is set so that the drill was actually just supported between the two.
  9. Test the readings again as in Step 4.
  10. The sensor should now be set about right and the ergonometer work well. Mine is now very stable. If not, you could try very slight adjustments in or out on your particular machine. The 7/64" drill is slightly smaller than the 3 mm, so you might try bending "out" first. You can also try using other drill bits between 2 mm (5/64") and 4 mm (5/32") as gauges.
  11. One more note: While adjusting mine, it appeared that the computer chip must have some means of steadying itself based on what it is receiving from the sensor. Even before I got mine dialed in, the readings appeared to converge over several minutes toward a steadier (albeit not steady enough) number. Don't be surprised if you see this too but also don't accept it as being as good as you can get. Good luck!

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The battery cover is no longer made since this bike was last built in the late 1980's. I would recommend giving the man a timer/watch. I do have one of these little black round batter covers, and would sell for $25. However, all it does is create a timer for the rider. He already can use the analog computer to see his mileage, load, and can re-set the lower mileage to zero every workout. All the battery cover will allow is for him to set a timer for how many minutes he wants to workout for. Or he can pust the start button to time his workout. (my email is [email protected])

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Send me your email address & I will send you a copy of the airdyne manual I scanned. It is a pdf copy which has description and instructions for your Airdyne computer. It has automatic (scans all features) and manual (stays on the 2 items you select in the display windows)and tells you how to change from manual to automatic and how to operate the computer. ([email protected])

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It might be here

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How about going to a Schwinn dealer who has been in business for a long time? The speedometer drivers are no longer available, you have to get it changed over to electronic. This not something that you can do on your own, it has to be done by someone who knows the product. We have been in business 40+ years and sold Air Dynes since 1979, I do know what I am saying.

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Make sure you have the correct battery, should be spec'd in the manual. I’m happy to help further over the phone at https://www.6ya.com/expert/donald_f2ed37026a3ac881

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What think you if its a problem with the crank axle connection on the driver blade if you can not optical see a problem with chain or belt, then it must be this kind of problem or a pedalforce-adjuster can be broken or just not set

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While I do not own an airdyne and have never seen one up close: To keep it working perfectly for a longer period of time, your bottom bracket bearings could probably use a little fresh grease as well as the 'wheel' or fan hub bearings. any moving parts that concact other parts might benifit from a touch or silicon spray or a bit of grease.

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To properly reset your mini computer to the specific mode you need please see Pg 8 - Pg 14 of this Airdyne manual from SportSmith I will be attaching a link of. Hope this helps. http://www.sportsmith.net/images/product_support/schwinn/owners_manuals/AD4_Airdyne%20Evolution%20Comp%20Owners%20Manual.pdf

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How To Identify the Model of a Schwinn Airdyne Exercise Bike

  • We'd like to share some characteristics of the Schwinn Airdyne bikes that can be used to help you identify the model of your Airdyne bike.

What size/type fan does it have? Is it a spoke fan like a bicycle wheel or short wide blade fan?

Does your Airdyne bike have two chains or a chain and a belt?

  • AD3, AD4 bikes have two chains.
  • AD Pro/Comp and AD Evolution Pro/Comp bikes have a chain and a belt.

How do the crank arms attach to the Airdyne, by wedge pin or bolt?

  • AD3, AD4 and certain AD Pro/Comp crank arms attach by wedge pin.
  • Certain AD Pro/Comp bikes have crank arms that attach by bolt.
  • AD Evolution Pro/Comp bikes have crank arms that attach by bolt.
How To Identify the Model of Schwinn Airdyne Bike

on Mar 11, 2015 • Schwinn Original Airdyne


the displays use LCD in the display not ink it sounds like the battery(s) are low see about replacing them and the display should return to normal if the batteries are new the display might be damaged due to age, heat, or physical contact with the display i.e. pressing the display, hitting it, something fell on it

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