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Dell Inspiron 545 will not power up

Suggest see if the problem is the Power On switch, or Power Supply.It's a simple test to perform. Involves bypassing the Power On switch, BUT does NOT involve the Power On switch itself.There is no cutting of wires, nor the insulation of the wire.Power Supply comes on you know you have a bad Power On switch.Power Supply does NOT come on, you know you have a bad Power Supply.Post back in a Comment.In the meantime clean out the inside of the computer, if it's dirty;(Unplugged from power, FOLLOW Anti-Static Precautions), plus remove the Ram Memory, and clean the gold plated contact pins with a pencil eraser. Use air to remove the eraser dust, reinstall.http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/systems/insp535mt/en/sm/index.htmRegards,joecoolvette
1/16/2015 7:38:50 PM • Dell Inspiron... • Answered on Jan 16, 2015

Why my Dell Inspiron 545 monitor screen suddenly goes off and the pc starts giving out 3 beeps

It could also be a hardware problem. There could be a power supply, BIOS or memory problem. Here are some easy checks for some of them that have served me well. Check for a bad memory module. Unplug and open the desktop. Remove all your Ram memory. Clean out any dust bunnies you see. Reinstall one memory module at a time, turning on the desktop, allowing it to boot up each time. Remember to turn off the desktop and unplug it each time you remove or install a module, or anything inside your desktop. The power supply voltages can be checked with a digital multimeter. Terminals and voltages are usually noted on the supply itself. Most voltages should be within 5% percent of nominal. Here is a link for a chart of typically accepted voltage limits: http://pcsupport.about.com/od/insidethepc/a/power-supply-voltage-tolerance.htm. Also, check the CMOS battry. It is a CR2032/CR2025 disk type lithium battery. It maintains the internal clock and the BIOS. Failure can cause boot problems, and unexplained or random shutdowns. It should be replaced if its voltage is 2.7v or below. Hope this helps.
6/12/2014 6:43:41 PM • Dell Inspiron... • Answered on Jun 12, 2014

Keep losing dell dock

May have the wrong Dell Dock, Try CrystalXP.nets Dock, it may not be Dell, But it works
5/31/2014 5:11:30 AM • Dell Inspiron... • Answered on May 31, 2014

My dell inspiron 545S won't load. gives me error #25

It' most likely that your hard disk drive is defective. Try to boot from a CD\DVD disc, if it does, you have a problem with your hard drive.
5/6/2014 1:14:12 AM • Dell Inspiron... • Answered on May 06, 2014

Dell inspiron 545 desk top pc will not turn on

Believe the computer to be dirty inside, and now you also have a bad Power Supply.Let's start simple, and work our way up, Eva.Computer unplugged from power, open the computer case.STOP!First review Anti-Static Procedures.Anti-Static Procedures:Your body carries Static electricity. Static WILL fry out (Short Circuit), the delicate hardware components inside a computer.Relieve your body of Static BEFORE reaching inside your computer.Computer ON a table, computer Unplugged from power, computer case open;TOUCH an unpainted surface, of the metal frame of the open computer case.This action will relieve your body of Static.IF, you leave your computer in the middle of working on it, be SURE to Touch the metal frame again upon your return.I would like you to see if the computer is dirty inside.Also use a flashlight, and looking in the Back of the Power Supply, see if the internal fan is dirty, and the inside of the Power Supply.Dirt, dust, carpet deodorizer, hair, lint,....you name it, 'kills' a Power Supply. Just like it does for the inside of a computer.Also look to see, if there is a wire touching the fan blades, of the Processor fan.http://www.dell.com/support/Manuals/us/en/19/Product/inspiron-535sClick on the blue -> Service Manual (1501KB)[Ignore if you are aware;This is a PDF file. The computer you are using now has Adobe Reader on it, which uses PDF files.After you click on the file name (Service Manual), it may take up to 30 seconds; before the first page comes up.The PDF file will not show until fully downloaded.Clicking on the Zoom In icon ( + ) at the Top, increases the view size.Doing the same for the Zoom Out icon ( - ), decreases the view size]Moving on............In the list on the left side, click on the blue - Computer CoverTurn the feet on the bottom of the computer, to the Outside.This action releases the Side Panel cover.Remove the Side Panel, lay aside.To go back to the main menu, scroll back up to the beginning of Computer Cover; and click on the blue -> Back to Contents Page.As stated, let's start here.The two main causes of desktop computer failure, is the computer is dirty inside; and Power Supply failure. (Is bad)We may have to go further. May have to replace the Thermal Paste, that is used on the Processor.(The processor fan sits on a finned Heatsink. In-between the Heatsink, and top of Processor; is the Thermal Paste.The Top of a Processor, and the bottom of a Heatsink; are not perfectly smooth.A magnified view would detail, 'Ridges, Valleys, and Pitholes'.When the two parts are mated together, air pockets are formed in-between them; due to the aforementioned imperfections.Air in this case is an Insulator. Not a Conductor.Thermal Paste fills these imperfections, and is an Excellent conductor of heat )Please reply in a Comment.Regards,joecoolvette[ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0NbBjNiw4tk ]
2/14/2014 4:51:25 AM • Dell Inspiron... • Answered on Feb 14, 2014

Power on or off when replacing cmos batttery

whenever you open any computer to do any work, it should ALWAYS be turned off and you should wear an earthing wrist band (connected to an earth point) before sticking your fingers inside so you don't inadvertently blow anything up with the static electricity in your body.
2/26/2013 7:46:57 PM • Dell Inspiron... • Answered on Feb 26, 2013

Monitor going off but pc still running

go to start menu, control panel, display settings, and set to never turn off
1/30/2013 10:07:28 PM • Dell Inspiron... • Answered on Jan 30, 2013

Dell Inspiron 545 with DG33M06 Motherboard will not boot unless i clear the CMOS

The fan moving only slightly How did you determine that that the PSU is ok can you you try another oneIf you changed motherboards and the problem stayed thats eliminated the motherboard as the culpritThe bios might need updating ?Might be a virus or malware ?Does it start up in safe mode ? Click start control panel administrative tools computer management then select event viewer this may vary depending on what operating system you have extend the events there you will see errors in red you will no what exactly what the error was and at what time it occured or click start type in event viewer press ENTER you might be able work your way through the problem.Hope this helps.
12/21/2012 4:53:18 AM • Dell Inspiron... • Answered on Dec 21, 2012

Dell inspiron 545 beeps once

change your ram. You could try just re-seating it as well.
7/22/2012 11:11:49 AM • Dell Inspiron... • Answered on Jul 22, 2012

Monitor says it its going

The power saving mode is engaged when no signal comes from the pc - the pc is either stopped (start it) or it's defective.
If you can't start the pc then you will have to dismantle it and test the components, starting with the video card. If you don't know how to do that then take it to a repair shop - don't make the problem bigger by messing around with it.
7/6/2011 5:48:38 AM • Dell Inspiron... • Answered on Jul 06, 2011

My desktop froze on the

Power supplies go bad over time, but it's also possible some card fell out of place inside there. Open it up, use the brush attachment on the vacuum to dust it out as necessary, make sure the cards, memory and heatsinks are seated securely, and try again. It's easy to buy a new power supply at NewEgg or locally; you want around 300-450W unless you bought dual videocards (then up to 650W.)
6/6/2011 9:17:00 PM • Dell Inspiron... • Answered on Jun 06, 2011

Occasionally my 545 upgraded to windows 7 starts

Welcome to Fixya

Since you upgraded the operating system ti windows 7. You need to to reinstall the driver of your video card. Driver is the video card is not installed properly that is why you have expanded display. Make sure that the video card driver is compatible with windows 7.

Thank you for using Fixya! If you need further help, reach me via phone at https://www.6ya.com/expert/elixirjose_00375ea24bd8141b
5/25/2011 2:03:51 PM • Dell Inspiron... • Answered on May 25, 2011

Dell i545 hard disk is crashing. what should I

Change the disk.
5/5/2011 2:25:12 AM • Dell Inspiron... • Answered on May 05, 2011

Hi my cd rom drive went missing of my computer

click on start then control panel then select device manager then let it load the select the little plus (+) sign to the left of dvd cd rom drives it should drop down another list of your dvd drive ...right click on that writing and select uninstall let it go through what it does then restart the pc and when it starts it should come up on bottom right when it boots that it found new hardware and it will install the drive again
8/11/2010 1:58:29 AM • Dell Inspiron... • Answered on Aug 11, 2010

Headphones work but no sound from either of 2 sets

Are speakers turned on with volume up?
Are there batteries in the speakers of not powered by the outlet?
Are the speakers plugged into the wall as well as the computer's earphone jack?
Is windows set on mute?

I would check the above first.
7/14/2010 1:47:10 PM • Dell Inspiron... • Answered on Jul 14, 2010
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