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You can indeed adjust the frequency error on the CP185. You will need a very small (preferably ceramic, but you could get by with any) screwdriver. Use some alligator clips to power on the radio with the battery not attached to the back, and peel back the small circular metal sticker. Under it you will find a very sensitive potentiometer which you can adjust with your screwdriver, while transmitting, to fix the frequency error.


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Contact Get Support .

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Hi christo,

Yes the serial No. usually indicates the frequency band the radio works on, but not always, because a lot of radios nowadays can operate on both VHF & UHF, so not being familiar with your model, I can't give you a definitive answer.

I do have the feeling, for what it's worth, that it is in fact a UHF band radio, but don't take that as gospel.

Anyone else reading this post is most welcome to assist in helping a friend out, we would much appreciate your input, thanks.

Hang in there my friend, there will be an answer soon.

Cheers, Peter

I'll look into it further as well....

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Please post the model and Tanapa from the back of the radio so I can assist you further. I need that information to find the radio's bandsplit and whether it is narrowband and splinter frequency capable.

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Al Contact Motorola Solutions. Http://

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No RF output. Take it to a 2-way radio shop, have them check freq. and RF output.

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Check your frequency and code to be certain they match one another. Also, turn off any special features such as Qt filter, call alert, etc. Just go back to a very basic programming and see if the radios will communicate. Also check your batteries. Swap batteries from one radio to the other to see if the problem moves with the battery. If so, you need a new battery pack.
The feature to post a link to the user guide is not function properly on fixya so here is a description of how to get there... go to giantintl dot com and go to product information pull down, choose manuals, then search manuals, choose T9500XLS.
best regards.

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Could be one of several issues. A few which come to mind are:

1) You have a bad or poorly charged battery. Static is a sign of a bad or poorly charged battery. Try swapping a battery from another radio, with a known good battery and see if the problem is solve. If this resolves the issue check your battery and charger. Tip: Clean all charge contacts with a pencil eraser to ensure good charging. Also, check your 3- or 4-digit date code on the battery. If more than 2 years old, replace the battery. (4-digit date code example 1303 would be 2013 the 3rd week; on 3-digit date codes the first number is the year and the next two the week of the year.)

2) You are trying to use the radio in an area where you are experiences high RF on your frequency. This is the "busy"... someone/something is on or near your radio's frequency and interfering with transmission. Try your radio at a different location and see if the problem persists.

3) Another radio in the workgroup is stuck in transmit, causing static, and the channel busy. Turn off other radios, one at a time, and see if the problem still exists.

4) Or if you have an audio device plugged into the radio, try unplugging it and see if the problem stops. FYI: All audio devices must be plugged or unplugged with the radio shut off. If you plug one in with the radio turned on, you can experience some unexpected intermittent issues.

If none of these seem to be the problem, your radio is likely in need of repair.

Best regards.

Motorola CP185... | Answered on Jan 19, 2013 | 203 views

The CP185 is dealer programmable for up to 16 channels. You would need to see an authorized Motorola dealer to have the radio reprogrammed to your additional FCC assigned frequencies.

Best regards.

Motorola CP185... | Answered on Jun 11, 2012 | 461 views

Could be a variety of problems. Common issues might include a bad or poorly charged battery, an unprogrammed channel is selected, or you are programmed for busy channel lock out, and their is local traffic on your frequency causing you to be blocked out.

To test your battery, try trading with another radio which has a known good battery.

Check with your local dealer or a repair facility for more help.

Best regards.

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Rechargeable batteries typically have a 2-year life expectancy. The only true way to test the battery is to run it on a battery analyzer/reconditioner. This would test the battery when put under a load. However, with a three year old battery there is really no reason to test it, just replace it, it is due.

Best regards.

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your unit is stuck in the external mic mode. when external mic is engaged, it automatically re-routes input to the external device. this situation can happen if such an external device has not been used on the unit in a long time. i would consider this a hardware issue rather than software. solution may be to open (dismantle the radio) and clean at the interface / jack for the external connection. this should sort it out.


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Yes. It is programmable to either wideband or narrowband on each channel. All current model VHF and UHF Motorola radios are narrowband capable.

Best regards.

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Yes it will. Here are the instructions for pairing it.

How to Pair a Motorola N136 Bluetooth Headset ' Techwalla > ... > Entertainment
The Motorola N136 headset, which has been updated as the nearly identical HS850, gives cell and smartphone users wireless hands-free usage with Bluetooth ...


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I am not sure about this Motorola device but usually, it's possible to listen to music even on cheap chinese BlueTooth headsets.

Motorola Radio... | Answered on Aug 26, 2020 | 22 views

This is likely because your radio's battery has lost enough power that it cannot fully power the headset and the radio both. Or there is a component in the headset or radio which is getting overheated and will not function properly. Try the headset on another radio at the time of failure and see if it is still in failure mode on the other radio. Or try changing the battery to a fully charged battery and see if the headset then functions correctly. These test will help you determine which component is failing.

Motorola Radio... | Answered on Mar 11, 2020 | 106 views

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