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check your fuelpump and fuelpump relay

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Check for dirt & corrosion at the battery cable contacts.
Check for damaged power cables.
Check for loose contacts everywhere, but particularly around the main isolator switch.
Check that the drive motor is clean, dry & free from dirt, grease & gunk.
After that you're probably looking at issues within the control-module & that will most likely be a job for a golf-cart specialist.
Best of luck.

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There is a fuse inside charger

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Not sure if you're asking a question or just making a statement, however a voltage check alone will not indicate overall battery condition or health.
You need to have a load test performed on the individual batteries in order to determine overall charging system health.
Try this resource: How to Check Golf Cart for Bad Batteries
Get yourself a load tester similar to this:
Amazon com Schumacher BT 100 100 amp Battery Load Tester Automotive

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Ok, first I hope u are putting distilled water in the battery, not just any water. Should not overfill it either. Looks like the electrolite ( sulfuric acid) in your golf cart had been diluted to the point where it doesn’t hold a charge. Also when u wipe all that stuff around the battery please wear gloves and safety goggles. Looks like u might need a new battery for your cart. Good luck!

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If the smell is a burning smell, be very careful, a fire could start. If the smell is chemical, but very careful, a battery could explode.
That said, check your electrical connections and your voltage. If you don't know how to do this, call a friend or take it to a shop. The speed control, the wiring and the batteries can all cause what you describe.
One more thought, a dragging brake could also cause this problem.
Things to consider: When did the problem start? What happened or changed at that time? When was the last time it ran right?

Here's a link to brake adjustment info:
Dragging brakes

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  1. You did the right thing, you almost always start with the batteries first. However, it may be the controller. The speed of an electric golf cart is determined by the speed controller. Problems with this part may be trickier to diagnose and repair. This YouTube video shows you how to replace one: I hope this helps you out! Rhonda

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Buy or borrow a voltmeter, check the voltage across the batteries, the light bulbs, and the switch open and closed. The full battery nameplate voltage should appear across the battery, and across the light bulbs when the switch is closed, and across the switch when the switch is open. If these are not true, you need to look for breaks in the circuit. To do that, turn the switch on, check the volts across the battery, keep the negative connected to the battery, but disconnect the positive voltmeter wire from the battery, check the voltage on both sides of the switch, if they each match the battery voltage, move on to checking the voltage on each side of the light bulb. If one side of the bulb matches the battery voltage and the other side is zero the bulb should light. If not Change the light bulb. If both sides of the bulb match the battery voltage, then there's a break in the wires between the bulb and the negative side of the battery.
Now going back to the switch situation: with the voltmeter negative still connected to the negative of the battery, if one side of the switch matches the battery and the other side of the switch is zero, either the switch is off or broken. Turn the switch on and off a number of times measuring the two voltages each time. If you can't get both sides of the switch to match the battery, the switch is broken, replace it. Good Luck GooseBay_Camper.

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Ask at your favorite course's pro-shop when the next club fitting specialist is giving a free clinic, or go to a club fitting specialist to have your swing analyzed. Or... Purchase a Medicus and master it.

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Likely dirty contacts at the foot feed pedal AKA throttle pedal. The solenoid engages (clicks) but the dirty contacts keep the current from passing through to the electric motor.
1) disconnect battery, 2) Remove the pedal assembly and clean the contacts. 3) Reassemble and connect battery.

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the cart is wired for 36 volts operation so you would need a 36 volt bulb
you could put the wiring for a 12 volt bub across the terminals of 2 batteries so the negative wire will be on a negative terminal of the first battery and a fused positive wire will be on the positive of the second battery
the batteries are connected in series so the sum total of the voltage is the sum of all of the batteries
by selecting 2 batteries in series you are using the sum voltage of 2 batteries

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Make sure the batteries are fully charged. if your cart has it's own charger it may not fully charge. I would purchase a portable one and make sure they fully charge then you would know whether the cart charger is working.

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you need to put more info back up on fixya so some one might be able to help you out.

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You may have a weak spark or overly rich fuel mixture; your mixture should be 32:1 doing break-in period and then normally 128:1 if you running a richer (more oil) your engine will run lean and be hot thus the spark plug will be dark/black and if running too hot will melt the electrodes or burn a hole in the piston.

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repair the motors , fit bigger power cables
clean all wires connections
use better quality batteries

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click on the link my ebay. then the drop down menu and click purchase history

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